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Fine, fine.

Generally speaking, it was because of Gu Ci’s ‘picking her up from school’ this time that she became famous.

Although it’s a little embarrassing to become famous because of this kind of thing, Yan Luqing thought that she probably lived a life with all eyes fixed on her too in her middle school, there’s nothing she can’t adapt to.

So she just ignored it.

As long as on the T University’s side hasn’t——

“I mean, not only on our campus.” Little Twisted Braids looked at her cautiously, “It was also passed on in T University.”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Thank you.

She is so embarrassed that her toes are digging the sand to build the pyramid.

After digging, she will just simply wrap herself into a mummy and live inside.

So in the next day, Yan Luqing became a rare animal in the zoo.

When she went to the toilet, she was looked at with excited eyes.

When she had lunch, she was looked at with excited eyes.

When she returned to the classroom, she was not only being looked at, but also surrounded by a few girls to let her talk about the so-called ‘daily life’ of her and Gu Ci.

Yan Luqing also deeply felt the enthusiasm and loveliness of those little sisters in the Science and Engineering Department.

They are obviously not rigid at all.

They are not interested in their own love but are very curious about the gossip of other people’s love.

At the end of the day, when she got home, she felt her mouth had become completely dried.

She originally watches the series that was played regularly with Gu Ci, but feels like she wanted to drink water in the middle of it.

Finally, she drank two glasses of water when it was the advertisement time.

Gu Ci looked at her behavior expressionlessly and after a while, he suddenly smiled, “Why Have you gone to give a lecture today”

“…” Yan Luqing pursed her lips and hesitated, “No, but it’s almost the same.”

Gu Ci has a ‘’ written in his eyes.

“I’ve been a storyteller for a day today.” Yan Luqing collapsed on the sofa as she said, “It’s the kind of storyteller in ancient times, you know The most important thing is that I’m still the kind of storyteller that they don’t have to give money to at all.”

“Oh.” Gu Ci asked casually, “Then what kind of story did you tell”

“It’s——” Yan Luqing was about to answer him, but suddenly got stuck at the thought of what she was talking about, “… Nothing, just chatted too much.”

The corners of Gu Ci’s mouth twitched and he didn’t speak anymore.

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Just at this time, the advertisement ended.

The two had their own thoughts, but their eyes were quite unified and were put back together on the TV.


That night, Yan Luqing had another dream.

She doesn’t know whether it’s a nightmare or an ordinary dream.

It’s also related to the broken movie——She dreamed that she was in the space where the protagonist and the sub-personality confronted each other in the movie, and there was nothing around her.

She didn’t know how long she stayed inside, and she was so panicked.

In the end, a loud bell woke her up.

She managed to force herself to sleep for a few more hours.

In the morning, the dark circles under her eyes were much heavier than the day before, and she had to use makeup to cover them up.

Yan Luqing suspected that she was actually frightened that day.

It’s just that she thought she didn’t.

Otherwise, how could the scene keep appearing in her dreams so frequently

But she still didn’t care too much.

After all, she also had the same reaction after being scared by ghost movies in the past.

She should be fine in a few days.

There is still half a month left before Gu Ci leaves.

The class she attended was still difficult to understand, and she went back to the original starting point.

Those two subjects became wordless books for her again.

But Yan Luqing didn’t plan to study hard.

She originally passed the exam by relying on the high level learning god like Gu Ci to do make up lessons for her anyway.

How could she suddenly keep up with the normal courses Yan Luqing had made up her mind since earlier that she would only attend the classes until the day Gu Ci left.

After that she would immediately go back home and live lazily there.

The only joy in school is the classmates.

In just a short three or four days, she already met many interesting people, such as a boy named Lu Qingxin.

This person is a good friend of Little Twisted Braids.

Yan Luqing was also introduced to him by Little Twisted Braids and the three of them often fought in the Honor of the King together.

As the saying goes, playing games can be the best way to expose a person’s true character.

Yan Luqing gradually discovered that Lu Qingxin, whose name means ‘clean and fresh’, is in fact a very cunning and shrewd person.


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