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“…” Yan Luqing didn’t curse him, but she still nodded with a cold face: “It’s good if you know.”

Then she closed the book and when she picked up the phone, it automatically woke up and the screen lit up because of the lift.

So the screensaver appeared in Gu Ci’s sight by surprise again.


Yan Luqing got up from the chair and turned to walk towards the door, but Gu Ci’s faint voice came into her ear, “Remember to change the screensaver.”


He even made this kind of request!

Suddenly, Yan Luqing’s dissatisfaction that had been accumulated for a long time finally triggered and she instantly turned her head back to say: “I won’t change it! I can use whatever picture in my mobile phone that I like as a screensaver.”

“And I also have finished tonight’s lesson, so why should I change it!” Yan Luqing put on a fierce expression on her face, and spoke harshly: “If you have the ability, just hack my mobile phone.

Otherwise, I won’t change it even if you kill me!”

After she was done talking, for fear that Gu Ci would fire bamboo shoots at her again, Yan Luqing hurried away from the scene as if she had a rocket on her ass.

But Gu Ci’s voice still came from behind——

“By the way,” he said with a smile, as if to kindly remind her, “the one on your head can be taken off when you sleep.”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Do I need you to tell me that!!!!!

Back in her room, Yan Luqing still couldn’t calm down for a long time even after she finished taking a bath.

She looked at the removed flower ring and thought: If she destroys it, she won’t have to wear it anymore tomorrow.

But the idea was soon suppressed.

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It won’t be so simple.

Gu Ci will definitely find something to make up for it.

The unknown is even more frightening, so it’s better to wear this stupid ring.

After blowing her hair dry, Yan Luqing lay on the bed and opened the short video application.

Do good every day and start commenting on popular videos again.

Fleeing Goddess: [You look good.

I’ll give you a chance to actively chase me]

Fleeing Goddess: [How dare you post this kind of video out Are you not afraid that I will propose on the spot]

Fleeing Goddess: [ How come my wife wears my T-shirt]


——It’s still like a certain stir up of a straight man.

When she opened the app, there were recommendation videos of several beautiful women of all kinds.

Yan Luqing became much more happy when she saw the comments by beautiful women.

After posting enough and closing the app, she opened WeChat again, thought for a moment, and sent Gu Ci the picture taken in the evening.

[Fleeing Goddess]: [Picture]

[Fleeing Goddess]: Almost forgot.

After I showed it to so many people, I had to give the original owner the original picture too.

Before long, she saw two bubbles popping up on Gu Ci’s profile picture.



Yan Luqing doesn’t know why, she was very annoyed at first when she could only see Gu Ci’s punctuation marks, but now when she saw these two groups of punctuation marks that clearly indicated speechlessness, she inexplicably lay on the bed and laughed.

While laughing, she said to the profile picture: “Who let you discipline me!”

Yan Luqing laughed for a while before her mobile phone vibrated again.

It was Gu Ci who replied to her message.

[Fleeing Princess]: [Picture]

Yan Luqing was taken aback for a moment, then clicked to open the picture——

It was a picture of herself studying with her head down, taken from the angle directly opposite her.

At that time, Yan Luqing was holding a pen in her right hand and pushed it onto her face, making a hollow dimple.

Her left hand held the garland on top of her hair and her eyes were looking down, but her face was completely captured by the lens.

It’s a bit stupid.

After all, it looks like she can’t solve the question at a glance, but… it seems that her face looks pretty good from this angle.


Why did she start analyzing the pictures instead! Shouldn’t the point be when Gu Ci took it

Yan Luqing immediately typed.

[Fleeing Goddess]: You take my picture

[Fleeing Princess]: Yeah.

[Fleeing Goddess]: Hey, did you learn from me

[Fleeing Princess]: It’s just a matter of exchanging courtesy.

“…” What a great courtesy exchange.

Although her posture is very stupid, the face in that picture was pretty good… Yan Luqing hesitated for a while before secretly saving it.

She wanted to send something again to Gu Ci but a number of ‘2’ was displayed in the upper left corner of the dialog box, which means that there are two new messages.


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