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At the Yan family, Yan Luqing sat face to face when talking with Father Yan and Mother Yan.

She held the mobile phone in her hand and looked at it from time to time.

T Gardenia Sort Out W[1]——This behavior looks almost the same as that of young people talking to their parents nowadays.

But Yan Luqing is not an ordinary young person.

She is a young person who can understand the hearts of her parents.

Yan Luqing opened the family group chat and looked at the continuous bubbles above Father Yan and Mother Yan’s profile pictures.

Father Yan said: “I heard your bodyguard talk about you and Gu Ci fell down the mountain in the Butterfly Mountain, but what he said is only the very general situation.

Do you want to tell us about the details”

The blue bubble in his heart popped out: 「Alas… Adults rarely have the accident of their foot slipping in the Butterfly Mountain.

This accident must be man-made.

So, was this done by the enemies of the Gu family or by my daughter」

Yan Luqing: “…”

You really understand her.

Yan Luqing briefly explained it to Father Yan, but she didn’t want to mention too many details so it was only almost as detailed as what she told her classmates.

Father Yan nodded and even laughed for a short while: “Okay.

It’s good if you are all fine.Unexpectedly, Gu Ci was already so familiar with you.

It’s pretty good, haha.”

The blue bubbles in his heart continued to pop out: 「I always feel that she is hiding something.」

Then, Mother Yan’s speech is almost similar to Father Yan’s too.

She first cares about her, and then tentatively asks her: “All the classmates you play with have already started school again”

Yan Luqing nodded: “That’s right.”

Mother Yan wanted to speak again but stopped.

At the same time, the blue bubbles in her heart began to pop out:

「This kid, although she seems to be recovering fairly stably, is she really already well now or not…」

「She didn’t mention it, is it because she didn’t want to go Alas, how on earth can we made her continue her study」

Yan Luqing had just finished the college entrance examination before crossing over.

She is not interested in learning at all, but these words from Mother Yan reminded her about one thing——

“By the way,” she looked up at the couple, “I want to ask about Gu Ci’s college.”

Yan Luqing had once asked Makabaka in her mind about the specific information for the cancellation of Gu Ci’s student status.

After a brief talk, she said again: “This matter of Gu Ci, should be considered as a sudden accident, right His parents suddenly died, and he himself also… didn’t have the ability to move freely at that time.

Coupled with the fact that someone had maliciously canceled his student status.

His grades are so excellent.

Will there be a chance to help him apply for restoration”

The result was as what Yan Luqing had thought before, the couple really agreed.

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In fact, Yan Luqing feels that the family conversation atmosphere of the Yan family is quite good——Of course, it may be because they are also afraid to touch the bottom line of a mental patient too, so no one dares to put their inner thoughts in the open.

She doesn’t know what the other person who wants to see her, her so-called grandfather, is like.

When Yan Luqing was leaving, Mother Yan sent her to the door and told her: “There will be a dinner party the day after tomorrow.

You should also tell Gu Ci too.

I will send a car to pick you two up at that time.”

Yan Luqing nodded: “Okay.” Then she asked casually: “Whose family’s”

“Old Master Zhang’s 70th birthday.

It is very grand.” Mother Yan patted her hand and said, “This time, almost everyone with fame and prestige is invited.

It’s a good time for Gu Ci to show up.

He doesn’t need to do anything, but he has to show those who were laughing at the Gu family that he’s fine… Therefore, you two must go.”

Originally, Yan Luqing listened to the second half of Mother Yan’s words with a serious face.

It was not until she got in the car home that she realized the first half of the sentence was ‘Old Master Zhang’.

… Wait, another Zhang again

The day she learned the news was already Friday.

All day on Saturday, Yan Luqing finally studied with the Grandpa for a few hours without being disturbed, but this was the first day after all.

She just listened to the Grandpa in the video explaining to her about various methods.

He explained their interpretations, and talked about actually to what end the hypnosis and fortune telling could achieve——Although Yan Luqing listened with gusto, she didn’t learn any practical demonstration.

On Sunday, it is the day of Old Master Zhang’s birthday celebration.

[1] T Gardenia Sort Out W: I don’t quite understand this one.

The raw is T梔子整理W, and I searched online, T may means Tomboy or In someone’s stead, and W may mean weeds.

So, ‘Sorting out the weeds for Gardenia’


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