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Chapter 23.2


Fortunately, he was not in an anxious state for too long because Zhang stand-in couldn’t help asking: “What riddle are Miss Yan and Young Master Gu talking about Can’t you tell us about it”

Yan Luqing: “…” You really dare to ask.

Because of this sentence, Gu Ci finally turned his head and responded directly to Zhang stand-in for the first time.

He swayed his water glass: “Are you sure you want to listen to it”

Zhang stand-in, as an insider, had learned all kinds of gossip before he came here.

Naturally, he knows how embarrassing Gu Ci’s situation is now.

The proud son of heaven, who once so dignified, is now just a little white face whose family is broken and dead.

He originally didn’t think this person was any threat at all.

Even if he, himself, was an illegitimate child, he was much better than him.

But when he saw the real person and looked into Gu Ci’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of embarrassment at his own unseemliness.

But Zhang stand-in soon put that mood away, leaving only lemon in his tone.

He raised his chin to Gu Ci: “Is there anything that I can’t hear Just say it then.”

“It’s really nothing.

It’s just some words that Miss Yan said when she paid tribute to her dead ex-boyfriend.” Gu Ci bent his eyes and his smiles looked very relaxed.

“Since you self-proclaimed yourself as Miss Yan’s former boyfriend, then the dead person she missed must be you”

Zhang stand-in was stunned in place.

Originally, Gu Ci had only brought out an empty water glass, but now it was filled up and he was leaving.

He only smiled and said to everyone before he left: “Have a good time.”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Zhang stand-in: “!!!”

Although they don’t know which person he is connoting with these four words, everyone here, no matter who, feels that they have been connoted.

This is probably the highest state of the Yin and Yang[1] method.

When Zhang stand-in came here, Yan Luqing was not sure whether he wanted money or really cared about the original owner who had had dinners and watched movies with him.

Finally, Yan Luqing ordered Big Black to send him away and went back to the room dizzily.

Lying on the bed again, her mobile phone still stays in the interface when she reads Little Black’s thoughts before.

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As a result, she found that the silly kid’s profile picture began to bubble with… the tender pink color again

Yan Luqing clicked it conveniently——

Little Black’s pink bubble: 「it’s too exciting! It’s too exciting! I found that Young Master Gu Ci really has… really has the style like those in the palace!!! “

Yan Luqing: “……”

Damn, what a mentally retarded person.

Yan Luqing was paralyzed like a salted fish on the bed for a while, then tossed and turned for a while, and finally opened a dialog with Gu Ci amidst the infinite entanglement.

Having just experienced such a scene, she was too embarrassed to see him in person.

It’s better to talk about it on WeChat.

[Fleeing Goddess]: I really don’t know why he came.

I don’t even know his name after the Zhang surname.

[Fleeing Goddess]: We have never been boyfriend and girlfriend too.

At most, I used to be a money dispenser only… I have never been in a relationship before.

I am really too simple minded and really can’t do such a flowery thing.

Such a flowery thing refers to finding a stand-in.

Gu Ci should be able to understand it, right

Yan Luqing continued to lower her head to type.

[Fleeing Goddess]: And don’t listen to his nonsense.

You two don’t look alike at all! My eyes are fine.

My eyesight is 5.0.

[Fleeing Goddess]: [Tears falling down.jpg]

After she finished sending it out in one breath, she lay on the bed and turned around over and over again, waiting for Princess Ci‘s reply.

The words [Fleeing Princess] were almost stared into a hole by her.

Having nothing to do, Yan Luqing then began to poke the transparent bubbles on the top of Gu Ci’s profile picture.

Every poke was a 「.」

Does that mean he doesn’t take this matter seriously in his heart

At this moment, her mobile phone vibrated——Yan Luqing’s eyes moved down instantly while she held her breath and looked at it full of focus.

Only two words.

[Fleeing Princess]: Yeah, okay.

Yan Luqing:…… Shit, really the palace style.

Yan Luqing, who had originally planned to devote herself to hypnosis learning all day, was forced to receive a stand-in gift package as soon as she came back in the morning.

In the afternoon, she was called to the Yan family to talk to Father Yan and Mother Yan.

She had to apologize to the Old Grandpa again and again, and transferred the tuition directly to him, saying that she would not run away.

[1] Yin and Yang: two opposing principles in nature.


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