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After listening to You Jing’s words, while feeling panicked and embarrassed on one hand, Yan Luqing also feels a very strange feeling on the other hand.

You Jing, taking along a face full of green tea special effects, went to find Yu Qin who has a face full of knives special effects.

Yan Luqing turned to look at Gu Ci, and said in a low voice: “Is your mobile phone not connected to the Internet” She wondered, “Nowadays, isn’t the time automatically adjusted”

With a face full of the look as if it is a matter of course: “Something happened before and it was set to another time zone.”

Then if it is connected to the Internet, won’t it be automatically adjusted back

But before she could ask the question, Yan Luqing heard a sparse applause in the classroom and when she looked back, she saw a middle-aged female professor walking in from the outside.

She immediately turned on her mobile phone, took a picture of the lecture’s title and the professor when the professor was turning on the computer, then opened WeChat and sent it to Big Boss Yan, indicating that she really came and that she really wanted to learn well.

[Big Boss Yan] didn’t reply, but it shows that he has read it.

And then a bubble appeared above the profile picture, which turned out to be yellow——

「Not bad.」

Yan Luqing immediately felt relieved.

As long as it can brush up Big Boss Yan’s favor, her trip will not be in vain this time.

She quickly locked her mobile phone and began to listen carefully to the content of this lecture.

After trying to listen to it, it was indeed as Gu Ci said——Clearly speaking Chinese and she knew the meaning of the words when all of them were separated, but she just can’t understand it when it is all connected into one.

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Yan Luqing thought that she was sitting in the third row after all and she had to pretend that she understood even if she couldn’t, but she didn’t expect that the professor liked to pick people to interact with.

She will pick whoever meets her eyes to answer the question.

Yan Luqing couldn’t understand the lecture and she had to look at the professor because of it, so when she was called up, her whole person was confused.

But everyone had such a time when they were at school.

So she just slowly stood up straight like her habit in the past, accurately grabbed Gu Ci’s finger and desperately squeezed his finger to hint at him.

Fortunately, Gu Ci is smart.

His soft voice soon came to her ears.

Yan Luqing copied it blindly and finished answering the question and got the professor’s smiling nod.

After sitting down, Yan Luqing turned her head to thank him.

“I know you are nervous.” Gu Ci raised his hand to show her and said softly with a slight smile, “But you don’t have to pull so hard too, right”

Even the joints of his slender fingers are very beautiful, and there are two red marks on them, which becomes more conspicuous because of his white skin.

Yan Luqing became embarrassed at once.

How could she pull the princess so hard She really repented.

“I’m sorry…” Yan Luqing sighed emotionally from the bottom of her heart, “I really didn’t expect you to be so delicate.”


What Yan Luqing didn’t expect was that after her apology was said, Gu Ci looked at her fixedly for a few seconds with his pair of clear black eyes, then put down his hand coldly and looked at the direction of the professor again.

Until the end of the lecture, the two never whispered again.

When everyone started to leave, Yan Luqing was patted on the shoulder by You Jing.

“Let’s go, little couple.” You Jing said with a smile and when finish saying so, she suddenly bent down to get close to her face.

Yan Luqing was attacked at close range.

The too three-dimensional tea leaves even made her feel that she could smell the fragrance of tea from her body.

She heard You Jing say: “I really can’t figure it out.

Why are you embarrassed to admit it Hei s so good-looking but you don’t even want to declare sovereignty If you don’t like it, you might as well give it to me.

You must let me know through WeChat when you break up, okay”

“…” Yan Luqing wants to explain again, “We really…”

But You Jing had already taken Yu Qin and walked away.

Yan Luqing just watched a group of green tea leaves and a group of knives walk towards the outside of the lecture hall like this, and then disappear from her sight.

She sighed heavily in her seat and turned to look at Gi Ci: “Let’s go too.

Where is the place that you are going to meet your friend at”

The friend that Gu Ci is going to meet, Yan Luqing had already met once.

It’s the person she saw at the birthday party of Zhang stand-in’s Grandpa last time, Wei Chi.

Gu Ci said that he was in the laboratory building in the B area .

Yan Luqing followed him to the standing plate of the campus map.

She didn’t even glance at it, just waiting to walk away with Gu Ci after he finished looking at it.


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