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After all, he just said that the movie was not suitable for her yesterday.

Yan Luqing felt that it would be too ridiculous if she really said that she had nightmares.

Besides, she slept soundly in the end!

So she immediately raised her chin: “That’s impossible.” After a pause, for fear that he would not believe it, Yan Luqing also raised an example, “Have you forgotten that when we were in the tree hole, I——”


I believe you.” As soon as she mentioned it, Gu Ci interrupted her without hesitation at all.

“Recalling the past, don’t you know it yourself how long it took for you to fall asleep at that time I can help you recall it…”

As soon as Little Black entered the door, he heard Gu Ci’s words and the immediate reaction he had was: “”


When did they sleep together

Before he could finish the questions in his mind, he saw Yan Luqing hurriedly waving her hand, with a look as if she didn’t want to hear Gu Ci’s words again: “Okay, okay.

Let’s eat, let’s eat.

I still have to rush to campus.”

Little Black: “…”

She is shy! Definitely is!

This is hard evidence, hard evidence!

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Yan Luqing thought that the second day of school would not be peaceful, but she didn’t expect that it would be so chaotic that she could almost see chickens fly and dogs jumping everywhere.

The first is the bombardment from Little Twisted Braids.

It starts with ‘Hurry and tell me your story with that handsome guy from T University’s Physics Department, or I will mess you up’, with ‘I thought we had a relationship of handing over our life in Honors of King to each other, but you didn’t even tell me you were not single’ as the middle part, and end with ‘I won’t even attend class today so you must explain it to me’.

All in all, it looks like she will just break off her relationship with her if she doesn’t tell her.

But it’s not a threat.

On the contrary, it feels kind of cute instead.

Yan Luqing chose an important explanation first: “I didn’t say we lived together because——” She paused, “Because it involves some things about his family and I can’t talk about it… But it’s not just the two of us who live there! There are other people with us too.

So it’s really not the kind of living together that you had imagined.”

Little Twisted Braids: “Then, is he the guy who says that you are cute, which you had asked me about Is he the guy you said you liked as a paper guy”

“…” Yan Luqing struggled for a long time, but before she could speak, Little Twisted Braids patted her shoulder, “Okay, you don’t need to explain.

I understand.”

“…” What does she understand

Then Little Twisted Braids asked again: “Then, why did he come to pick you up from school Was it because he saw your circle of friends And he also took you to eat fried chicken——What does he mean”


What does he mean

Yan Luqing thought of Gu Ci’s ‘thank you gift’ again.

But she didn’t want to re-tell all the cause and effect, twists and turns at all.

Yan Luqing is even a little speechless——Why is it so complicated to explain the relationship between her and Gu Ci Why can’t she answer every question straightforwardly

“Anyway.” She pulled Little Twisted Braids’ hand, looked at her sincerely, and tried her best to squeeze the tears out of her eyes.

“I didn’t lie to you.

We really don’t have that kind of relationship.”

It’s not that Little Twisted Braids doesn’t believe her.

“If what you said is true, it will be a little troublesome…”

Yan Luqing was stunned.

“What do you mean”

“Just, after you finished chatting with me yesterday and I knew he took you to eat fried chicken, I exaggerated it to those sisters in my dormitory.

This matter has been passed on to many people…” Little Twisted Braids said, “You also know, Babe.

This is the age of the Internet.”


“So that picture naturally went out.

Because your face is not shown there, many people were curious about your appearance, so the selfie of us in my circle of friends was saved by many people…”

“…” After yesterdays’ winning streak in the Honor of Kings, Little Twisted Braids had indeed pulled her for a selfie together and posted it to her circle of friends.


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