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The entrance of the hotel where Jin Qi’an’s birthday party is held was decorated very well.

Three large gilded characters of Jin Qi’an’s name were hung at the entrance.

They are made very uniquely.

People who don’t know will even think it’s a wedding ceremony in which the bride’s name has been scraped away.

This is the first time for Yan Luqing to go out of the villa’s gate and breathe the air outside.

The season now is supposed to be in the second half of autumn.

She carefully observed the surrounding flowers and trees, and looked at the luxury car brands parked around.

In addition to the ‘sine or cosine’ of Big Black’s previous test before, it can be confirmed that there is almost no difference between this world and the real world in terms of setting.

Yan Luqing grabbed some of Gu Ci’s sleeve on the elbow because she was worried that he would go astray, but from the outer appearance, they look no different from a normal male and female companion.

In a crowd of unfamiliar faces, Yan Luqing once again felt the inexplicable feeling of common hatred and sympathy with Gu Ci towards the same enemy.

This kind of banquet held by the rich second generation is totally different from the kind of high-class cocktail party.

Although all the costumes are bright and beautiful, the scene is really quite noisy.

It’s also very easy to paddle through lazily.

Just go to a place with few people in the outer circle and avoid the middle circle.

But there is a bad thing in the outer circle too.

There are many aunts who clean up immediately and many waiters who supplement food.

Yan Luqing has to pull left and right to prevent Gu Ci from bumping into others.

Big Black, who was behind, suddenly said: “The girl on the front right seems to be about to greet you.”

Yan Luqing had thought about it before.

She thought that since this body of hers was from a famous family, it is estimated that this kind of greeting is indispensable.

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She asked Big Black: “Does this person know that I am mentally ill”

This question made all the three people around her turn stunned and awkward.

The air seemed to freeze for a few seconds.

Yan Luqing urged: “Hurry up, does she know it or not”

Big Black said: “Most people should have known about it, but you can be rest assured that they will never dare to say anything to you in person…”

Yan Luqing waved her hand: “I’m not worried about this.

Since they all know it, it will be easier for me to handle it.”

No one knows what she is talking about.

Until that girl really came forward and squeezed out a big smile to greet Yan Luqing: “Qingqing, I haven’t seen you in such an occasion for a long time already.

Jin Shao really has a big face!”

“Indeed, it’s been a long time.” Yan Luqing smiled more sincerely than she does, “Well, the main reason is that my condition has been relatively stable recently.”


On how lethal this sentence was if it was spoken by a lunatic——The girl’s smile froze at first, then turned into a pained mask within a few seconds, and soon she went away in a hurry with a pale face.

Little Black wanted to laugh and couldn’t hold it back, so he just made ‘pfft’ sounds like farting in the back.

Soon, Big Black began to announce again: “There’s someone you know approaching us from that side.

White skirt, yellow…”

Maybe the original owner had not shown up for a long time already, and everyone was all in the same hypocritical mode.

When they came up, they said, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Have you been busy recently” and Yan Luqing just threw back a light sentence of “I’m not busy.

My condition has been very stable recently” and she harvested more than a dozen pained masks.

Another girl was stunned by her words and asked foolishly: “That kind of illness like yours…how to stabilize it”

Yan Luqing thought for a while: “Just…have a nerve breakdown steadily”


In short, the whole conversation lasts no more than thirty seconds each.

Accompanied by someone making the sound of ‘pfft’ and ‘pfft’ again from behind, the conversation was forced to a quick end.

Not surprisingly, these more than a dozen pained masks will spread their pain, and soon Jin Qi’an will know that she has come.

This is really a good way to get the news into the inner circle without taking Gu Ci there physically, and without bothering to think about greetings too.

Yan Luqing stood in place with the three men and waited for ten minutes, and finally the Young Master Jin came with a bunch of decorations and celebration things hanging from his body.

With dyed golden hair, careless and casual manner of walk, and several ear piercing holes…Holding the attitude of objective evaluation, with the non-mainstream dressing[1] and a face like having kidney deficiency.

Yan Luqing had already spit on him eight hundred times in her heart, but she still pretended to be quite calm on the surface.

“The birthday star is here”

Jin Qi’an’s expression froze.

Just now, he heard several sisters say that a crazy woman came and they wondered whether she was here to crush the party.

Jin Qi’an felt that it was impossible because she had just taken the person away from him.

How could she come to crush his party.

But listening to this tone now, why does it make him feel that something bad will happen.

“The words were too polite.

With Miss Yan coming here, I have to come out to greet you.” Jin Qi’an is ready to talk about something else to cater to the other party when his eyes turned and his gaze fell on the man beside her.

Jin Qi’an raised his eyebrows high: “Gu Ci”

He quickly looked at Yan Luqing, “You brought him here to…”

“If it’s not for him, why would I come to your birthday party” Yan Luqing resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

Jin Qi’an was taken aback: “What”

Yan Luqing was too annoyed by his looks, and said while folding her arms: “Do you still have something that you should have returned to him that you haven’t done yet Think well by yourself.

Either let someone give it back later or you personally give it back.”

Yan Luqing did not know how the original owner spoke to Jin Qi’an, but she felt that she was right with putting on airs, so she just looked at Jin Qi’an expressionlessly.

Anyone who is stared at by a person with mental illness will not feel good.

Jin Qi’an wanted to please the Yan family, but he didn’t want to have any contact with this lunatic woman anymore.

He just played dumb again and said a few rubbish sentences to smooth things over, before turning around and not looking back at all.

During the series of conversations just now——No, since entering this door today, Yan Luqing has the feeling like she was an actor on the stage.

