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WVHRA Chapter 43.1

Yan Luqing slept until the sun was three poles high.

She finally regained the feeling of having enough sleep.

It turned out to be true that unexpectedly, she was tortured by a small broken movie for nearly a week! This is really a disgrace to the unintentional sand sculpture industry!

Fortunately, when Yan Luqing was washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she found that those memories have inexplicably faded a lot in her mind.

For example, she forgot many of the plot lines in the broken movie, and the picture was very vague, leaving only the color.

As for the nightmares, she couldn’t remember them if she didn’t try hard enough.

She only remembered the impression that she had nightmares.

Yan Luqing is also not the kind of person who can’t remember the root cause of pain but still wants to think hard to remember it.

It’s even better if she can’t remember it.

She suddenly felt very happy.

It is also unknown whether it is a coincidence or not that such a good sleep all happened in that extremely embarrassing event——

After Princess Ci was suspected to counter hypnotize her.

Yan Luqing suspected that she might have a blessing in disguise this time.

Although the Princess’s operation made her very much doubt that what she was facing was social death[1] and that she used to think too highly of herself, if it wasn’t for Princess Ci, she still couldn’t sleep well today.

So what if it is really a social death As long as she forgets it quickly and can brainwash herself, nothing can embarrass her anyway.

Yan Luqing opened the door in a refreshing manner.

At a glance, she saw the two door gods, Big Black and Little Black, standing at the door of the room, one on the left and one on the right.

In fact, both of them have a very serious outward appearance, and they are also so tall.

With them appearing in front of her so suddenly, it really startled her.

“…” Yan Luqing took a half step back and patted her chest, “What are you two doing here in the middle of the day You really scared me.”

Big Black said: “You have been sleeping for too long.

You started sleeping yesterday afternoon.

If you haven’t woken up yet, we are already prepared to go to the doctor.”

Yan Luqing nodded, walked past the two of them and went downstairs.

It’s ten o’clock in the morning now, so she went to the dining room to eat first.

She thought that Gu Ci must be resting at this time, but unexpectedly, she saw him in the dining room.

It seems that he has just finished eating and was putting the tissue in his hand on the table.

Unlike last night, his clothes were changed to long sleeves.

He had stayed up all night, but he didn’t have any dark circles under his eyes.

His beauty has not diminished, but at a glance, she can tell that he is very tired and very sleepy.

After all, the princess of the enemy’s country handled political affairs until late at night last night.

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When their eyes met, Yan Luqing was quite shocked: “Gu Ci, how come that you are eating”

After asking, she realized that she said this as if she didn’t want him to eat.

Afterwards, Yan Luqing fired several questions one after another like a machine gun: “I mean, you are not sleepy Don’t you need to sleep What time did you go to bed last night”

And Gu Ci really answered her in accordance with her order too——


“I need to, but if I don’t get up to eat, my stomach will hurt.”

“Six o’clock.”

Yan Luqing: “Ah…”

But this may not be the truth.

Gu Ci woke up because of the prompt sound of the software.

When the report popped up at 5:30 in the morning, the video conference had been going on for several hours already.

When it was about to end, he directly exited from it and went back to his room to take a bath.

Gu Ci usually didn’t sleep well, but he hadn’t slept for almost two days, so he fell asleep fairly quickly today.

Unexpectedly, he was awakened by the prompt sound of his mobile phone in the middle of his sleep.

——[God of Sleep, you are awake!]

The sound exploded in his ears.

Gu Ci opened his eyes slightly blankly, turned his head and looked at the mobile phone that made the sound.

It clearly showed that the person who was sleeping had woken up and got out of bed, and then it continued to say a sentence out.

——[You slept so well last night! It’s just that you got up a little late! Hum~]

The last sound is the short humming sound of a little pig.


Gu Ci is completely sober now.

He stared at the screen silently for a long time and then closed his eyes helplessly.

He also decided to eat something before going back to sleep again.


[1] social death: internet buzzword, its meaning is making a fool of yourself in front of the public.


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