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Suddenly, a black figure appeared on the street.

This black figure had a saber at his waist.

His cold eyes stared at the Heaven Demons as he said coldly, “Get lost!”

“Heaven Demon” The nine Heaven Demons and the red-robed girl had already gathered and were looking at the black figure in confusion.

“Youre also a Heaven Demon.

Why are you stopping us” a bald elder asked in a deep voice.

The black-robed figure didnt say a word and looked at the Heaven Demons coldly.

“In that case, Ill devour you in three moves.” The bald elders eyes were ferocious as he took a step and teleported to the black-robed figures side, sweeping his foot at the figures head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bald elders feet seemed to have earth-shattering effects as he attacked the black-robed figure.

Its Old Demon Sky Splitter Xu Jingming was alarmed when he saw the other partys moves, and he immediately determined the other partys identity. Old Demon Sky Splitter is one of the top five Heaven Demons in Scarlet Cloud State, and he has strength comparable to a ninth-realm Demon Vanquisher.

Whats going on Ten Heaven Demons of such strength are teaming up just to deal with me

I didnt do anything to incur the wrath of the heavens or the wrath of the people.

How did I attract so many Heaven Demons

Huh Xu Jingming watched the battle in front of him.

Although the black-robed figure was at a disadvantage, his defense was sturdy.

The saber was like the wind!

It was strange and fast, and its moves clearly far exceeded that of the bald old demon.

The bald old demon relied on his powerful demon body and his advantage in strength and speed, but the black-robed figure relied on his saber techniques.

Even though he was suppressed, he defended well and didnt suffer any injuries.

“From the looks of it, Old Demon Sky Splitter cant do anything to him even after a hundred moves.”

“At least hes temporarily suppressed.

Lets make a move quickly and finish off Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming first.” The other nine Heaven Demons took action one after another.

Some produced multiple arms, some held weapons, and some even turned their entire demon bodies into strange objects…

These Heaven Demons were very confident.

Even without Old Demon Skysplitter, two of the nine could match a ninth-realm expert, and seven could match an eighth-realm expert! How could a mere Demon Vanquisher withstand the combined forces of the nine

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Xu Jingming held his spear as bolts of lightning descended from the sky and struck his surroundings.

However, he was completely swallowed by the strange aqueous stream in midair.

“Break.” Xu Jingming was filled with fighting spirit.

With a sweep of his spear, a multi-armed Heaven Demon was sent flying.

It left afterimages and crashed into a tree trunk hundreds of feet away, causing it to explode into pieces.

The spear stabbed into the chest of a three-eyed Heaven Demon with another thrust.

With a shake of the spear, the three-eyed Heaven Demons body exploded into more than a dozen pieces.

With a flick of the spear, three Heaven Demons exploded in succession.

Not bad. The strange aqueous stream enveloped Xu Jingming, who swept his spear.

Wherever the spear passed, lightning erupted, causing the strange aqueous stream to explode.

However, the liquid gathered again in the blink of an eye and remained unharmed.

“Wu Ming is very strong.” The Heaven Demon holding the two halberds charged over, and his short halberds either cleaved or slashed with great force.

As for Xu Jingmings spear technique, it looked ordinary as he blocked the two halberds head-on without being disadvantaged.

In terms of actual combat techniques, he still had the absolute advantage.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The strange aqueous stream wrapped around him time and time again as the dual-halberd Heaven Demon attacked in a frenzy.

Just the combination of the two gave Xu Jingming a lot of pressure—

The other seven Heaven Demons attacked together time and time again.

Xu Jingming could only dodge with all his might and use his spear to block; he could barely hold on.

Its indeed difficult for one person to withstand nine, he thought to himself. Although Ive figured out a great divine power, my foundation is still lacking.

He found it strenuous and difficult… But the Heaven Demons present—including the distant Heaven Demon Supremacy, Li Jinge—were stunned.

He actually held up against the siege of nine Heaven Demons. The cyan-shirted man holding an umbrella watched from afar. Isnt it said that Demon Vanquishers grow very slowly He actually has such fast growth


8 cosmic lifeforms had long lifespans, and they would quickly reach a new realm after descending to the Demon Vanquishing World.

As for breaking through to a higher realm It might be centuries later.

Xu Jingming was indeed an anomaly to break through at a speed comparable to a Heaven Demon.

Heaven Demons were only this strong because of the Demon Vanquishing Worlds augmentation.

The black-robed figure also noticed this scene.

He had only barely defended against Old Demon Heaven Splitters attacks, but Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming could withstand the encirclement of nine Heaven Demons From his spearmanship, be it the strength, speed, or attainments in spearmanship, he had completely exceeded him.

Is Young Master already stronger than me the black-robed figure thought to himself.


“Ghostwater, help me.

Both of us should team up to eliminate this saber-wielding person first before joining forces to deal with the Demon Vanquisher!” Old Demon Sky Splitter immediately sent a voice transmission.


The strange aqueous stream immediately enveloped the black-robed figure, who found it difficult to resist the combined forces of the two. I cant hold back the two of them!

“There are actually so many Heaven Demons!” A gentle voice sounded.

Xu Jingming—who was executing his spearmanship to the best of his ability—had failed to break through the group of Heaven Demons.

He looked up and saw a white-haired elder appear in the drizzling sky.

“Senior Brother.” Xu Jingming revealed a look of delight!

Although there were also battles happening elsewhere in the state capital, with Heaven Demon teams appearing one after another to kill high-realm Demon Vanquishers, Senior Brother Gu Shan still chose to rush to his junior brother.

Huh Old Demon Sky Splitter, Old Demon Ghostwater, and the others also noticed the elder that had appeared in the sky.

The elder looked down.

A huge array formation appeared in an area of five kilometers!

Countless runes appeared in the array formation.

It was clearly raining during the day, but the clouds in the sky parted, revealing resplendent stars.

The stars shone down and resonated with the huge array formation, and the array formation activated!

These Heaven Demons felt a terrifying pressure envelop them.

Bam! Bam! Bam! 

Some Heaven Demons kneeled down while others lay on the ground, unable to get up from the pressure!

The black-robed figure was also forced to genuflect.

He supported himself with his saber, and his body trembled slightly.

“How is that possible”

Although Old Demon Sky Splitter, Heaven Demon Ghostwater, and Heaven Demon Twin Halberd could still stand firm, they looked at the elder in the sky in fear.

They could sense that they could only unleash less than 20% of their strength under this restraint.

Gu Shans gaze landed on a cyan-shirted man holding an umbrella in the distance. He broke through the limits of a Heaven Demon

The cyan-shirted man casually threw the umbrella, and it flew away with the wind.

He looked up and stared at Gu Shan coldly.

“Ive been waiting for you for a long time.

Tell me your name; I want to know who I killed!”

“My name is Gu Shan,” Gu Shan said with a smile.

As an expert about to become an Origin lifeform, there were very few Heaven Demons that could interest him.

A demon that could break through the limits of a Heaven Demon was very rare in the Demon Vanquishing World.

“Youre the strongest Demon Vanquisher Ive ever encountered.

To show my respect, Ill do my best.” The cyan-shirted mans aura was terrifying, and a terrifying demonic aura vortex appeared in the sky, centered around the cyan-shirted mans body.

“Before I fight you, I have to settle some trivial matters.” Just as the cyan-shirted man finished speaking, he extended his hand.

Demonic aura then charged at Xu Jingming from the demonic aura vortex.

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