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Gu Ci saw that she was in the same state as usual, then turned on his constantly vibrating mobile phone, and Wei Chi’s WeChat messages bombarded him one by one.

[Peach Blossom, Just Don’t Be Late]: Do you think I am as dumb as a monkey The lock screen image that you use, if it is not Yan Luqing, then who is it

Gu Ci smiled and replied to him.

[Word]: I can’t explain it to you clearly.

[Peach Blossom, Just Don’t Be Late]: What do you mean you can’t explain it to me clearly

[Peach Blossom, Just Don’t Be Late]: Living in a girl’s house, using a girl’s picture as a lock screen image, but are still just good friends with that girl

[Peach Blossom, Just Don’t Be Late]:

After Gu Ci finished reading it, he didn’t intend to reply to him again.

Yan Luqing was still talking about the history of her hard work beside him: “… That day I studied until so late at night, and then the next day Didn’t I still get up at eight o’clock Am I not studying hard enough To tell the truth, it is only a little worse than the college entrance examination.”

Gu Ci heard the word ‘College Entrance Examination’, gave a slight pause, and said: “I didn’t say that you don’t study hard enough.”

“Studying hard is the right thing to do.” Gu Ci said with a warm voice and a smile.

“After all, diligence can make up for one’s weakness.”

Yan Luqing: “……”


The words ‘diligence can make up for one’s weakness’ is a commendatory word.

Although Gu Ci seems to be praising her, Yan Luqing just doesn’t think so.

Although she has just proved that she is ‘diligent’, she doesn’t want to acknowledge this ‘weakness’ in front of Gu Ci at all!!

So a new round of crushing war of words began again.

But even Yan Luqing didn’t notice at all——The haze that had just come out of her heart not long ago has already disappeared easily since earlier.

When Yan Luqing got home, in a situation where Gu Ci was not blocking it, Makabaka came out and took the initiative to contact her.

“Maria! Today, you——”

“Met the CP of the supporting role, right” Yan Luqing looked calm.

“What do you want to say about these two people Just say whether my life is in danger or not.

I don’t care about anything else.”

“For now, not yet.” Makabaka sighed, “But almost, just a little bit more…”

“Huh Where’s that little bit more from What did I do” Yan Luqing thought about it and felt that she only said a few words to the green tea sister.

Why should she be punished

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“Although I can’t see the specific scenes of you two getting along, your action of taking Gu Ci to the college——In other words, you let You Jing meet Gu Ci.

I saw her mentality where she almost wanted to pursue Gu Ci.

This is not in line with her character development and the timeline! At this time, she should have taken a fancy to another junior brother instead of Gu Ci——Do you understand”

“…” Yan Luqing held back for a long time, “Understood.”

So, it was Gu Ci’s lock screen image that saved her.

Without that lock screen’s image, the green tea sister will not think that they are a couple.

If she knows they are not a couple, with that personality of hers, she will definitely try to get Gu Ci into her hand.

——It was precisely the lock screen image that made her give up.

Having really had enough of the so-called punishment of the dog system, Yan Luqing burst into tears in her heart.

Princess Ci, forever the almighty god!

Finally, before Makabaka was about to go offline, Yan Luqing stopped it and asked another question.

“By the way, that Yu Qin, why his special effect is knives floating all over his face and body It really made my eyes so uncomfortable when I looked at it.” Yan Luqing couldn’t help but think of the green needle-like pine tree special effects of the male lead again, and complained, “How come the special effects of the male characters in this story are so poor…”

“There are two reasons for Yu Qin’s special effects.” Makabaka said.

“One is because his appearance description contains a lot of ‘cut by knife and the likes’ adjectives which are related to knives.”

“There is another reason” Yan Luqing was curious, “Tell me, tell me.”

“The second reason is that his emotional road is too bumpy.

All the way, it’s all knives.”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Boy, this is too terrible.

After the lecture in the hall ended, Yan Luqing studied a little more relaxed than the previous week.

One is that she no longer needs to knock on it hard every day because she already has a little opening.

For the two most difficult subjects, Gu Ci only let her do a few questions every day, and she spent the rest of her time studying other subjects.


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