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No wonder it’s red.

It’s scolding her.

Maybe it’s the happiness and joy everyone has been showing that makes her ignore there are people who have a series of negative emotions too, such as dislikes.

After all, what she told them was, it was her who ‘slipped’ first and fell down.

When Yan Luqing first saw these two sentences, she was a little confused, and her sleepy brain was also somewhat awake for a moment.

But she quickly retorted in her heart again: Damn, I also felt very guilty.

I am more worried about him than you, okay!

What’s more, her relationship with Gu Ci is not as simple as she said to others.

From the beginning to the end, only the two of them who experienced it personally knew it.

Although she quickly turned off her mobile phone, no matter how she told herself not to care about it, Yan Luqing was still affected by these two sentences.

——She had a bizarre dream all night, and the quality of her sleep was so poor that in the next morning, the two more patches of blue under her eyes made Gu Ci glance at her more.

When he saw her dark circles, it was like he was seeing some interesting thing.

He smiled lightly: “You don’t even have dark circles when you sleep in the tree hole.

And you have it after you are back”

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Isn’t it because of the person who has a secret crush on you! Your face is really a disaster!!!

Yan Luqing complained inwardly, but seemed to answer with a blank face: “Yeah, I’m used to a poor life and can’t sleep without a sleeping bag anymore, can’t I”

“Of course you can.” Gu Ci’s eyes were deeper, “I will give you the sleeping bag later then.”


This morning started with her talking to Gu Ci in such a short sentence.

After washing, the two went downstairs to have breakfast with the others.

There was a table for boys and a table for girls but unfortunately, the one who sat beside Yan Luqing happens to be Yin Ning’an.

When Yin Ning’an’ calls someone’s name, she likes to call the last word of the name and repeat it.

The way she called Yan Luqing with ‘Qingqing’ makes her goose bumps fall off layer after layer.

This is probably the disadvantage of the golden finger——Knowing the other’s real heart makes a lot of pretending become difficult.

For example, now, although Yan Luqing knows that the other party hates her, she still has to pretend to get along with Yin Ning’an.

Because of Yan Luqing and Gu Ci’s accident, everyone didn’t want to climb the mountain anymore.

After thinking about indoor activities for a long time, several boys suggested that they should go to their suite to play games.

In the end, the unanimous votes won in playing The Honor of Kings.

The twelve people then decided, after a discussion, to divide themselves into four groups, each with three platoons.

Plaster No.

1 and Plaster No.

2 quickly pasted to Gu Ci’s side: “No one can rob this thigh away.”

The remaining three boys mocked and berated: “F*ck, you two are really spineless.

You just know how to hold a thigh.

Don’t you know how to take care of your female classmates”

Plaster No.

1: “I have a wife already, so I won’t take care of other girls anymore.”

Plaster No.

2: “I miss Brother Ci, okay”

“… Fine, fine, fine.” The boys were speechless and then they turned to ask some of the girls, “Then, do you guys need us——”

“Wait a minute.”

A female voice suddenly entered their ears, and everyone’s eyes immediately focused on the speaker.

“We don’t need someone to take care of us.

It’s fine for you guys to just take care of Yin Ning’an and the others.” Yan Luqing looked very relaxed, she raised her finger and pointed it to Xia Yutian and Xia Xuetian, then said quite confidently: “I will take care of them two.”

Those several boys were surprised: “…Sh*t.

You are freaking awesome.”

Xia Yutian and Xia Xuetian who were pointed were taken aback for a while.

Then they immediately hugged Yan Luqing on the left and right arm each, and began to talk nonsense like “Aaaaaah, you are so cool.

I love this sister.

I like it.” and so on.

Yan Luqing was pulled back and forth by the two of them, but the voice of Makabaka suddenly rang in her ears.

“Wow, Maria, the pink one is upgraded again!” After the announcement, the early adult voice sighed, “These two girls’ hearts were full of love just now.

They thought you were extremely cool… But why those who give you pink are all girls”


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