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Chapter 19.4


Yan Luqing walked over and sat beside him, then opened her mouth and said: “Gu Ci——Save me!”

He raised his eyebrows lazily and looked at her: “Save you from what”

“You guys are not playing anymore, right How about going with five platoons ” Yan Luqing said in a low voice, “I really can’t take care of that girl anymore, she can’t play that much.

So, quickly come and help me.”

“Oh.” Gu Ci sat still and didn’t move at all, but still looked at her with such a genuine interest.

“You mean, let me help you take care of the girls”

“…” Yan Luqing felt that he was referring to her act of talking big just now and explained for herself, “My own girls, I can take care of them, but this one, she is not my girl.”

She is the girl who has a secret crush on you.


Seeing that Gu Ci followed Yan Luqing back, Xia Yutian and Xia Xuetian’s frustrated faces lighted up again.

And Yin Ning’an… Yin Ning’an’ eyes can not be called to light up, instead, the sparks in her eyes can even set off firecrackers already.

But before several people started the game again, Big Black called to say that he had sent Wolf over——Because the pet hospital said it had recovered a lot of energy, but it was really disobedient during the daytime and resisted to stay in the pet hospital no matter what.

They felt like it always wanted to see its owner.

Probably because Gu Ci was the first person to get close to it, the appearance of Wolf’s running and jumping in excitement after seeing Gu Ci was obviously much more enthusiastic than after it had seen Yan Luqing.

The breed of Border Collie seems to be very popular everywhere.

The boys teased the dog for a while before they started another round of battle.

Gu Ci joined the five platoons team and Yanluqing saw his ID for the first time——

[What’s wrong with taking care of me]

“…” It blends directly into the atmosphere of her and the twin sisters indiscriminately.

-How come that you’re dead again

-What’s wrong with taking care of me

-Don’t get me wrong, Sister

-Don’t be angry, Brother

-It’s the Duck Fairy Ning

——If these were to be merged into one term, it can only mean that one should’ve at least scored the give away questions on the exam.

After entering the game, Fairy Ning is the first one to have logged in and already locked the shooter position within several seconds.

In this way, the assisting position to protect the shooter is very important.

Gu Ci went in and did the work that was unworthy of his talents.

It seems that the two sisters’ assisting position won’t be that much help.

Finally Yan Luqing weighed it, substituted her own position to the one in the assisting role too and chose the character of Zhong Kui[1].

She thought she would catch the person and put it in front of her, then hold it for a few seconds for her to kill it.

She can at least kill it like this, right

Although the ideal is very beautiful, the reality urges people to turn old.

Taking the same road and walking together with her, it was more suffocating for Yan Luqing than the last time being pitted by her.

Yin Ning’an chose Sun Shangxiang[2], a hero with a very high damage was rashly played into a complete waste by her, and the meat delivered to the mouth can not be eaten either.

Every time, she ended up letting the person flee away.

Yan Luqing said: “Don’t be afraid, just put several A level skills behind me.”

After that, she apologized softly and weakly: “Sorry, Qingqing.

I will definitely fight well next time.”

Yan Luqing sat with Gu Ci on her left side and Fairy Ning on her right side.

She felt that every time Fairy Ning apologized, her blood pressure rose once.

Until Yan Luqing finally gave up on this road and turned to support other roads, Fairy Ning was unsurprisingly caught and killed.

“Qingqing, shouldn’t the assisting position be the one who protects me Why don’t you come “


Yan Luqing couldn’t bear it anymore.

To hell with any reputations, this Lord wants to spray it big.

Just as she was brewing, Gu Ci, who was sitting on her left side and was always focused on the game, suddenly spoke out before her——

“You played this assisting position very well.” Gu Ci kept operating his hands, and his voice was gentle, “I just took a look at it.

With this Zhong Kui, even a tied dog can win on this developed road.”

Afterwards, he turned his head to look at the Border Collie as if thinking of something, and touched its head, “Sorry, I didn’t mean you.”


Yan Luqing simply feels so damn well.

This wave of Gu Ci’s is really doing damage to the roots.

[1] Zhong Kui: a deity supposed to chase off demons, one of the heroes in the game of Honor of Kings.

[2] Sun Shangxiang: Lady Sun, also known as Sun Ren in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Also one of the heroes in the game of Honor of Kings.


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