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“Gu Ci.” Walking on the campus road, she once again raised the question before the start of the lecture, “When you asked me the time, it was intentional, right Once it is connected to the network, the time will automatically be adjusted.

How could you not know about it…”

“I do know.” Gu Ci laughed, “But I heard it.”

“Huh” Yan Luqing was stunned.

“What did you hear”

“I heard that person ask you to help her add my WeChat.” After a few seconds, Gu Ci turned his head and glanced at her, looking extremely calm and unhurried, “If I didn’t speak at that time, you will help her, right”

“….” Yan Luqing was suddenly stunned.

Because she was half thinking about this problem when Gu Ci interrupted her thoughts at that time.

At that time, she was entangled.

Gu Ci cut off her opportunity to be entangled and directly blocked the road of the green tea… But now he let her get entangled again.

“I… think I wouldn’t help her.” Yan Luqing thought for a moment, “Because it’s your WeChat, I have no right to decide whether to add a friend or not for you.”

Although she always felt that at the moment when she was asked by the green tea, there was something else besides this reason——

But Yan Luqing was too lazy to think about it.

When Gu Ci heard the words, he just glanced lightly at her, and didn’t express any opinion on the answer.

This topic ended just like this.

They walked side by side and their distance is not that close that it makes people feel intimate, but it is not far away either.

They received countless glances along the way.

Yan Luqing is actually quite accustomed to this kind of gaze, so usually she will just filter and ignore it automatically, but with Gu Ci by her side, this gaze becomes much hotter and she can’t ignore it anymore no matter how.

After ten minutes, the two of them finally walked downstairs together.

Because she still remembers the expression in the eyes of Gu Ci’s friend when he saw her, which was as if seeing a great scourge, Yan Luqing didn’t go up with him and only said, “I will just walk around here.

You go up by yourself.”

Gu Ci nodded, turned around and entered the laboratory building, and soon took the elevator to the floor where Wei Chi’s classroom was.

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This time, the reason he went to meet with Wei Chi is mainly to take one thing.

After a simple greeting, Wei Chi handed it to him and wanted to have a casual chat with him, “Did you come by yourself”


“Then, you come with…” Wei Chi is not stupid and can even said to be keen as he could said that name out at once, “You won’t be with Yan Luqing again, right”

Seeing Gu Ci nodding his head, he couldn’t help but burst out a rude remark, “Are you two conjoined twins now You two live together and even when you go out, you still have to be together” Wei Chi paused and suddenly asked him seriously, “Are you two in a relationship now”

Gu Ci is holding the bag in one hand and the mobile phone in the other.

Even just by standing upright, it inexplicably gives people a lazy feeling.

He smiled: “No.”

Wei Chi breathed a sigh of relief.

He has long known that the lunatic woman likes Gu Ci.

Although the last time he saw her, she seemed to be in a much better state than when she was in school, and she was also much more energetic and beautiful, she is still a mental illness patient——How can a mental illness patient recover so quickly

But as long as Gu Ci says it’s not, then it’s fine.

Because he is the kind of person who never bothers to lie.

Thinking like this, Wei Chi suddenly saw Gu Ci turn on the screen of his mobile phone, looked at the time, and then said goodbye to him: “I will go first.

There is still someone waiting for me below.”

Wei Chi said yes and waved to him: “Let’s get together again another day.”

As he watched Gu Ci leave, he was about to go back to the classroom to do experiments, but the picture of Gu Ci looking at the time just now keeps flashing in his mind.

The more he recalled it, the more he felt that there was something wrong.

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with his eyes, right

Gu Ci.

That lockscreen’s image.

Shit… Isn’t it Yan Luqing

When people are wandering around, they are most likely to be attracted by the activities that gathered a bunch of people.

After Gu Ci left, Yan Luqing soon discovered that there was a small temporary shed not far from where she is, and a crowd of people was already gathering there.

In order to join in the fun, she squeezed over to have a look at it.

This is a place similar to an open-air movie screening.


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