Not because she knew that she was acting, but because there’s an inquiring eye that has always been casted on her in a neither light nor heavy way.

Seems to be observing her.

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Who is it Could it be… Gu Ci

Yan Luqing put away her random thoughts and also put away her acting of putting on airs.

Looking at Jin Qi’an’s back, she touched her face, “Is my makeup so scary today I didn’t even show any expression on my face.

Little Black bluntly said in the back: “It was your reputation that is scary.

Before I came, my buddies advised me not to come, saying that working for you is gambling with my life.”

Yan Luqing looked back at him.

Little Black immediately changed his words: “But I have obviously been working for a day and a half, and I am still alive!”

Yan Luqing: “…” The hell.

What’s the difference between changing your words and not changing it.

Not long after the few of them stood there, the voice of someone claiming to be presenting things on behalf of Young Master Jin was heard.

Yan Luqing’s eyes motioned to Big Black to accept the thing.

Knowing that her every move would be spread to Jin Qi’an’s ears, she put on airs again on the spot by folding her arms in front, and the words she said were very clear: “Tsk.

No sincerity at all.”

When the one doing the errand ran away, Big Black handed the thing to Gu Ci.

Yan Luqing also came over and dragged Gu Ci to the nearest table and chair, sat down and urged him: “Would you like to open and check it first”

At this moment, Big Black who was standing in place suddenly grabbed Little Black, and said in a low voice, “I will take you to familiarize yourself again with this morning’s procedure.” Then he walked to a place ten meters away from Gu Ci and Yan Luqing.

Yan Luqing’s gaze was focused on Gu Ci’s hands.

The knuckles of the ten fingers were white and thin, and they are very pleasing to the eyes when put on top of the black clothing, but it doesn’t seem like they will be opened.

Gu Ci said: “I can’t see clearly, and there’s no need to check it too.

If there is a problem, it won’t be returned to me.”

Makes sense…

Afterwards, Gu Ci said again: “The mobile phone’s matter, thank you.”

He said this sentence very stiffly.

Yan Luqing was stunned when she heard it.

She looked up at Gu Ci’s side face that was facing her, and the sunglasses covered most of his face, only revealing a sharp chin and graceful jaw line.

It turns out that if the eyes are completely covered, his silhouette will become a kind of sharp beauty, which looks quite cold and inaccessible.

Yan Luqing was silent for a few seconds, then whispered in a low voice: “This thank you of yours is really so insincere.”

And was heard by Gu Ci.

Because he suddenly turned his head at Yan Luqing and took off his sunglasses with one hand.

The upper half of his face was completely exposed, and his eyelashes were half drooping like crow feathers.

He looked in her direction and said: “Thank you.”

The moment he took off his sunglasses and tilted his head slightly, there seemed to be a stream of light in his eyes.

Yan Luqing is still thinking about it, but Gu Ci already put on his sunglasses again, “What about now, is it sincere enough”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Vivid interpretation of “Cold and Ruthless”.

As if unable to feel Yan Luqing’s emotional changes at all, Gu Ci, who as if had became a cold killer once he put the sunglasses on, continued the soul torture: “We’ve got it, so what are we still doing here for”

Yan Luqing took a deep breath, then let it out slowly.


Everyone knows that Young Master Jin has to cut the cake at the time of his birth on his birthday every year.

And it cannot miss even one minute.

Even in broad daylight, there must be an event to light the candle in the dark and sing the birthday song, and the song must be sung to the end.

This year is the same too.

When the lights go out, the candles are lit, and everyone are singing with their eyes closed——


Suddenly there was a very loud explosion of a firecracker under the small table where the cake was placed.

Everyone was taken aback and huddled into a group.

Nobody knew who pushed the table in the direction of the birthday star, and a whole large cake directly covered Young Master Jin’s entire head, entire face, and entire body——with the candles still on it.

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Not only that, Young Master Jin was so furious and wanted to go down the steps to find the culprit but he bumped into someone instead.

In addition, the cream on the ground was too slippery, and he accidentally broke his leg when he fell down.

The screams continued to linger for three days.

The ambulance that a good hearted person helped to call comes quite quickly, as if they knew since earlier that someone was going to break their leg.

The ‘good hearted person’ not far away silently watched the scourge covered with white cream being carried on the stretcher, and gave a thumbs up to the youth by her side: “Little Black is awesome!”

Yan Luqing poked at Gu Ci, and her excitement had not passed: “Hey, do you know what happened just now It’s okay if you can’t see it, I will tell you.

The Young Master of the Jin family, on his birthday today——”

“I probably know.

I heard it.” Gu Ci took over the conversation.

“So, we waited until now, just to…” He paused, and didn’t seem to know what kind of word to describe the behavior.

Finally, he thought of a very naive but accurate one, “Avenge me”


Actually, Yan Luqing wanted to do this for a long time already.

When she was still reading the original book, Jin Qi’an’s ashes had been scattered in the comment area by the readers for thousands of times already——and of course, the original owner had been scattered even more.

Since Yan Luqing crossed into this world, she naturally wanted to teach him a lesson for the paper man she has liked for so long.

So after hearing what Gu Ci said, Yan Luqing immediately turned unhappy, “This is not called avenging you, this is called a nasty outburst!”

“An outburst for whom”

“For me.”

Gu Ci paused for a long time.

In the environment where the surroundings were even more noisy than the vegetable market, there was a kind of ridiculous urge to laugh, “What are you angry for”

“Who let him bully you”

The girl said in a pretentiously vicious tone, “He bullies you, he deserves it.”

The author has something to say:

Yan Luqing: My paper man is the best!


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