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Gu Ci didn’t speak any more, and simply reached out and took the popcorn bucket from her hand.

Because it was too dark, when he took it away, his fingers almost covered the back of her hand for a moment, and it felt like cool jade.

Yan Luqing looked at him after realizing it.

She blinked: “I thought you didn’t like to eat popcorn”

“After all, I heard the sound of you eating it in the entire movie.” Gu Ci’s voice sounded with a smile in it.

“It’s been a long time since I last ate this, so I want to try it again.”

But, she still thanked his sudden interruption in her heart.

Yan Luqing relaxed after hearing his leisurely tone, and the feeling that her soul had been shocked out of her body just now disappeared.

“I am done.” Not long after, Gu Ci’s voice came to her ears again, and then the tactile feeling of being stuffed with a bucket of popcorn appeared again in her arms, “Sure enough, it’s as unpalatable as the impression.”


Except for the inexplicable scary point in the middle of the movie, there is really no unexpected plot.

In the end, the protagonist and the sub-personality did not disappear at the same time, but the protagonist has become less and less aware of his own existence.

Then it stopped at that position, which is considered an open-ending.

When Yan Luqing got out of the cinema, she couldn’t hold it anymore and blurted out her complaints to Gu Ci: “I really hate this kind of movie that frightens people by forcibly turning up the sound effects.

This is not a ghost movie and I am not mentally prepared for it! Ii I knew this movie would be like this, I would just choose the ghost movie…”

Gu Ci glanced at her and saw her complaining so energetically, which seems like she is not that frightened.

“I said it before, I recommend the ghost movie.”

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“But you didn’t tell me why.” After Yan Luqing finished speaking, she turned around as if she realized something, “Could it be that you have seen this one already”

“No.” Gu Ci said calmly.

When the two were walking in the shopping mall,  Yan Luqing ignored the gazes cast by the people in the surrounding and asked very curiously instead: “Then, why”

“You don’t want to watch ghost movies because they are scary.” After Gu Ci stated this fact, he seemed to reply lazily, “I just think this one is obviously less suitable for you than the ghost movie.”

Yan Luqing opened her eyes wide in an instant.

No way, right How can it be so magical How did he know what her taste in movies is

However, when she gets home, washes up and goes to bed——

Late at night.

Yan Luqing sat on the bed, clutching her violently beating chest and gasping for breath.

After crossing through for so long, this is the first time she had a nightmare and she was even woken up by the nightmare.

But fortunately, she didn’t remember the content of the nightmare.

Everything was a vague mass in her mind, and Yan Luqing didn’t want to bother to recall it.

However, Yan Luqing intuitively believed that this dream had something to do with the broken movie, because before waking up, she seemed to hear the sudden rising sound effect she heard in the cinema before.

After sitting on the bed for a while, she pulled Makabaka out and chatted for a while with it——Although it couldn’t calm her mind as easily as Gu Ci did, it was still passable.

Soon, Yan Luqing fell asleep again.

Early the next morning, Yan Luqing found that she had a little dark circles under her eyes.

It looks a little obvious, so she put on a little makeup.

When she went downstairs for breakfast, Gu Ci had already arrived before her.

He was leaning against the seat with his elbows on the armrest, and supporting his side face with one hand, looking lazy and comfortable.

“Wake up already” When he saw Yan Luqing, he took the lead in greeting her.

His eyes were slightly curved when he said: “You didn’t have a nightmare last night, right”


The tone that Gu Ci used, she really couldn’t tell whether it was really a concern or only a joke.

After all, he might be harming others even when he spoke gently.

Yan Luqing felt that it was more like a joke.


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