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Chapter 19: Kidney Deficiency

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A few seconds later, he swallowed his saliva and called out.

“W-what did you say”

“I said five hundred points. Are you deaf” Su Feifei said.

[I dont understand. I dont understand it at all!]

[Stop bragging!]

[That much I dont understand. Is there any Chinese medicine student who can explain it]

[Expert here. I just checked this Lingzhi. Its a big Lingzhi from the tropical region. It has very high medicinal value. One is worth tens of thousands of dollars! These two Lingzhi were well-preserved and colored! It can be sold at a higher price!]

[F*ck, is Su Feifei that awesome]

[I just sent hundreds of question marks that were deleted for spam…]

Renbos face was as red as a bottle of chili pepper that had been knocked over, changing unpredictably.

The crowd was silent for a while before they slowly let out an envious gasp.

“I told you, I dont pick up trash like you.” Su Feifei turned around and left.

She left behind a bunch of people who looked at each other in dismay.

The director felt the most heartache.

[Hahahahaha, the director is even more upset than seeing his own account run out of money.]

[My Subo Pot is doing spicy work again!]

[By the way, wont this disrupt the balance of the game]

The discussion on the screen didnt stop. Everyone present was already stunned.

500 points

She could directly buy most of the food in the store, which could be exchanged for more than ten days worth of food!

Xiao He, who had been watching from the side, rushed up and wanted to give Su Feifei a big bear hug, but he immediately stopped.

“Feifei we now have five hundred and fifty-five island points. Were rich!”

Everyones eyes were focused on Su Feifei. Su Feifei smiled and asked, “Are you really that happy”

“You are my God! Im ecstatic!” Xiao He shouted excitedly, “This time, Renbo is finally going to shut up!”

Xiao He was really a very simple person. Once he finishes his work, he would get hungry easily.

After his stomach protested for the ninth time that he was not full, Xiao He looked at Su Feifei in embarrassment.

“Is… is there anything to eat” For the first time, Xiao He looked at Su Feifei with a shy expression.

“There is.”

As she spoke, she turned to look at the snake.

“Not that! I… I suddenly dont feel that hungry anymore...”

“Dont worry, I wont let you cook it.” Su Feifei shot him a glance. “Look at you.” She said as she ruffled his hair.

Only then did Xiao He relax.

“Ill cook it myself.” She continued.

Xiao He choked and almost passed out.

Before he could refuse, Su Feifei stood up and said, “Go and chop the firewood.”

Xiao He had no choice but to follow her orders with a sullen face. Tiantian, on the other hand, stuck her head out from the side, her face full of curiosity.

“Snake meat, Ive never eaten it before,” Tiantian spoke timidly, but her voice was filled with anticipation.

Xiao He looked at her in horror, “Whats wrong with women nowadays Whats wrong”

The four of them quickly got to work.

Su Feifei pointed to an area, and the rest of the people immediately followed. Some split the firewood, while others carried the basket. They worked in an assembly line and seemed to have a tacit understanding of each other.

The sun set once again set on the deserted island, creating a peaceful and beautiful scene.

Bo Silin followed behind Su Feifei. As the two of them walked further and further away, he looked around and narrowed his eyes again.

He had not found an opportunity in the afternoon but now was a perfect time to test the waters.

He would test Su Feifei one last time. If she really didnt follow the original plot and became an issue in this world, he had to make other plans.

On the other hand, Tiantian had picked up a few pieces of firewood and was about to head in Su Feifeis direction when Xiao He stopped her.

“Huh” Tiantian turned to ask.

“I, um...” Xiao Hes eyes darted, and he immediately lowered his body and said, “Ah! My stomach hurts! Why does it hurt so much Thats strange, thats strange...”

“What” Tiantian immediately lowered her body and said, “Ill get the captain to come over!”

“No need, no need!” Xiao He pointed to a rock not far away and said, “Ill just go and sit down!”

Tiantian left with Xiao He.

Before he left, Xiao He glanced at the other side.

Tsk, my acting skills have improved after being by Bos side for so long.

Bo would have to praise him for trying so hard to create an opportunity for them to be alone!

[Xiao He, theres something wrong with your acting.]

[Xiao He is a good person. His stomach must have really hurt!]

[Xiao He, you better stand up for me! Hurry up and take a look over there! Why did you give them a chance to be alone!]

The scene cut to Su Feifeis side.

Bo Silin tilted his body and suddenly staggered.

“Whats wrong with you” Su Feifei turned around.

“Im fine.” Under the setting sun, Bo Silins face turned even paler. He rubbed his temples and said, “Im just a little dizzy.”

As he spoke, his dark eyes glanced in Su Feifeis direction and he moved forward. “Its okay. Lets continue walking.”

In the next second, he found the right position and fell directly into Su Feifeis arms.

Su Feifeis eyes and hands were quick, and she directly raised her foot to block him! She jolted Bo Silins back and supported him by the waist at the same time, then sat down.

The scene suddenly turned into an idol drama.

Su Feifei was sitting on her knees with Bo Silin leaning on her knees.

She was as beautiful as Jade, and her skin was smooth and natural. When he got close, he couldnt even see a single pore. She was like an egg without its shell.


[Why did we suddenly enter a segment that I dont understand]

[Im just saying, Bo, you should restrain yourself.]

[The way Su Feifei hooked him up just now was a little funny.]

[The picture is too beautiful… Im in tears…]

Bo Silin glanced at Su Feifeis gaze and smiled.

Lets start to follow the plot.

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It would save him the trouble of thinking about it later. As long as he could throw this woman out of the deserted island, the plot would definitely return to normal.

He had already sacrificed his body to this extent, and this woman was still unmoved. It irked him to no end.

“Dont move,” Su Feifei said as she moved closer.

Bo Silin obeyed and did not move, but the curve of his lips widened.

He could feel Su Feifei approaching him little by little. He put his fingers on his side, ready to push her away at any time.

However, for some reason, he suddenly thought of the kiss in the water, and his clenched knuckles instantly loosened.

The next second, something black was stuffed into his mouth.

Bo Silin frowned and opened his eyes immediately.

“Your body is too weak.” As Su Feifei stuffed food into his mouth, she said seriously, “Your skin is pale, youre panting, and your cheeks are flushed. I wanted to tell you that you have to nourish your kidney the last time we were in the tent.”

“I think its a kidney deficiency.” Su Feifei ended her conversation with this diagnosis.

Bo Silin was speechless.


[Kidney deficiency]

[Im dying from laughter!]

[Quickly spread the news, that Bo has kidney deficiency!]

[What nonsense are you talking about Our baby Bos body is still fine!]

[Help! Help!!! Im laughing so hard that my neighbor is knocking on my door, hahaha!]

[Is there anyone who can control Su Feifei Anyone]

In an instant, a hot search about Bos kidney appeared on all major social media platforms.

Immediately after that was about Su Feifei and her random tricks up her sleeve.


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