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When she woke up, every cell in her body screamed for comfort.

Yan Luqing feels so terribly comfortable, and she thought while her eyes were still closed: The quality of her sleep recently is really good.

Then she was ready to open her eyes and get up.

But at the first sight, she saw the pillow in front of her——and the head of the pillow that was facing her——the face of a great beauty was printed on it, with a very special and iconic beautiful eye shape, and a seducing look with a faint smile on it.


Early in the morning! Who can bear to not be stimulated by this!!!

This won’t do, won’t do!

Yan Luqing blushed, and quickly sat up straight from the bed.

She was hugging the back of the pillow and at this time, her first reaction was to quickly let go of her hand and push the pillow out——

So the human-shaped pillow with Gu Ci’s face printed on it rolled twice on the bed and rolled down from the edge of the bed to the floor.

The moment it fell to the ground, there was almost no sound.

It fell on its back, and the side with Gu Ci’s face printed on it was facing up.

His clothes were carefully drawn by Yan Luqing.

The white clothes and black trousers, which were made by her, completely pierced her aesthetics.

Yan Luqing looked at it and felt a sense of guilt and intolerance.

She suddenly thought: Pillow, oh pillow.

Isn’t its existence is for people to hug it

What’s wrong with sleeping while hugging a pillow

Besides, Gu Ci had already found out.

She even asked him to take it away, but he also said that he wanted her to keep it——Then, what’s wrong with her sleeping with it in her arms

Yan Luqing immediately got out of bed and picked up the pillow.

She patted its left and right, and put it back on the bed like a princess.

After Gu Ci left last night, she had the idea of

throwing away all these little things.

But it was just a thought, and she soon fell asleep.

Because she felt that when Gu Ci saw it, he would definitely mind it deep down in his heart, and that the indifference and generosity he showed were all pretenses.

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But now she regrets it.

This is the paper man she has liked for so long.

At this time, his complete set of exquisite peripheral products are in front of her——brand-new, without any smell, without any defects, and the workmanship is perfect.

Who can resist it

Even if Gu Ci’s generosity is only a pretense, and he actually doesn’t want her to make these things in his heart——

So what does Gu Ci’s matter have anything to do with her peripheral products of Princess Ci

Sometimes Yan Luqing does not pay attention to logic.

As long as she has her own logic, she can follow this logic confidently.

So she not only picked out a chibi-version of a phone case she liked very much from her small pile of peripheral products and used it as the case for her mobile phone, but also sat on the ground early in the morning and began to draw again.

She kept persevering, trying again and again, until the real object appeared in the room and a strange plant fragrance wafted out, and Yan Maliang finally got what she wanted.

She put away her things with great joy, opened the door and went downstairs.

Yan Luqing woke up at the same time as Gu Ci.

They both stayed up late, and the first meal they had when they woke up was lunch.

They probably finished what they had to say last night, so there was no awkwardness in their conversation and it was very natural.

After eating, the two went to change their clothes and prepare to go.

When Yan Luqing went downstairs, he found that Gu Ci was already waiting in the living room.

At first sight, she was stunned when she saw him standing there looking at herself.

She doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence…

The clothes Gu Ci was wearing was 80% similar to the one on the pillow——the only 20% difference was because he added a coat.


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