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This is the first time that Yan Luqing didn’t agree to Gu Ci’s request, nor did she help him.

She returned his mobile phone to him before she finished downloading the audiobook app.

She felt that she had been deeply connoted.

The growing friendship in revolutionary war and the pity accumulated in Yan Lu’s list were mercilessly destroyed by Gu Ci’s Abnormal Psychology.

Yan Luqing decided to unilaterally announce the temporary breakdown of their friendship.

——But this ‘temporary’ lasted only for a day and a half, and then it returned to the situation where Yan Luqing took the initiative to run to Gu Ci’s room.

After entering the villa, the new bodyguard, who is famous for his good temper, was shocked when he went to find Yan Luqing for the first time.

At that time, Yan Luqing had just removed the gauze and played with her mobile phone in bed with great interest.

Sometimes she looked at the bright red bubbles of Jin fool’s incompetent rage.

Sometimes she looked for the original book characters whom she had impressions of in her address book and observed their bubbles.

Apart from Gu Ci, this unpleasant exception, the golden finger was simply so interesting——Because it has a function similar to emotional summary and classification, Yan Luqing thinks it is better than mind reading.

When the new bodyguard knocked on the door and came in, Yan Luqing took a look at him, and immediately remembered the matter about ‘this elder brother never gets angry whenever he plays Honor of Kings’ that Little Black said that day.

She said: “Oh, you are the living Bodhisattva.”

New bodyguard: “”

“Nothing, I am just talking to myself.” Yan Luqing waved her hand, “Do you need my help with something If you have something, you can just directly tell Big Black and Little Black.”

The living Bodhisattva, while holding something in his hand, walked to her bedside and said a bunch of words: “Miss Yan, I asked your family doctor and psychiatrist, and learned that you suddenly fainted some time ago.

A few days ago, you had a conflict with someone and broke your head.

Because of the worry that your body could not bear the side effects, the doctor temporarily stopped your psychotropic medication.

But after seeing the reaction of your two bodyguards, it seems that your psychological problems seem to have become more serious… “

Here, the living Bodhisattva repeats again the story of Yan Luqing being reported by Big Black for ‘splitting personality’ and by Little Black for ‘color blindness’.

It took three full minutes before he finally concluded: “In short, from today on, it’s time for you to resume taking medicine again.”

Yan Luqing’s first reaction after hearing this: Damn, how can this person have a glib tongue like that of Tang Seng’s[1].

Moreover, his tone is not sloppy, much like Tang Seng’s style that sounds persuasive at first but makes people crazy after listening for a long time.

Her second reaction——

Wait, psychotropic medication

It’s fine if it was just for treating the body physically, but this kind of thing absolutely should not be consumed blindly, okay!!!

Yan Luqing has rich psychological activities inwardly but her outer appearance looked like usual.

She pretended to be very calm and commanded: “You put the medicine over there first, I will take it later.”

The Bodhisattva did as she said.

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But after putting it aside, he didn’t leave.

“…What are you doing standing in my room”

“I will leave after you eat it.”

Yan Luqing: “I can’t eat it if someone is by my side.”

In the face of the bear child’s refusal, the Bodhisattva’s emotion did not change at all.

He put on a smiling face and said: “Your parents sent me here.

They are very worried about your psychological condition, so please…”

Yan Luqing interrupted him directly: “If they are worried about me, then you can let them come and watch me eat it.”


Finally, the Bodhisattva was speechless and left.

Yan Luqing immediately got up, wrapped the colorful medicine and rushed into the toilet.

Although they said to go see a doctor if you are sick, Yan Luqing was still confused about one thing——

She doesn’t feel any abnormality in her brain and in her psychology these days.

Although she has crossed into this world and seen many incredible scenes, she has never doubted the authenticity of all this.

Yan Luqing knew that her first task was to live, and to live soberly, so she could not take those medicines.


Will she be affected if she stays in a mentally ill body for a long time

It is impossible to find answers to such a question on the Internet.

Thinking about asking Gu Ci, but she and Gu Ci are in a cold war, it is even more impossible to ask Big Black and Little Black——They will only report it to her psychiatrist.

So Yan Luqing found a forum that is said to be the most active in China, chose the Life Encyclopedia section, went in very nervously and posted a post as a guest——

Subject: Rational discussion.

One normal person A has crossed into the body of the mentally ill B (Note: A’s soul is normal!).

Then the B with A’s soul at this time should not be mentally ill, right

What she posted is a rational discussion.

