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Yan Luqing originally thought it was a movie but when she squeezed into the shed and saw the projector in the shed, she found that it was a series of videos.

At first, it was a scene of a baby in its infancy and in the arms of its parents.

Then, it changed to when the child was about one year old, the child still can’t walk and was held by the parents to learn to walk.

Then, as the child grew, it gradually became a girl.

There were even some trivial and warm pictures of getting along with her parents.

The video is in chronological order, and the picture quality is also from blurry to clear.

The whole process takes only a few minutes, and after one is done being played, another new video is put on again.

Each video is similar in content and process, which is the process of the child growing up, but each family has its own unique and warm scene.

After watching several videos, Yan Luqing noticed the banners and publicity posters around her——This is a screening meeting on the theme of family affection held by several departments, all of which are edited by the students themselves.

Yan Luqing didn’t know how to describe her feelings.

She has never experienced such affection, but since she started school, she has been telling herself not to envy others or envy other people’s families, because it was meaningless.

But this kind of growth record-like movie seems very contagious, as if watching a child living in the love of their parents from birth to growing up, and that kind of family atmosphere will infect people more or less.

It has nothing to do with envy.

It just makes people feel very beautiful.

Yan Luqing finally took two last glances and when she turned around to leave the shed, she found that there were big banners such as ‘family’ and ‘home’ posted on the side of the shed.

It was only her who didn’t notice it just now.

She sighed in her heart.

Originally, it could be said as a happy day, but now her mood has taken a sudden turn for the worse, almost uncontrollably.

Before taking two steps to leave the screening shed, Yan Luqing was suddenly stopped by a girl.

She is a girl with a baby face who was half lifting her mobile phone and wearing glasses.

She warmly greeted Yan Luqing: “Hello, classmate!”

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“I am from the photography department.

I saw you came out of the activity shed we run just now.

May I ask, did you just go in and watch it”

Yan Luqing nodded.

The baby-faced girl observed from the left to right and praised sincerely: “Classmate, you are so good-looking.

You must be very photogenic! Please, can you let me do a video interview Or if you don’t want to talk about the movie review, you can also talk about your parents and family——”

She was talking vigorously, and an inconspicuous shadow from the side suddenly came over.

The baby-faced girl stopped talking and looked up, and saw the perfect face of a man.

He came over and grabbed the little sister she was trying to interview, and then turned her offer down in the little sister’s stead——

“No, thank you.

She doesn’t have time.”


Although she would also refuse it by herself, Yan Luqing felt relieved when she heard Gu Ci’s answer.

Gu Ci was a little behind her and after they went out a few steps away, Yan Luqing turned her head to look at him: “You are already done so soon”

“It’s not a major thing.” Gu Ci replied.

Yan Luqing didn’t mention what she saw just now, and Gu Ci didn’t ask either.

Because she wasn’t used to the quiet atmosphere, Yan Luqing took the lead and said: “How do you know I don’t want to be interviewed by her And even refused her for me.”

“How do I know” He said leisurely, “I am just telling the truth.”

Yan Luqing feels puzzled: “What truth”

“You don’t have any time at all.” Gu Ci didn’t speak fast, but the content stimulated her: “You already wasted an entire morning, do you still have time for an interview”


“Don’t you feel more nervous after you see the college”


“You have to get 50 points, Classmate Yan.

You are not even anxious, but I am sweating for you already.”


Why is it that the way he said that, is as if the 50 points had turned into 90 points

Yan Luqing rolled her eyes and got into the car on the return journey with Gu Ci, while constantly arguing about how hard she had worked along the journey.


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