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At any rate, she would always find something to comment about; be it Lin Lan’s roles as both a wife and a daughter-in-law.


Lin Lan didn’t want to see her at all.

In fact, she wished that she would never have to see her again!


Now that the families were separated, any work done was considered their own.

Throughout the entire morning, Lin Lan felt like she had otherworldly strength and energy to work.


Therefore, it was said that one shouldn’t eat the big pot of collective rice, nor should one eat from the large pot of rice from the family.

Instead, one should have rice from the small family pot(2). 


(T/N: Refers to one not having to share the resources within a large group.

You would feel a better sense of accomplishment if the effort you did belonged to you)

When she came home from work in the afternoon, Han Qingsong took the household registration book, the rations book and whatnot back to Lin Lan.


Lin Lan quickly opened them to take a look.

In the rations book, in addition to the column for grain, there was also a column meant for non-staple food.

In the future, if kerosene, cooking oil, vermicelli, firewood, etc.

were distributed, they would all be counted here.


Holding this book, Lin Lan was so happy that she felt like she could fly.

The person in charge of the book was the one who was in charge of the house, which meant that they would be eligible to receive those supplies in the future.


Thousands of undivided daughters-in-laws would be jealous of her current standing!


She was so excited that her heart was already dancing in a free and liberating rhythm.

Twirling around in the house for two times didn’t seem to be enough, so she jumped up and gave Han Qingsong a kiss on the face.


When her soft lips came in contact with the hard stubble on his face, she finally came to her senses as she realized what she was doing.

Holy heck, what was she thinking!


Her foot twitched for a moment and she almost fell.


Han Qingsong supported her in time before he looked at her with deep eyes.


 Lin Lan’s heart thumped loudly before she hurriedly pretended to be nonchalant and said, “Aiya, I got excited for a while; don’t think too much about it.”


In order to hide her gaffe, she hurried to the yard and hugged Xiaowang, who was singing to the ducklings to make them grow up quickly.

Then, she gave him a kiss on the cheek as well. 


Han Qingsong, “…”


She was his wife, so was he not allowed to think much about it


“Mother, what are those” Xiaowang was curious about the account books in her hand.


“The household registration book and the rations book.

In the future, your mother will be the master of the house,” She touched Xiaowang’s head, “Mother wants you to go to school, study, eat well, clothe yourself and eat delicious food!”


The little ducklings quacked.


Xiaowang: “This is my mother, what are your names Your mother is named Egg, so… Ah, you’ll be Eggskin!” He pointed nonchalantly towards the shells of the eggs that were left discarded by the wall. 


Lin Lan, “…”


During the meal, Erwang took the initiative to run back to help Lin Lan, carrying two palm-length carp in his hand, “Mother, Sanwang picked up a broken sieve from the Brigade to catch some fish from the Northern River.”


That kid was pretty amazing in his own right.

So many weren’t able to catch any sort of fish from the rivers but he was able to.

She guessed that this was a skill that he had developed from soaking in numerous bodies of water all day.


Smelling the smell of fish, the two little ducks immediately came over with their short tails waving excitedly.


Xiaowang hurriedly carried them back to the fence one by one, “Eat your vegetables, they’re delicious.”


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