After finished posting, Yan Luqing refreshed it with full confidence——

1st Floor: People with mental illness, please don’t go online, thank you.

2nd Floor: @Director of Beijing Psychiatric Department @ B City Psychiatric Department

3rd Floor: Don’t tell me that you’re actually A If you think you are A, then you can search for the definition of delusion, which is quite in line with you.

Yan Luqing: “…………”

Trembling with anger, she was so disappointed with this ruthless world.

Sure enough, the Internet is unreliable.

It is better to lower her head and go to reconcile with Gu Ci.


Five minutes later, Yan Luqing went downstairs, walked through the long corridor and stood at the door of Gu Ci’s room.

She raised her hand and knocked on the door three times, but no one answered.

Gu CI should be applying eye drops every day now, so he must be staying in the room all day.

How can there be no sound Unless he doesn’t want to reconcile yet——

Yan Luqing was still thinking about it when the door in front of her suddenly opened from inside.

The hair on Gu Ci’s forehead was not very smooth, showing a clean forehead.

His eyes were a little red, which looked nicely peculiar.

After looking at her for a few seconds, Gu Ci turned sideways to make way for her: “Come in.”

Although Princess Ci didn’t answer her, he got out of bed and opened the door for her.

Therefore, Yan Luqing completely forgave him, and told herself inwardly: This unilateral cold war with Gu Ci due to the weird discourse ends here.

In this day and a half, despite the cold war, Yan Luqing still let Big Black and Little Black report the latest situation of Gu Ci in real time.

Now, in Gu Ci’s room, she witnessed the whole process of applying the eye drops.

Gu Ci’s skin is so fair and that little bit of color change on his face is so particularly obvious.

After using a special tool to put the medicine in, it was then applied using a machine.

When it was done, the skin around his eyes became red, and there were a lot of blood streaks in his eyes.

No matter how one looks at it, they will think it should be quite painful, but whether it was in his expression or his demeanor, he showed no signs of ‘pain’ at all.

He was still so peaceful and at ease.

Yan Luqing suddenly remembered that she had found something when the new bodyguard came to her just now.

It seems that when she feels something is wrong, she will think of asking for Gu Ci’s help first before Big Black and Little Black.

She felt very strange at that time too.

Since she crossed into the book, Gu Ci didn’t seem to have done anything to protect her.

The role of protection is obviously played by the loyal and devoted Big and Little Black——Then, why did Gu Ci’s name appear in her mind first

It seems that his special temperament, which seems to be able to control everything even under such circumstances, makes people have the impulse to rely on him so much.

Tsk, is this the charm of the Fleeing Princess

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Next, Yan Luqing watched Gu Ci complete a series of treatments with the help of the nurse, and then put on special glasses——The special glasses that Doctor Liu once made, just happened to be of use for this case.

The principle of the glasses is still censored for Yan Luqing.

She only knows that this pair of glasses with therapeutic effect turned out to have a gold frame, thin lenses, and it has a somewhat cutting edge feeling, which was overly beautiful.

After Gu Ci put it on the bridge of his nose, the whole person’s temperament has undergone subtle changes.

There is a sense of indescribable coldness, and it adds a bit of scholar’s feeling to him.

“I want to ask you a question.” Yan Luqing sat next to him and said, “It’s a post that I just happened to see when I was browsing the forum.” Then she repeated her post to Gu Ci, “Gu Ci, do you think A is mentally ill in this situation”

Gu Ci’s gaze was fixed on her for a few seconds and he asked: “Does A think he is”

Yan Luqing was taken aback: “What”

“The assumption given here is that A has crossed and become a mentally ill B.

If you are asking whether A is mentally ill or not,” Gu Ci repeated patiently, looking at her through the lens.

“It’s very simple.

The point is, does A think he is”

Yan Luqing: “…No.”

Gu Ci looked at her, “Then A is not.”


Great Master, I am enlightened now.

The lumps that had just been born in Yan Luqing’s heart disappeared in an instant.

Although she knew that it was just her random thought, and it might be forgotten in a few days, and it was impossible for this suspicion to develop to the point where she really feels that she will be ill, but she still wanted to say——

Princess Ci, forever the almighty god.

Gu Ci’s eyes recovered well in the next few days.

When wearing glasses, he can reach nearly 40% of the normal vision, which is almost equivalent to the world seen by a person with severe myopia and astigmatism.

This weekend is Little Black’s birthday.

