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Somehow ......, huh But it's a good name.

I think it's a great name , Mel, .

Cookie and Biscuit."

The two little kitten-sized animals on Mel's shoulders nodded their heads in agreement with my words.

The two kittens on Mel's shoulders are the size of small kittens and they nodded their heads in agreement.

"I'm not sure I can handle it now that ......

it's come to this.

Meldy may not be able to take care of them all by herself.

Rid, you and Meldy should take good care of them.

"I understand.

I'll take care of them for now."

But what kind of monsters they are these two

After hearing my answer, my father looked at the two animals and asked me a question.

I hadn't told my father or Mel what kind of monsters they were.

Mel was also curious about it and smiled brightly.

"Ni-chan, tell me too, what kind of animals are these"

I think the they are called "Shadow Cougar".

Their feature is that they can change the size of their bodies at will.

Mel's eyes lit up at my words.

Then, without delay, she looked at Cookie and spoke to him.

Can a cookie be both small and big Show me ! Show '


nyah .'

He nodded at Mel's words and jumped off her shoulders to the ground.

At that moment, the wind suddenly began to blow in around him.

Then he instantly grew bigger.

His fur is fuzzy, like a long-haired cat that has grown as big as it is.

His size was about the size of a lion from my previous life, I would say.

My father and I were a little taken aback by the suddenness of the event, as well as by the growing size.

Danae, standing next to Mel, rolled her eyes.

"Cookie, that's an amazing."



Cookie, in his larger form, lied down in front of Mel.

Apparently, he was asking her to get on his back.

Mel was happy to get on.

She was already excited.

"Wow⁉ It's so soft and fluffy!'

Mel was rubbing her face on Cookie's back.

He didn't get angry at all.

My father and I were a little relieved to see that .


However, Mel asked Cookie for a another "favor."

", Cookie.

Can you get bigger""


guuuu ."

Mel⁉ That's a little to much to ask !."

I tried to stop it , but it was too late.

At that moment, the wind started to blow around the cookie again.

I unintentionally closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the cookie was bigger than the carriage.

Too big.

It was as big as an elephant in my previous life, or even bigger.

Danae, who was standing next to Mel, fell on her back and trembled.

"Wow, that's amazing! It's bigger than brother and father , look at it, father !"

"Meldie   , stay still and don't move."

Mel was waving her hand to father, her face sticking out from the back of the cookie.

Father was flustered at the sight of that , his face turning pale.

Everyone who was unloading the carriage was rolling their eyes and shivering on the spot.

I shouted as quickly as I could.

"I knew how big you are .

Just get small and put Mel down."

"I want to stay like this."

Cookie seemed to think that he had gone too far, so he shrugged and got smaller.

He went back to the size he had been on Mel's shoulders.

Mel, who had been on his back, was lowered to the ground.



"Is it over already Boring!"

Cookie got smaller and father looked relieved when Mel landed safely on the ground.

Then his expression immediately changed and he shouted furiously.

"Cookie, you are not allowed to be bigger than a carriage , don't ever do that again, or I'll shave your fur if you do it again."

'Yeah‼‼, I'll shave your fur ."


nyah ......"

I think I know what Cookie said just now.

Probably "Oh no."

I look at him and see Biscuit pumping his paw on his head.


Father stared at me in disgust and said.


can other one do the same '

'Huh I doubt it.

Because she seems to be a slime copying what a cookie looks like.

I don't think he could grow that big."

"You mean Biscuit is a 'slime'......"

Father looked incredulous.

The biscuit looked a little offended by his words and expression and released his cat form.

Then he became a light blue, transparent, spherical slime.

"What the hell......⁉""

Father was startled by the appearance of the slime.

Come to think of it, I was surprised when I saw it for the first time too.

While I was thinking about that, Mel made a happy sound again.

"Biscuit can change its shape, and it's so soft and sticky."

Mel hugged Biscuit, who was in a slime form, while talking to him.

Then, he murmured.

"can you transform into me by any chance"

"Mel, I don't think even Biscuit can do that, ......"



Oh, I might have stepped on a land mine.

The reason is that the slime form of Biscuit has no expression, but for some reason I sensed a "black aura".

The slime jumped out of Mel's arms.

Then, like the cookie, the wind blew.

The shape of the glowing changed into the human form.

It was like a transformation scene I had seen in my previous life.

The moment the light disappeared from the , the Biscuit took on the exact same appearance as Mel.

In addition, he is the same height and wears the same clothes.

When Biscuit looked at me triumphantly in Mel's form, he made a smug face and said, "How do you feel, "

"Biscuit is so cool, I'm now have a copy !"

Mel looked at Father and me with a cute face while holding both hands of Biscuit, who had become her own copy .

At this point, Biscuit had an expression that said, "Oh **, I've gone too far .......

It seems that even though it can't speak, emotions come out on face when is in human form.

Everyone, including my father and I, was stunned by the amazing feat that Cookie and Biscuit had displayed.

My father, who had quickly regained consciousness, looked up, wrinkled his brow, and muttered with a grim look on his face,

"I'm going to show you ......."

"What What did you say Father""

"I'm going to put out a gag order, and all of you here in the ministry are to forget what you've just seen, and you are to never speak of it."

Father's voice brought the knights back to their senses, and they went back to their work as if nothing had happened.

Father looked at Biscuit with a look of anger on his face.

But she "freaked out" in Mel form, and tears welled up in her eyes.

As it was, she hugged Father's leg and looked him up and down.

Mel herself did the same thing with Father's other leg.

'I'm sorry,.

So, please don't hurt then ......"

..'....⁉ Okay, okay, you two, get away from me.



nyah nyah!"

Cookie muttered something when father who seemed to have forgiven them.

I think it was "I'm so sweet".

I think I'm starting to understand Cookie and Biscuit's personalities a little better now.

Oh, I forgot to mention something.

"Oh, yes, yes.

Cookie and Biscuit are like a couple."

"What Ni-chan, are they married"

Yes, they are.

They are just like OUR Mother and Father.

"I see.

I'm glad to meet you both again."

They nodded at Mel's words.

Father put his hand on his forehead, let out a deep sigh, and hung his head.

In the meantime, all of the carriages had been unloaded at the house.


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