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“Just…” She swallowed her saliva and said, “After all, these are all things related to you.

If you feel uncomfortable with me keeping it, then, how about I give it all to you”

“Give it to me” Gu Ci glanced at the pillow as tall as himself and a pile of small objects on the bed.

Then he lowered his eyes, looked at Yan Luqing and smiled slightly, “No.

I don’t have this strange hobby of looking at the pillow with my face printed on it.”


“You’d better keep it as a souvenir.”

As he helped her close the door, he said vaguely: “After all, I saw that you’re even about to make an offering to it.

It’s a treatment that even I, the original one in the flesh, don’t have.”


Gu Ci went downstairs and returned to his room.

Before turning on the computer again, he turned on his mobile phone first.

There was a message on his WeChat that he had no time to reply to yet, which was sent by Wei Chi.

[Peach Blossoms, Still Not Blooming]: Do you want to play games, Daddy It’s so rookie that I can’t sleep.

It was from five minutes ago.

This time is a qualifying late night time for many male and female college students.

Most likely, he was beaten in the game.

Gu Ci didn’t want to play games.

He originally wanted to refuse directly, but suddenly thought of something and lowered his head to type a few words.

[Word]: Just an assumption.

[Word]: if you made a human-sized pillow, what would be the reason for it

[Peach Blossoms, Still Not Blooming]: Of course it’s because I love her so much and I want to sleep with her.

What else could be the reason


Gu Ci suddenly had a desire to sigh.

Such a simple truth, a certain someone can’t think of it at all.

He didn’t care what Wei Chi said after that anymore.

He looked at the sleep monitoring software, which began to display various data of the human body, such as heart rate, breathing rate, etc——Someone was already lying in bed.

Gu Ci then locked his mobile phone and turned on the computer.

Just then, a video call popped up.

“Uncle.” Gu Ci looked at the man on the screen and greeted with a smile, “I had something to do just now.”

“Well, it’s all right.

The second meeting hasn’t started yet.” The man said, “I’m calling to ask you, when are you going to go home I can also arrange someone to take care of you in the villa.”

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Gu Ci was silent for three seconds: “Not yet for the time being.”

The man was stunned: “The last time I asked you, you said not yet, and now you still said not yet too.

Are you——”

He still wanted to say something else, but Gu Ci suddenly changed the subject and interrupted him, “Uncle, have you seen Doraemon”

The man was confused, but he still nodded and replied: “Yes, a little boy and a little blue fatty.

The little blue fatty is very powerful, can travel through time and space, and helping the little boy all the time.

The man suddenly said again: “By the way, I asked you a question before.”

“I remember.” Gu Ci paused, “You asked me… whether I believe that there is a Doraemon in this world.”

“Hahaha.” The man laughed and said, “This is exactly what Uncle asked.

Do you still remember what you said at that time You didn’t even answer me, but said I was childish and whimsical instead——How old were you at that time The words that I used to tease other children didn’t have any effect at all on you.”

Gu Ci smiled, and the jet-black pupils were illuminated with a soft luster by the screen’s light.


No one will believe it.

He didn’t believe it when he was a child, and he also never thought that one day in the future, a Doraemon would really appear beside him.

Falling from the sky, with her pocket filled with countless incredible treasures and jumped into his world.

After dealing with the pillow deity last night, Yan Luqing’s tense nerves relaxed in an instant.

She fell asleep quickly and without cleaning up her bed that much either.

She also had no dreams all night.


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