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Chapter 967 I Miss You So Much

Others all tittered.

Then, all of them burst into laughter at Lin Mengyas “smartness”.

Long Qinghan was extremely embarrassed.

His knees went weak, and he almost knelt in front of Lin Mengya.

“Third sister-in-law…Is there any enmity between us”

He asked unconfidently, but Lin Mengya gave him a sneering look.

“What do you think”

All women were a family, not to mention that Lin Mengya was well-known to be a drama queen.

Long Qinghan was aware that he could not afford to offend Lin Mengya, so he had to keep a submissive smile on his face, and be humble.

“Youre right.

Youre right, whatever you say.

Ill change positively from now on and take good care of those things used for family rules.

Ill go buy them if they are used up.

How are the solid wood ones”

Even Gu Pan, who was hiding in Lin Mengyas arms, burst out laughing.

Lin Mengya shook her head with a smile, took Gu Pans hand, and put it on Long Qinghans.

“Its rare to find a man of love.

I owe you acongratulations.

Today is a good day, so I wont give you the caltrops.

If he dares to make you angry again, Ill deal with him.”

Gu Pan raised her eyebrows complacently.

However, her hands were tightly held to Long Qinghans and did not separate for a moment.

Between lovers, even a glance was full of deep affection.

Whether the complaints from Gu Pan or the petty tricks from Long Qinghans, they were merely romantic feelings between lovers.

Lin Mengya knew it, so she was willing to cooperate.

After all, they were born with no choice.

If there was no beloved one by their side, they would be too pitiful.

“What are you doing outside”

An elegant and refined figure showed up before Lin Mengya.

The mans extremely handsome features were no longer as aloof as before.

“Sister Lin, how are you doing”

Lin Mengya nodded.

By now, she had put aside the past grudges.

Back then, Moreover, Xiao Yixin just used some fierce means, and he paid a big price for that.

Moreover, from the beginning to the end, the Xiao family had been the most determined ally of the Lin family.

As the saying went, a smile could clear the grudges.

She had no resentment against Xiao Yixin at all.

“Brother Yixin, you are as elegant as before.

A few days ago, I heard that the noble ladies in the Capital City would rather crush the bridge just to have a glance at you.

If my brother were here, his limelight could not compare with yours.”

The woman in front of him was as stunning as before, but Xiao Yixins heart did not beat fast for her anymore.

She was the future Empress, the person whom he would pledge his life to.

He would take those confusions of the past as secrets and bury them in the depths of his heart forever.

“Well, I am no match for Brother Nansheng.

All right, lets go in.”

Xiao Yixin and Lin Mengya looked at each other and smiled slightly.

Everything was beyond words.

The fragrances of tea and wine in the room intertwined with each other, making people feel tipsy.

In the spacious and warm room, the big family sat together happily.

They were not princes, princesses, or ministers here.

They were just like-minded friends and bloodless relatives.

Abandoning their status and ranks in the mortal world, they were all the same.

They sat together happily, either talking loudly or chatting softly.

The atmosphere was harmonious and warm.

Lin Mengya sat alone by the window and kept smiling on her lips.

She always felt that this scene was so familiar as if she had seen it in her dreams.

Perhaps this was what she had been looking forward to.

“Mengya, I had never expected such a nice day to come.”

Holding a glass of wine, Qinghu sat next to her.

His voice was soft but full of complex feelings.

In the past, he was lonely and gloomy.

To survive, he could take peoples lives mercilessly and also watch anyone fall in front of him coldly.

But now, he only fought for the woman sitting next to him.

Perhaps in the eyes of those people, he became weak again because he had a weakness that he must take into account.

But only he knew that with his weakness, he was a real person but not a weapon held in other peoples hands.

“The world is unpredictable, isnt it I didnt expect myself to have such an encounter.

Thats why there are things I just have to do.

Qinghu, all of a sudden, Im not afraid at all.”

Lin Mengya took a sip of the rosy fruit wine.

She was tipsy with her face blushed slightly.

She looked lazy and charming.

Even Qinghu was mesmerized by her.

After a while, he lowered his head, concealing his emotions that he did not easily reveal.

There were some feelings that she better never know for the rest of her life.


As long as youre fearless, you can defeat all your enemies.”

Lin Mengya raised her glass, clinked it with Qinghus, and drank it in one gulp.

Starting tomorrow, they would embark on the final journey, for the sake of protecting these people and maintaining their current peace to continue onward.

They would use all their strength to fight, and they would be each others most loyal comrades.

“Look, who is coming”

Qinghu managed to suppress his sadness and pointed outside the window with a smirk.