And for Gu Ci, who initially only can get infusion and liquid food, when it reached the day of Little Black’s birthday, the doctor finally said that he can start to eat normally.

“I just asked Doctor Xu, and she said that you can eat a little bit of anything now, except for those that are too greasy.” Yan Luqing came down from upstairs and said excitedly to Gu Ci, “Do you have anything you want to eat Let the kitchen aunt make it for you.”

Gu Ci didn’t seem to have much interest in food.

He leaned on the sofa and said lazily, “I am fine with anything.”

Little Black, who was standing beside them said loudly, repeatedly stressing: “Miss Yan, it’s my birthday.”

Yan Luqing took over the conversation: “Yeah, you didn’t expect it, did you That I will celebrate your birthday.”


After that, Little Black was silent.

Yan Luqing checked WeChat, and sure enough, Little Black’s head was full of blue bubbles:

「Miss Yan is so partial, so partial, so partial, so partial, so partial…」

「Why doesn’t she ask me I want to eat Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Crayfish, Mapo Tofu, Braised Lion’s Head…」

Yan Luqing just watched Little Black order more than 20 dishes in resentment.

She chose ten dishes for the kitchen to cook.

At night, Little Black’s eyes were so straight when he saw the dishes on the table.

Today is Little Black’s birthday.

It’s also the first celebration that Yan Luqing has had since more than ten days of her crossing over.

So, naturally, there has to be wine.

Yan Luqing is a person who loves to drink very much.

When she was still in her former body with good health, all her classmates who had been close to her and those who had had dinner together with her knew that she has a high alcohol tolerance——although she never drinks until thousands of cups, she had never been drunk.

And this villa has a basement wine cellar, which contains countless good wines but are used as decorations only.

Yan Luqing felt distressed when she knew it, and quickly instructed Big Black to open a few bottles of good wine.

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Little Black was the first to get drunk.

It was unknown whether the wine had been stored for too long or something else, because before long, all the people on the table were drunk.

Yan Luqing and Gu Ci, who are the second-ranked and the first-ranked to have the worst health, were ordered not to drink by the doctor.

But after everyone was drunk, she took a few mouthfuls.

A few mouthfuls are not satisfying, so she just simply drank a few more mouthfuls.

Gu Ci endured the noise all night, and when he got up to take a bath, he suddenly felt a hot touch on his side.

He looked down and saw that Yan Luqing had put half of her face on his arm.

He could not see her expression clearly and only heard her say: “Ah——So comfortable, so cool.”

Gu Ci’s eyebrows twitched, and finally picked her up from the chair with a turn of his hand.

“How much did you drink”

Yan Luqing gestured with her index finger and little finger: “I just drank a little bit.”

Gu Ci sneered.

Yeah, a billion bit.

Yan Luqing’s consciousness was sometimes clear and sometimes vague.

She felt Gu Ci taking her to the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and put her hand into the sink.

It should mean for her to wake herself up.

Yan Luqing also wanted to, but now she is really a little uncomfortable.

“Damn, my head f*cking hurts so much…” Yan Luqing cleaned her face and sobered a lot.

She rubbed her temples, “Gu Ci, can you help me get some sober pills”

He was silent for several seconds, then turned to go out and soon came back.

Under the light, Yan Luqing saw Gu Ci stretch out his hand, and a few pills were lying on his palm.

If it were someone else, Yan Luqing would definitely not make such a request.

But after Gu Ci brought it, she didn’t even see the color, nor did she ask Gu Ci where to find the sober medicine, let alone why he found it so quickly, and she just simply grabbed it and swallowed it in her mouth.

Unexpectedly, just after it touched her tongue, her chin was suddenly clamped——Gu Ci grabbed her face with one hand, and pressed her back down with the other.

“Spit it out.”

Yan Luqing’s mind was muddled.

The pills hadn’t entered her throat yet and fell into the sink as soon as her head was lowered, disappeared along with the water.

But Gu Ci’s hand is still pinching her cheek and chin.

His fingers were very cold and very hard, while her face was scorching hot because of the alcohol.

The fusion of ice and fire made Yan Luqing shiver uncontrollably.

Forced to look up again, Yan Luqing leaned her back against the wall and saw Gu Ci’s face slowly approaching.

His pair of eyes became deeper behind the lenses.

“Do you dare to take any medicine given by anyone” Gu Ci curled his lips, and said with a sense of giving a moderate education, but also with an inexplicable ruthlessness, “How did you live until now”


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