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Except for informing Gu Ci to attend the dinner party, Yan Luqing basically didn’t talk to Gu Ci during these past two days.

The two of them had their meal in their own rooms, and their physiological needs were also solved in their own rooms.

Except for Yan Luqing going downstairs to tease the dog, they didn’t meet at all.

On one hand, it was because the stand-in gift pack brought by a certain Zhang is too shocking and embarrassing, so if Gu Ci didn’t find her, she won’t take the initiative to go there to embarrass herself too.

On the other hand, it’s mainly because the more she looked at the chat log that day, the more awkward she became.

She sent a long string of five or six sentences, and Gu Ci only returned a light: Yeah, okay.

——She is like a scumbag who is desperately trying to explain to her girlfriend that he has nothing to do with a certain green tea.

The girlfriend knew everything he did, but because of the indifferent personality, she still chose to understand and forgive him.

This kind of feeling is too tricky.

In the end, it’s all blamed on the dog ** stand-in surnamed Zhang.

In the afternoon, the familiar makeup artist came to the villa again.

Yan Luqing couldn’t help glancing at one side while having her makeup done——

Gu Ci is still faster than her.

He is already done and is teasing Wolf with a small stick.

Last time his suit was black, but this time it became pure white.

It was the same pure white color as the dress Yan Luqing was going to wear.

It looks very high-class and elegant, with dark lines on it which look like a stream of light when put under the light.

It was tailored properly, making him look tall and straight while the white color softened the seriousness of the suit and retained a sense of youthfulness.

Gu Ci looks even more stunning than last time.

The clothes were sent by Mother Yan and Yan Luqing praised this madam’s good vision in her heart.

She was admiring the princess teasing the dog, but the princess suddenly looked back at her.

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Yan Luqing was taken aback, then responded quickly and said: “By the way, Gu Ci, how is your back”

Gu Ci looked at her for a few seconds, then faintly replied: “It’s fine.

The bandage has been removed.”

“Oh.” Yan Luqing thought for a while and squeezed out dully words, “That’s good then.”

After that, Gu Ci retracted his gaze and continued to play with Wolf.

It is said that the Border Collie has to ‘herd’ something in order to feel comfortable.

Since Wolf came to the villa, everyone has been herded by it, only Gu Ci and Yan Luqing were the exception——Which makes Yan Luqing feel a trace of comfort in a world where she was being considered as a mentally ill person everywhere she goes.

After Yan Luqing was done with her makeup, the time was just right to set off.

She sat in the back seat of the car with Gu Ci.

When the car was driving smoothly on the road, Yan Luqing spread her hand in front of Gu Ci like doing a magic trick.

Gu Ci originally just glanced at her randomly, but his sight was fixed on the palm of her hand.

On the white and delicate palm, lay a small white flower with branches and leaves.

Yan Luqing pushed her hand forward again, “Flower for you.”

Gu Ci took it over and looked down at it for a long time, “Where did you get this from”

“I picked it in the yard.”

Yan Luqing asked for help from Makabaka again, and then learned that it was one of the flowers Gu Ci liked in the original book.

It happened to be in the yard, so she picked one.

“Why do you give me a flower” Gu Ci asked.

Yan Luqing then gave an irrelevant answer to the question: “Gu Ci, this time we are going to the birthday party of Old Master Zhang.

I don’t know if we will meet the… certain Zhang from last time or not.” She paused and said probingly, “Do you really didn’t have any misunderstandings last time”

Gu Ci’s fingers played with the flower branches.

The white and dark green color intertwined, looking very pleasing to the eye.

“Whether I misunderstand it or not, is it very important”

“Of course.” Yan Lu said seriously, “We are friends.

I have to let you know that I really am not the kind of person who did that kind of thing——You also know that I… Um, that is, I can’t remember some things very clearly, but I think, in the past I just saw him as pitiful so I somehow helped him.”

She really doesn’t like the stand-in literature! This pot is too black[1]!

Gu Ci only answered with a faint hum and went back to asking the original question again, “So, why do you give me a flower”

[1] pot too black: being too wronged.


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