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Chapter 17.1


Originally, Yan Luqing was sitting next to Gu Ci and playing with her mobile phone, but it was too tiring to sit all the time, and her back was aching and her butt was uncomfortable.

Question: Who can still sit on the ground without being tempted by a bed next to them

Anyway, Yan Luqing can’t.

So she quickly slipped into the sleeping bag lightly.

Yan Luqing hadn’t turned on the sound when she was watching the video, so she checked Gu Ci from time to time to see if there were any signs of waking up.

But she soon found that she was worrying too much——Gu Ci had a very deep sleep at this time, probably because he was injured last night and didn’t have a good rest.

Yan Luqing occasionally swiped the videos of handsome guys, and politely clicked a thumbs-up for all of it before swiping away again.

Because she adheres to the principle of hotness, she basically comments on videos that are popular, but Yan Luqing prefers beautiful women, and she doesn’t like handsome guys very much——If she doesn’t like it, she will not have the inspiration to comment on it.

It’s not that she has opinions on handsome guys.

The main reason is that the video of the handsome guy with the special filter effect is not as good as the naturally carved face of Gu Ci that she sees every day.

How can she have the passion to comment on it then

In the middle of it, Yan Luqing looked at Gu Ci’s sleeping face and was thinking if she sends a video of Gu Ci out, combining it with music and turning it into a clip or something, it will definitely gain hundreds of thousands of fans every minute.

In short, taking advantage of Gu Ci’s sleeping time for the whole afternoon, Yan Luqing had gained a lot.

Although it has not been upgraded to the point where she can see the pictures immediately, totaling the comments she sent out today, she should be able to see the pictures in a few days.

But Yan Luqing also doesn’t know why that just by shaking the comment area and attracting other’s attention on a certain post, her account, which never has even one video posted in it, was able to gain popularity only because of frequent reviews.

She also received a lot of @ from other people about her ridicule comments——

[Without this comment from @Fleeing Goddess, I also don’t think it’s a popular video [/ doghead]]

[This video is absolutely hot @Fleeing Goddess please quickly come and comment on the front row]

[What do you want to comment on this video Quickly let me copy the homework.

I also want to be popular at least once @Fleeing Goddess]

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However, she didn’t take it seriously.

Only when she saw funny content would she occasionally reply to the people who followed her.

Sending out the last comment, Yan Luqing’s fingers were a little tired and she wanted to turn over and change her posture to take a rest.

Unexpectedly, just after turning halfway, she saw Gu Ci looking at her with his eyes open.

“… You are awake”

This time, Yan Luqing was not afraid that she would awaken him anymore, and the range of her movement suddenly increased as she quickly and neatly turned over.

She and he looked at each other face to face: “So, did you sleep well”

He did have a good sleep.

It’s just that the scene he saw after waking up was not so good.

But Gu Ci didn’t mention even a word, because he himself wanted to forget it.

Gu Ci woke up at the time when the sun was setting, and Yan Luqing just grabbed the backpack over.

The two of them simply ate something, and then continued to sit in the tree cave and wait.

Although they can contact the outside world now, from the afternoon till present, Yan Luqing doesn’t even remember anymore for how many times she has shared their location and it’s still useless.

Little Black had already directly called it an evil thing there.

Yan Luqing also felt that it was an evil thing.

Six hours and six more hours have passed.

Actually, which sixth hours is it

It won’t really be fully 48 hours before it ends, right

When the moonlight came, the sound of the video playing on the mobile phone rang in the tree cave.

Yan Luqing accidentally raised her eyes and saw a dark shadow outside the cave entrance.

At that time, she only glanced at it once and looked away again, and the dark shadow that was a certain distance away from her had also disappeared.

However, after waiting for several seconds, she unconsciously recalled the shape of the dark shadow in her brain before realizing——


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