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She typed unbearably: …That is called lip gloss! And the effect one got after applying it is jelly lips, okay!!

[Fleeing Princess]: What is jelly lips

[Fleeing Goddess]: Of course it means lips that taste like jelly when kissed.

Even the IQ of a Straight A student from T University can’t even understand this

Yan Luqing didn’t think there was anything wrong after she sent it.

Although she didn’t see the effect after the application, after all, Little Twisted Braids said that after she finished applying it, her boyfriend said that it looked like jelly and wanted to kiss her so much.

With this kind of explanation, it was mostly true.

After sending it, she also sent a [This is it.jpg] emoji.

Gu Ci was suddenly silent for a while.

When Yan Luqing thought he would not reply again, after half a minute, Gu Ci replied to her with two messages——

[Fleeing Princess]: How could I know.

[Fleeing Princess]: I haven’t tried it.

Yan Luqing looked at the last two lines in shock.

-[Fleeing Princess]: How could I know.

-[Fleeing Princess]: I haven’t tried it.

After combining the context, Gu Ci actually came up with these two sentences

Although there is nothing wrong with what he said, why does it feel so wrong

After reading it again from beginning to end, a few question marks slowly appeared above Yan Luqing’s head.

The conversation between the two of them…why does it feel weird

Just as she was staring at the mobile phone in a daze, Little Twisted Braids’s voice appeared in her ears.

Yan Luqing’s shoulders sank and when she looked sideways, Little Twisted Braids was brimming with a big smile, “Morning, beauty, what are you doing!”

“Nothing.” After saying so, Yan Luqing paused, before continuing to say: “…No, I actually doubt that my reading and communication skills are a little wrong.”

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Little Twisted Braids originally wanted to talk to her about last night’s forum post, but when she heard this, her gossip nerves suddenly grew: “Huh Tell me in detail”

Yan Luqing directly put the mobile phone screen in front of her: “Do you think there is something wrong with my chat with Gu Ci”

Good guy! What is this This is a handful of dog food!

Little Twisted Braids was instantly excited when she heard the words, and leaned closer to take a look at it, but before reading the content, she first saw the remarks at the top.

“Pfft… Fleeing Princess” She turned her face in surprise and asked, “Who were you talking about just now Gu Ci Is this the remark you use for that handsome one in your family”

“That’s not the point.” Yan Luqing, who was accustomed to her calling Gu Ci as ‘the one in your family’, just kept urging her, “Look at the content.”

So Little Twisted Braids continued to read.

When she read the first sentence after the question mark battle, her eyes widened.

What He wiped her mouth And even wiped off the lip gloss while he was at it

How can this be wiping a mouth clean Is this really not the mentality of ‘preventing others from looking at my wife’

The big beauty’s level is really high.

Immediately afterwards, Little Twisted Braids saw Yan Luqing’s explanation of ‘jelly lips’.

“” She was shocked and pointed that line to Yan Luqing: “How could there be anyone who explains it like you Jelly lips should be said to look like jelly.

Why do you say that it tastes like jelly when kissed”

Yan Luqing grabbed her phone back and said speechlessly: “It’s all because you kept talking about your boyfriend kissing you when you gave it to me…”

“Wait a minute.” Little Twisted Braids stretched out her hand again: “Can you show me the last two sentences again”

Yan Luqing pushed it to her and muttered: “Anyway, either I have a problem or Gu Ci has a problem.

I think it’s mostly him…”

Little Twisted Braids then studied the messages carefully.

One leads the jelly lip to the ‘kiss’ level, and the other one climbs along the pole with ‘how can I know if I haven’t tried it’.

This is just deadly locked!


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