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Chapter 13: Delicate Soldier

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[Awesome! Awesome!]

[Do you have any shots from the director team I really want to see the expression on Director Lius face.]

Director Liu was speechless. After a long while, he rubbed his sore head and his chest heaved up and down. However, thinking about it, he really couldnt do anything to her.

Forget it, isnt it just a dozen deserters

He would give them to her!

Director Liu gritted his teeth and said into the walkie-talkie, “Okay! The suggestion has been accepted!”

“Are you sure” Su Feifei asked.

“Im sure!”

“Alright,” he said.

Su Feifei nodded. She suddenly stepped forward and fumbled around in the grass.

[What is she doing]

[Another confused behavior gif added to the meme pile.]

[Is the one next to Su Feifei a snake]

[No way It looks like a vine]

[Ew! Su Feifei is touching that thing!!]

On the other side, Su Feifei gently pulled onto it.

The next second, a huge net fell from the sky and trapped the remaining dozens of werewolves!

“What are you doing!”

“Are you crazy Let us out!”

The werewolves in the net were in a mess.


[You f*cking snake...]


[I dropped my plate!! Su Feifei, youre in charge!! Be my mommy!]

[It can even be like this]

[Wow, how many are there in one net]

[Its so exciting, a crowd!]

The werewolves at the scene were also cursing fiercely. They said all kinds of unpleasant words, and they almost cursed at Su Feifeis ancestors.

Su Feifei turned a deaf ear and said into the walkie-talkie with a smile, “Director, lets do the inventory check.”

She had deliberately driven the werewolf in this direction. Once she was in position, she went to negotiate with the director. Previously, there were more than ten of them. Now, there were many more.

“F*ck her mother!” Director Liu smashed the walkie-talkie on the ground, put on his hat, and walked toward the scene.

The scene in the camp was strange.

On one side, Director Liu and the others were doing a headcount.

On the other side were Bo Silin and Xiao He, who had come from the other side.

The two of them sat on the stone bench.

Bo Silin leaned against the tree, water droplets flowing down his chin. The scene was beautiful.

Su Feifei was like a sword, standing in front of him.

The two of them formed a sharp contrast.

[This scene...]

[My sweet baby boo!!!]

[Why cant my wife be as capable as her…]

[That tyrant Su Feifei is awesome, while Bo Silin is like your wife!! Hahahaha!!]

[What the h*ll is the person above me saying Fight me!]

[Am I wrong Hahahaha!]

When Director Liu arrived, Su Feifei put the werewolves down and went to the director to get her winnings.

“A total of hundred and three points!” Director Liu turned around and said to the people behind him, “You! Transfer the money!”

Su Feifeis phone had just been soaked, so the logistics team gave her a new phone. When she logged in again, she saw that her account had an additional 103 deserter island points.

Everyone followed the directing team over.

“Su Feifei has a hundred and three points now”

“What does that mean”

“Then what are we”

Everyone looked at Su Feifei with some envy. At this moment, if they were Su Feifei, they would be ecstatic!

How annoying!

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A few of them began to regret not taking a gamble just now. Perhaps they could have formed an alliance with her to kill the werewolves too!

[But I remember Su Feifei saying that the points in the team are used together, right]

[Does that mean that our Baby Bo can also use these points]

[Its hard to say. Su Feifei was diligent when she asked for points from others. Who knows what shell think when she gives them out]

[Didnt she abandon her teammates before I think Su Feifei will definitely squander everything for herself.]

[Indeed, I think so too. After all, she has a criminal record.]

Su Feifei tapped on her phone, looked at Director Liu, and said, “I want to exchange for something now.”

Director Liu was already exhausted from all that happened. He waved his hand and said, “Go to the warehouse and exchange it yourself.”

[See, I didnt guess wrong.]

[Forget it. After all, she earned it herself. Its normal for her to spend it alone.]

[What do you mean It had nothing to do with how much it was. Bo and Xiao He had been very cooperative before and agreed to split it evenly after handing it over to Su Feifei. Now, she was going to use the points for her own use Ridiculous!]

Su Feifei ignored everyones gazes and walked straight to the tent.

The assistant whispered a few words into Director Lius ear. Director Liu looked in the direction of the comments on the screen and smiled.

This Su Feifei did know some tricks, but that was all. She got the deserted island points but lost her reputation.

In the end, he didnt know if it was a blessing or a curse.

Five minutes later, Su Feifei came out of the tent, standing tall and straight.

Everyone was stunned.

So fast

With more than a hundred points, she would need some time to choose, right

Xiao He also tried to see what Su Feifei was holding.

“Bo, what do you think she exchanged for Food Are we going to have a good meal tomorrow”

Xiao He trusted Su Feifei wholeheartedly.

Her actions were definitely for the good of the team. Therefore, Xiao He didnt raise any objections when Su Feifei was in charge of their points.

“I dont know,” Bo Silin replied.

He told the truth. He still didnt know what was in this womans head.

Torches for illumination were raised around them.

Under the light of the fire, Su Feifei was holding a pile of things.

First, she instructed the staff to put some things into bags and backpacks, then she looked around and walked toward Bo Silin.

“Shes coming!” Xiao He said with anticipation.

Su Feifei walked up to him but he did not say anything.

She then poured everything in her arms onto Bo Silins knees.

“Didnt you want to take a bath Here you go.”

Bo Silin lowered his head. It wasnt just him, everyone was stunned.

Xiao He was shocked. “Toiletries Feifei, did you really just use all the points for Bos toiletries”

She really was worried about Bos mysophobia!

Bo had not eaten anything the entire day. She took four island points and exchanged them for disinfecting wipes.

If this went on, that meant that she was really afraid that Bo would starve to death!

He didnt expect Feifei to notice it too!

Xiao He looked at Bo Silin in shock.

Bo Silin lowered his head and stared at the thing he was washing his head with. Shower gel, hand wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush... Everything was here.

All the daily necessities he could think of were here.

Bo Silin raised his eyes and his peach blossom eyes moved slightly as he stared at Su Feifei.

“Why You dont like it anymore” Su Feifei asked with a frown.

She was being really delicate.

Today, he had starved himself just to exchange for a piece of disinfectant paper towel. Now that he had everything, he did not seem to be happy at all.

This was the most difficult subordinate she had ever met! Su Feifei gave him an evaluation in her heart.

The next second, Bo Silins lips curled up cheekily. He gave a response.

“I like it.”

Everyone was in an uproar!


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