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The Spider Queen Chapter 15: Kissing? I'll melt off someone's face!

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Chapter 15: Kissing I'll melt off someone's face!

“Ahh what a great sleep!” Sophie muttered to herself.

She had woken up with a quiet yawn and was stretching out lazily on the bed like a cat. There was a stinging sense of pain in her back, but she just assumed it was due to her poor sleeping posture.

Naturally it was a first-time experience sleeping with four extra limbs, so she made a mental note tell her father to buy a custom bed.

“Lights on!” she commanded.

A small hum of acknowledgement came in reply and the room brightened up instantly. Truthfully with her new sense of vision there was no difference between the dark and light modes of the room.

She sat up and headed to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

Sophie was a bit apprehensive about making breakfast because she did not recognise any of the instruments or appliances in the futuristic kitchen.

She opened one of the storage trays to find ingredients stored in packets but could not tell what was inside.

Despite their flattering reputation…noble girls were not great chefs. The reason they were so well known for their skill was a simple fact.

Which food critic would dare to say that their cooking was horrible

The original host was the daughter of a high noble so there was never any need for her to cook food for herself.

There were servants present for all of her daily necessities from bathing to cooking to even dressing.

Her father had only trained her in opening and preparing field rations for combat and most of those could just be eaten raw.

Unfortunately, her transmigrated counterpart was not any better….

Sui Meng was not a capable cook by any stretch of the imagination and would usually just buy ramen noodles and steamed buns during the week.

The last time she had attempted to cook some food caused the apartment to nearly burn down.

Since then she had never stepped foot in the kitchen.

“Damn it!” she shouted in annoyance.

There was a persistent feeling of hunger that lingered in her stomach since she had woken up. She did not know how to describe the feeling as it was not just telling her to eat but giving her a small urge to hunt for live food.

How did the original host survive in the dorm

A sudden memory flashed across her mind and she hurriedly looked towards a drawer tucked away at the side of the kitchen.

She reached in and pulled out the drawer to find vials and vials of high-grade nutrient solution.

The original host spent all of her days studying and cultivating relentlessly so there was no additional time to cook meals.

Her father had sent her nutrient vials that could recover her energy after training.

Sophie unscrewed the cap of one vial and downed its contents in one gulp. The liquid inside was clear in colour with sparking minerals glistening under the light.

Despite how pretty it looked, the taste was quite unpleasant. It felt like drinking cough syrup and the sickeningly sweet taste lingered in her mouth.

Sophie twisted her face in an unpleasant expression but forced the rest of the solution down her throat.

“Still not full,” she frowned with a grimace.

Another vial was opened, and the contents were downed rapidly.

“Maybe one more…”

“One more cant hurt…”

It should be noted that a grade S nutrient solution was sufficient for a full days worth of food for a qi body cultivator.

But what idiot would waste such a high-quality mixture on a qi body person

(Somewhere in the Peterlor castle)

Rokan was in his study looking at documents for territory matters when he felt the urge to sneeze.

He shook his head and looked around….

Was someone talking about him

Hopefully it was his beautiful daughter!

A silly smile of joy spread across his face and he went back to work with an uplifted mood.

(Main Story)

Nutrient overload was a medical condition caused by pumping the body with high energy stimulants that would not allow the body to break them all down.

If a qi body cultivator drank two grade S solutions in a row, they would immediately have to be sent to the hospital.

Sophie drank seven vials of grade S nutrient solution….

Yet she still felt that her hunger was barely satisfied, and it was only when she had drank three more that she placed the vials back in the drawer.

After a hearty breakfast, Sophie leaned back and sighed in contentment. The strange hunger had vanished, and she felt extremely happy.

In her joy, she failed to notice that her fangs had shrunk and had retracted slightly back into her mouth.

There was a small notification on her tablet that the custom clothes had arrive at the reception desk and needed confirmation before it was teleported to her room. Sophie figured she should tidy up the bed first then handle the clothes, so she dashed out of the kitchen to air out the sheets.

She glanced at the bed and started to roll up the sheets to put them in the washing machine while whistling a cheerful tune.

Wait a minute.

Hold up….

Since when were there holes in the mattress

And why did it look like the holes were burned through the material!

Sophie had not noticed this when she got up, but the mattress looked like it had been through hell. There were enormous holes drilled into the bedding, but it did not look like it was done by a tool.

All the holes were located at the upper part of the mattress where her face was, and the corner of the holes were bubbling slightly as if doused in acid.

She cautiously approached one of the holes and poked it with her hand wrapped around some of her old clothes.

The clothes immediately started to sizzle, and Sophie flinched and quickly withdrew her hand in fright.

Clearly someone was playing a prank on her and this was not funny in the slightest bit!

Sophie hurriedly reached for her wristband and opened the virtual access screen to review the camera footage for the night.

The room cameras were installed privately by students who could afford it and the feed was only sent directly to one device.

She started the feed from when the moment she fell asleep and carefully observed any movement in the room to find intruders.

A few moments later and intruders were the furthest worry on her mind…

My god! She drooled acid!

Was this a new ability she had gained after the transformation

The life of singleness flashed before her eyes… who would make out with someone with acid coming out of her mouth ducts.

She would completely melt off their face!


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