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Once this setting is brought in…

She looked into Gu Ci’s eyes, and her heart began to beat unevenly again.

She turned her head and grabbed the glass to take a sip.

The room fell into a strange silence.

Yan Luqing held back for a long time and still hasn’t found something to talk about.

On the contrary, the sleepiness became more and more intense.

She even burst into tears when she yawned.

Then she heard Gu Ci’s voice, not knowing whether it was a laugh or a sigh, “Go to sleep.”

“Yeah.” Yan Luqing rubbed her eyes, “See you at breakfast then.”

Then she got up and left, went upstairs and went back to her room.

Then she took a bath and lay comfortably in bed.

Before going to bed she still felt magical.

After talking to Grandpa, Yan Luqing thought she would be sleepless tonight and what she brainwashed herself with was ‘as long as I am not embarrassed, no one can embarrass me’.

She didn’t expect to meet Gu Ci downstairs and he didn’t even fire bamboo shoots at her, didn’t mention anything related to the previous incident, and it was not an embarrassing meeting as what she had imagine——

It was simply a cozy little time spent in the middle of the night.

She thought that the Princess is so kind today, like a real princess.

Gu Ci’s recent work and rest is indeed as he told Yan Luqing, but today is different.

He didn’t sleep this morning.

He went out and only came back when it was almost noon.

Yan Luqing also happened to arrive home half an hour later and couldn’t wait to pull him into the bedroom.

Gu Ci’s hypnosis ended, then when he came out with the stuff he bought this morning in the shopping bag and Yan Luqing in his arms, Little Black who was standing in the living room saw the two of them and his face instantly turned red.

His face was full of ‘I am very sorry’ but his eyes couldn’t stop looking at them.

His eyes were staring at them like a light bulb, with an amazing brightness.

Gu Ci smiled at him and Little Black blushed even more.

He scratched his head and turned around, too embarrassed to keep looking at them.

Gu Ci carried her upstairs and went to her room.

He first put the person on one side of the bed, and then put the sensor strip of the sleep monitor between the mattress and the sheet.

With a thickness of only 2mm, it is almost impossible for the body to feel the foreign object under it.

And this sensor strip can sense the state during the sleep period.

Other than that, it has no other use.

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The battery can only last about three or five days without charging, but it should be enough for a few days.

If he hadn’t suddenly run into her sleepwalking, he wouldn’t have used such a thing.

After sending Yan Luqing upstairs, Gu Ci was pulled into the video conference at 3 a.m.

and the sound of a group of people arguing could be heard from time to time in the kitchen.

His mobile phone is placed next to him and on it is the corresponding software of the sensor strip, which fed back the status recorded by the sensor strip since she started sleeping upstairs until now.

It shows that she didn’t get out of bed——That is, the sleepwalking symptoms didn’t appear.

Didn’t wake up midway——Didn’t have a nightmare either.

Recently, there is a very controversial project.

Gu Ci is sleepy.

While listening to a group of people arguing in English on the computer, he looked at the data on the mobile phone screen from time to time.

A summary will pop up for every hour of sleep.

There is also a score for the assessment of sleep quality during the hour.

Yan Luqing probably didn’t enter the state in the first hour, and only got seventy five points.

The second hour was a little higher, eighty.

The third rose at a constant speed, reaching eighty five, but suddenly in the fourth hour as if it had grasped the feel and soared to ninety eight.

Gu Ci watched the one hour summary report of the fourth hour pop up, and two comments were greatly hung on the screen.

——[You Sleep very soundly!]

——[You are the God of Sleep!!]



She got the throne of ‘God of Sleep’ back.

It’s already five o’clock in the morning now.

It’s still early morning and the bird’s chirping comes in from the outside.

The people inside the meeting on the computer are much quieter than before.

Gu Ci propped his forehead in one hand and held his mobile phone in the other.

He looked at two comments and casually clicked the word ‘God of Sleep’.

Suddenly, a very loud ‘oink oink’ sound effect of a little pig played on his mobile phone.

Presumably to show that the owner really sleeps well.


The morning light gradually brightened in the house.

Gu Ci looked at the mobile phone screen and suddenly smiled.


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