Lin Mengya looked in the direction of his finger, and her misty eyes lit up instantly.

She was surprised to see this person.

Her red lips opened slightly, and she looked like a fool, without any shrewdness or wisdom.

With a doting smile, the man walked up to her under the last ray of sunlight.

“Why did you drink so much The wine is too cold.

No more drink.”

His deep voice was more mellow than the wine.

Just one word was enough to make Lin Mengya intoxicated in it.

He gently pulled the wine glass out of her hand and wrapped his warm, broad palm around her slender, slightly cold hand.

Without hesitation, Lin Mengya reached out to embrace him.

“You … youre supposed to be at the imperial banquet, arent you”

She missed him so much.

They saw each other every day, but she was eager to see him as if her determination was wrapped around by dense threads tightly.

Her eagerness grew stronger with each passing second.

She wanted to see him, lean into his arms, and hear his heartbeat.

She missed him like crazy.

Unexpectedly, he showed up in front of her.

“I wanted to see you, so here I am.”

Long Tianyu opened his arms and held Lin Mengya tightly.

That was his real life.

The throne and the world were not compared to the woman in his arms.

He carried her out of the window, put her in his arms, and covered her slender and weak body with his warm cloak.

Long Tianyu did not feel that his empty heart was truly filled until this moment.

Ignoring all the onlookers in the room, he just held her tight.

After giving a warning look to those guys who wanted to stir up trouble, Long Tianyu walked to a wing room with Lin Mengya, who was a little excited, in his arms.

“Why are you crying”

He lifted her chin out of his clothes and unexpectedly saw her face full of tears.


Its probably because … because I saw you.”

Lin Mengya did not want to find any excuse in front of him.

Long Tianyus heart ached as he kissed her eyelashes, which were still wet with tears, and comforted her gently.

“I will always be by your side, wherever you are.

As long as you need me, I will appear in front of you.”

Long Tianyu, who did not know how to say a sweet word before, had somehow become so affectionate without noticing.

Perhaps, when two people in love were together, no matter how plain the words were, they would become touching sweet words.

Lin Mengya wrapped Long Tianyus neck with her hands, and her expression suddenly changed.

“Oh no! You just came out like this, what about those royal relatives How can you leave the Empress Dowager, Her Grace, alone in the palace Im fine.

Ill go back to the palace after a while.

You have to go now, and dont alarm anyone.”

Seeing that Lin Mengya was so concerned about him, despite her reluctance, Long Tianyu felt happiness from the bottom of his heart.

“Its fine.

Now they all know, that Seventh Prince was absent for no reason, so I was greatly enraged.

After failing to get an answer, I left the imperial banquet in anger.

And the Empress Dowager, Her Grace, was also angry so that she had the heartache and had to leave for her palace to rest early.”

Long Tianyu blinked at Lin Mengya, feeling very proud of his arrangements.

Lin Mengya finally smiled through tears.

She puffed up her cheeks and poked his strong chest.

“Its a pity, We should let the whole Dajin officials and people know that their new emperor is a superb actor.

But this is good.

The hostile relationship between you and Long Qinghan is solid.

It will help us avoid a lot of trouble in the future.

But, can you…”

Seeing the anticipation in Lin Mengyas eyes, even if he had to offer up the entire Dajin to her, he would be willing to.

Long Tianyu sighed, “This girl is so kind that she cant see people whom she cares to suffer.”

“With Gu Pans status, she might not become the Empress, but she can be the Imperial Noble Consort.

Didnt you give them the secret prescription for giving birth to children If she can give birth to a boy for Qinhan within five years, maybe her status can be improved because of her child.

After all, to be the Empress, the most important thing is to give birth to the royal family, apart from her status.”

Since Long Tianyu had said so, Lin Mengya could not be clearer.

She planted a kiss on Long Tianyus lips with a smile and then leaned back into her favorite embrace.

“Your Majesty, you are the wisest.

You are so thoughtful that Heavens will reward you.

You will be the most famous emperor of all time.”

Long Tianyu looked down at his wife dotingly.

Once Lin Mengyas wish was fulfilled, she would flatter Long Tianyu with some words that he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

And Long Tianyu happened to fall for her trick.

Every time he felt warm in his heart, and then he would be led by the nose by her again.

Well, he probably could not do anything about it for the rest of his life.

“What are you dilly-dallying for The New Years Eve dinner is ready.

If you dont come out, well start.”

“Who says no Can you please have your private conversation at home Were starving, arent we, Moyan”

Qinghu and Tian Ning pushed the door open regardless of the situation and shouted.

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