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“For coaxing you…” Yan Luqing’s tone relaxed.

The knot has finally passed and she found the feeling of getting along with Gu Ci in the Butterfly Mountain a few days ago again.

“Have you been coaxed then”

Gu Ci hummed again.

Yan Luqing was completely relieved now and smiled broadly while praising Princess Ci who was holding the flower: “Gu Ci, you look very good today.”

Gu Ci finally raised his eyes.

He looked at the girl’s smile, met the apricot eyes that were bent into crescent shape, smiled and opened his mouth.

“So is Miss Yan.”

The good-looking Miss Yan walked into the big birthday party with her good-looking Princess Ci.

As soon as she entered, she attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone’s eyes floated toward the two of them, but few people came forward to talk.

It is estimated that many people want to test Gu Ci, but they are afraid of Yan Luqing next to him——After all, Yan Luqing’s last preaching of ‘relatively stable condition recently’ everywhere is quite famous.

Yan Luqing circled a small area with Gu Ci while eating and wanted to circle a small area again while drinking, but was stopped by Gu Ci.

Then Father Yan and Mother Yan arrived at the scene and sent someone to call Yan Luqing over.

Gu Ci also didn’t continue to circle around the area in the center anymore and went to the relatively quiet rest area on the other side.

Gu Ci was standing next to the pillar in the corridor where the rest area and the banquet hall were connected.

He was slightly leaning against it.

Although his posture is casual, it seemed that he could be photographed from any angle, which could be turned directly into a painting.

He was lowering his head thinking about something when his thoughts were interrupted by a voice that suddenly came into his ears.

“Young Master Gu, we meet again.” It was a certain Zhang who ran to Yan Luqing’s villa that day.

Today, he is also wearing a white suit and also deliberately came to Gu Ci——With the two standing together, not to mention their faces and just looking at the clothes, it already seemed like a vivid interpretation of how the copycat came to be, both in terms of texture and overall effect.

“I really didn’t expect to see you here.” While the surnamed Zhang stand-in measured Gu Ci, his tone also unconsciously turned as sour as if he had eaten a few lemons.

Gu Ci first turned his head slowly and glanced at him.

With a more superior height over the other party, his eyelids were faintly dropping, which had a sense of natural advantage.

Then he straightened up his back and asked half the question to the surnamed Zhang stand-in: “Are you Zhang…”

The surnamed Zhang stand-in almost rolled his eyes with anger.

But he still gritted his teeth and reluctantly spit out his name: “Zhang Nian.” After a pause, he had to put gold on his face[1] again, “Today’s 70th birthday party was held for my Grandfather.

My biological Grandfather.”

Gu CI nodded: “Mr.

Zhang Nian, what are you looking for me for”


I just don’t understand some things so I want to ask you.” Zhang Nian smiled and said, “Young Master Gu, now, what identity are you using to come to this party It can’t be Miss Yan’s boyfriend… right”

Zhang Nian pretended to be surprised and made the ‘tsk’ sound twice before he muttered sarcastically:  “I really can’t imagine it.

At least, you were once the most eye-catching idle young master in our circle.

Are you really willing to eat this soft rice”

He thought Gu Ci would be angry.

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Will be irritated.

It would be even better if Gu Ci hit him——In this kind of place, the first one to beat someone is the one who makes a fool of himself.

But no.

Nothing at all.

Gu Ci just looked at him faintly.

His facial expression didn’t change at all.

There was even a little bit more smile in his eyes, “You said it as if you don’t want to eat it at all.”


The young master was questioned about eating soft rice, but unexpectedly, he answered like this instead Damn, what’s the matter with this man!

Zhang Nian felt like he was a snake that got its vital point hit and was out of breath in an instant.

“… What do you mean with these words” Zhang Nian barely maintained the satirical expression on his face, without knowing that the lemon acidity in his tone had increased again, “No matter how much I want to eat, I won’t directly live in Miss Yan’s house to eat it either.

Don’t you think so too How can I be like you I can’t even be compared with you.”

He originally thought it would be settled now.

This former young master’s fragile self-esteem would definitely be so irritated that——

However, Gu Ci seemed to have heard something funny, and there was a smile hanging on his face: “Ah…I know what you mean.”

Zhang Nian: “”

Gu Ci swayed the wine glass in his hand.

That flawless jade-like face was set off by the light into exuding such an inexplicably strange feeling.

The tail of his eyes opened like a fan and he just looked at Zhang Nian like that as he said:


Zhang Nian, because you can’t eat this soft rice anymore now, so you are jealous that I eat more”

[1] Put gold on face: Describes deliberately saying good things, complimenting others or oneself, slightly derogatory.


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