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Chapter 3: The Expert

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While everyone was envious, Su Feifei said expressionlessly, “Why should I go”

What a joke. She was an Empress, when had she ever woken anyone up Even if she wasnt one now, Su Feifei had no interest in serving others.

[Why the f*ck did she just reject him!]

[The f*ck, get lost! What kind of character arc are you setting up here!]

The directors face darkened and he sneered. “Sure! If you dont want to go, you can terminate the contract now! Can you afford to pay the termination fee”

Su Feifei thought about it for a while. In her memory, there was indeed a penalty for breach of contract, and the amount was very high. Even ten original Su Feifei would not be able to afford it.

Su Feifei was a politician, and a politician was a businessman who never made a loss. Therefore, Su Feifei didnt have the habit of bearing the consequences that she couldnt bear at this stage in a moment of anger. Hence, two seconds later, Su Feifei went to find Bo Silin.

[This woman really knows how to freeload off everything. Shes indeed the number one freeloading girl in the entertainment industry.]

[Im dying of laughter. Just wait and see. Shes done. Baby Bo hates it when people wake him up from his sleep!]

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[The last person who did this has already left the industry after being criticized by Bos fans.]

[What a joke!]

Of course, Su Feifei didnt know anything happening in the comment section. She just treated it as a normal wake-up call.

It was even a little condescending that she had no choice but to do it.

The camera followed Su Feifei and moved towards Bo Silin. Su Feifei walked closer and immediately saw the man on the recliner.

It had to be said that as the Empress, Su Feifei had seen many men in her previous life, many of whom were devastatingly beautiful. However, in front of this man, he could only be regarded as ordinary.

The orange blaze of the sun shone on the mans side profile. He had a high nose bridge, perfectly defined facial lines that were a little too exquisite, and the fatigue between his brows added a bit of broken beauty to this man. His skin was sickly white, and it was very attractive under the sun.

As the camera shifted, the bullet screen was filled with infatuated exclamations.

[Im dead, Im dead, Im dead!]

[I stare at his face for a lifetime!]

[Im not a fan, but Ive got to be honest with you. Compared to him, Im really just an ugly f*cking b*stard…]

However, Su Feifei kept frowning.

She had been fighting in the army and was surrounded by burly men. This one, however, does not look fit for war. It seemed that the men here needed to be trained.

On the other side, the assistant waved his hand and made a shushing sound, signaling her to quickly retreat.

Others might not know, but he knew all too well that Bo had a very bad temper when he woke up. It was not easy to get away after offending him.

The people around them understood what the assistant meant and stepped back one after another. They looked at Su Feifei with the mentality of watching a show.

Shen Ruoqing was even more so, standing at the front line.

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes and stepped forward.

The footsteps got closer and closer, and the assistant couldnt stop her in time. He was afraid that the sound would wake the person on the recliner.

Everyone took in a breath of cold air and turned away.

The comments section exploded.

[Dont get close to my baby! Get lost!]

[Im puking. Im thinking of ways to attract attention. Wheres the aloofness I had just now]

The womans posture was very straight, and her movements were clean and neat.

The moment she got close, she stopped and raised her leg.

Shen Ruoqing frowned.

What was she trying to do

In the next second, the leg nimbly moved to the recliner!


The chair was instantly flipped to the ground!

The recliner flew back a few meters and spun a few times before coming to a stop.

The man on the ground instantly looked up and slowly propped himself up.

A corner of his simple white T-shirt was lifted, revealing his abdominal muscles. He looked through his sunglasses and met Su Feifeis eyes.

Director Lius mouth was wide open, and Shen Ruoqing was so shocked that she could not speak!

[Did she just kick our baby Bo!]

[What the F*ck]

[Yo is this a boxing tournament]

[This id*ot dared to kick our baby]

[Abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles, look at the abdominal muscles!!!]

[F*ck her up!!!]

Everyones jaws dropped.

Everyone knew that Su Feifei was abnormal, but no one knew to this extent!

That was the top actor in the entertainment industry! How could a celebrity like her dare to criticize the entire internet

This time, her gaze was focused on Bo Silin.

After a long while, Bo Silin slowly reached out and took off his sunglasses with his well-defined fingers, revealing a pair of long and narrow black eyes. His gaze was fixed on Su Feifeis face without any expression.

The assistant, Xiao He, turned pale.

Its over for her!

Its fine if this lady is usually pretentious, but that was…

However, the next second, Su Feifei took a step forward.

Without waiting for Bo Silin to react, her stern voice resounded through the entire place.

“Its working hours now. I dont care who you are, but you have to follow my rules if youre on the same team as me! In the future, if you still sleep alone, get out of the team and survive on your own! Do you hear me”

After that, Su Feifei glanced at him and twitched her nose in disgust.

“Youre… too weak.”

Leaving the petrified crowd and the comments full of question marks, Su Feifei turned around and left.

Everyone was speechless.

The silence was the only thing on the deserted island tonight.

Only Bo Silin raised his eyebrows thoughtfully.

In the silence, Shen Ruoqing tidied her hair and walked toward Bo Silin. She accidentally revealed her cleavage and said softly, “Are you alright”

The man quickly withdrew his hand and did not let her touch him.

Shen Ruoqings hand froze in mid-air.

She heard a low and cold voice above her head.

“Im sorry, Im allergic to makeup.”

“Im also allergic to people exposing their skin like that.” He said indifferently after a pause.

Shen Ruoqings face turned red instantly.

[No way!]

[Family, things are getting more interesting.]

[F*cking intentionally showing off her baggage!]

[Im laughing so hard that I choked on my water!]

[I wouldnt have watched this variety show without my baby Bo!]

[With this reaction, theres no doubt that hes an expert in judging peoples character.]

[His voice is amazing! My ears are blessed!]

[Im actually looking forward to Baby Bo and Su Feifei being in the same group. Su Feifei, just wait for your death, ahhhhhhh!]

[Can I look forward to the combination of the evil and venomous power couple]

[honestly… Bos words were indeed a little too much. Ruoqing was only trying to help out of goodwill...]

Normally, the entertainment industry had to maintain its reputation.

However, this Bo Silin never followed the status quo. This Bo Silin seemed… different from what others have somehow painted him to be.

It turns out that there was another Bo Silin that was a financial giant in another parallel universe, and his name… was also Bo Silin. Three days ago, when this financial giant Bo Silin was preparing to invest in the entertainment industry, his assistant brought him a few projects. One of them was the project of remaking a novel into a movie. What was interesting was that the author used him as the model and created a villain named Bo Silin as well. He only remembered that he fell asleep in his office and woken up here. Before he could digest this matter, he was kicked out by a woman for no reason.

That womans name seemed to be Su Feifei

Was she the female supporting role in the book

Bo Silin remembered that this was the character he hated the most in the book. Based on the novel, this female supporting character would drug him.

The two of them would have sex by the lake and become a hot search. From then on, it would become the most humiliating thing in Bo Silins life.


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