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Chapter 16.1


Yan Luqing slept very well.

First of all, she was not cold at all, and she had a beautiful dream at the end of her sleep.

In the dream, she held a princess in her arms while she was sleeping.

Although she couldn’t see her face clearly in the dream, her intuition told her that the princess was very beautiful.

But it’s a pity that the princess ran away at last and in her dream, she was hugging a big stone that she didn’t know where it came from to continue her sleep.

The next day when Yan Luqing woke up, the sky was so bright.

The sunlight came in from the entrance of the tree hole, and it fell warmly on her body.

She rubbed her eyes in a daze and found that she was the only one in the sleeping bag, holding her backpack in her arms.


Yan Luqing let go of her hand holding the backpack, sat up rather confusedly, and suddenly her sight fell directly at Gu Ci who was supposed to be in the sleeping bag.

He was sitting opposite her, leaning against the inner wall of the tree trunk, looking at his mobile phone.

Gu Ci is not facing her directly.

From this angle, half of his face is under the halo light and half of the rest is in the shadow.

It seems that every part of his face has been precisely calculated by an instrument.

Yan Luqing looked at it for a while and wondered in her heart whether the princess she was holding while sleeping in her dream last night also has this kind of charm or not.

She cleared her throat and greeted him: “Morning, Gu Ci.” Then she also asked, “When did you wake up”

Hearing her voice, Gu Ci’s originally drooping eyelids slowly lifted, and his gaze moved away from the mobile phone screen to her face.

She doesn’t know if it has anything to do with the injury but his lips are very pale, although it is not as horribly pale as it was when they first met, because there’s still a little bit of pink color on it.

Yan Luqing watched his lips open and close before he said: “You should ask, when did I sleep.”

Yan Luqing was stunned: “…Huh”

Gu Ci looked at the mobile phone again.

He swiped his finger twice on the screen, then put his other hand on the ground and walked to her side.

Yan Luqing looked at the mobile phone he handed over in front of her and heard him say: “See it yourself.”

She picked it up.

That’s a video.

That’s a video…that even someone like her, who defies trivial conventions, wants to go to jail after watching it.

This point of view showed that the sky was already bright at that time.

The video was taken by Gu Ci, so it was naturally from Gu Ci’s perspective.

Yan Luqing looked at herself from his perspective.

Her eyes were closed and she was desperately hugging, grabbing, squeezing and rubbing against him… The more he hid, the more tightly she stuck herself to him.

For several moments, her face with closed eyes was directly in front of the camera.

It was not ugly, but it was stupid.

Yan Luqing almost suffocated herself watching this.

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At the end of the video, it was Gu Ci leaving the sleeping bag and stuffing her backpack into her arms before she finally stopped.



The princess was defiled, and the princess was assaulted.

Help, help, help me, help me…

When Yan Luqing was so embarrassed that she didn’t know what to do, Gu Ci’s voice came from above her head with a sense of smile in it, “You reassured me last night that you slept very well-behavedly.”


“Miss Yan, what do you think after watching it”

As soon as Yan Luqing looked up, Gu Ci squatted down in front of her.

With the two of them looking at each other at the same level, she was the first to notice the faint blue color below Gu Ci’s eyes.

“I think…” Yan Luqing pondered for a while, and said, “It’s freaking awesome.”

Gu Ci’s tone is somewhat absurd: “What”

“I mean——” Yan Luqing instantly changed her face, squinted her eyes, and suddenly pretended to be pitiful before the person in front of her.

“Gu Ci, you didn’t even just leave me directly when I made a fool of myself last night.

Your character is really awesome…”


Yan Luqing watched Gu Ci’s expression change again, and that pair of eyes gradually narrowed, showing a nice long and narrow shape.

With the degree of Princess Ci’s poisonous tongue and the rich vocabulary based on his name of ‘Word’, Yan Luqing couldn’t imagine how miserable the scene would be if he really started to speak sarcastically towards her.

So she slipped with her knees hitting down first.

Yan Luqing held her right hand with her left hand, with her hands clasped together making the gesture of ‘pleading’, and then the next second——


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