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Chapter 26: Do You Have A Girlfriend

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Huo Chenhuans eyes were slightly warmed when he heard what Su Yayan said, but he replied flatly, “You dont have to bother.”

“Do you dislike what Ive made for you”

“I didnt mean that. Its just that it will be tiring.

“Its not that I dont like it. I just dont want you to wear yourself out.”

It was a message of love without any fancy decorations, but it seemed to warm her heart up.

Su Yayans face blushed a little, but her eyes were brightening up. “I dont think its tiring. I enjoy making meals for you.”

She would have wanted to see the man before her get cured of sickness and be in good health. Chinese medicinal cuisine was a must for her, and so was likability.

One day, she would love to see him stand on his feet again. For him to stand in front of those who had mocked and hurt him in the past and make them pay for it.

Huo Chenhuan did not refute her statement. Again he scooped another bowl of porridge and ate it quietly.

It was obvious that he was in a good mood based on the slight curves on the corners of his lips.

Su Yayan was happy to see Huo Chenhuan eating a lot. She suddenly felt that familiar weight on her feet; she lowered her head and met the gaze of that little corgi giving her that sad and helpless,please feed me or hug me look.

Su Yayan, “…”

Knowing that the future wife of his boss who he had a crush on for many years came to visit him, Yu Ziyans curiosity prompted him to pretend he was just passing by and he tried to walk a few rounds around the entrance hall unnoticed.

He took a turn, and there in the house he spotted the pair huddled together with that romantic atmosphere in the air.

Tsk tsk tsk. Looks like the Young Master has finally gotten through it. His unrequited love has been responded to, turning from being single to being a couple. How lovey-dovey is that!

Yu Ziyan gave a sigh while looking at the pair of love birds. Before he left, he caught a glimpse of the lunch boxes on the table with his sharp eyes.

Huh Why do those lunch boxes look so familiar Wait, isnt that…

Yu Ziyan, who was practically forced by Huo Chenhuan to finish watching the livestream, felt like he might have possibly discovered a big secret!

Su Yayan did not stay for long at Huos family home. She took her belongings and left immediately after she watched Huo Chenhuan finish the porridge and soup.

She lingered around before running off to the door, finally unable to withstand the little corgis pitiful look any longer.

Huo Chenhuan was watching both lively treasures of his. There was a trace of warmth in his usual cold stares. He poured some kibbles and put them in front of Dun Dun.

The moment that there was food offered, the little corgi broke out of its grief that its owner had left so soon, and buried its head into the food bowl.

Yu Ziyan entered through the door and saw this scene, which made him think about the big secret he had uncovered not long ago. The corner of his lips uncontrollably twitched a little, and he was lost for words.

It turned out Huo Chenhuan saw him when he came in, as he asked in a deep voice, “Do you have a girlfriend”

“Ah” Yu Ziyan gave a blank look. “No.”

Huo Chenhuan shot a cold glance at him, it was as if he was saying—what are you here for since you dont have a girlfriend

Yu Ziyan felt like his heart was being struck by arrows.Is there anything wrong with not having a girlfriend Why am I being treated like this Whats so great about having a fiancé

Indeed, having a fiancé is cool—you would be able to torment those bitter single dogs at the very least.

“Does Shaoyang or Yanbai have a girlfriend”

“As far as I know, theyre both single.”


Huo Chenhuan fell silent. Yu Ziyan noticed the disdainful glance with a hint of smugness in his eyes.

It was as if his heart had become an arrow target, and thousands of arrows were penetrating it at this moment!


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