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[Little Twisted Braids]: Let me guess.

After picking you up from school, you two went to eat fried chicken

Yan Luqing: “…”

[Fleeing Goddess]: No.

Yan Luqing took a picture and sent it over.

[Fleeing Goddess]: We both have stomach problems, so the current situation is us eating nourishing chicken soup at the fried chicken shop.

[Little Twisted Braids]:…… It’s truly earth shakingly touching.

[Little Twisted Braids]: By the way, I sent this to you.

I took it casually.

Then she sent a picture.

After Yan Luqing checked it out, she was stunned for a few seconds.

At that time when Little Twisted Braids was walking toward the outside after class, she stood behind her diagonally.

This picture was taken from behind Yan Luqing diagonally, and it is the picture of what just happened outside the classroom.

She only showed a little bit of her cheek in the picture, while Gu Ci showed most of his face——The reason why it wasn’t a full face was because he was slightly facing sideways from the angle where Little Twisted Braids was standing.

At that moment, he was smiling.

The outline of his whole body was somewhat melted by the light behind him, but his face was very clear, with long feathery eyelashes hanging down, creating a small shadow under it.

It gives the illusion that he is looking very tenderly at the girl whose face is not shown in the photo…

What Yan Luqing saw at that time was his face that was directly opposite her.

Unexpectedly, from the perspective of others, it was such a scene.

[Little Twisted Braids]: It seems that I was the only one who took the picture.

The sisters in the class asked me to send it to them, so I sent it to them.

But I don’t know if they will spread it out or not~

After Little Twisted Braids finished saying this, a bunch of bubbles suddenly appeared on the top of her profile picture.

Red: 「She lied to me, saying that she is single! Humph! They have even reached the point of living together but still lied to me! Sure enough, I’m just a plastic sister who only lasted a day to her!」

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Pink: “but maybe it’s shy… Ah, they’re a perfect match!”


Yan Luqing couldn’t explain it even if she wanted to explain, so she can only cut it out first.

After that, she saw a lot of new messages popping up in a group chat she just joined——Little Twisted Braids pulled her into several groups today, and this was one of them.

One person said: [What a good fella.

I experienced great joy and great sorrow in just five minutes.]

[A buddy of mine just told me that a junior sister who just came to the Software Engineering Department was very upright and beautiful.

But in the end, within a few minutes, she sent me a picture and told me that the other party already had a partner.


It was precisely the picture that Little Twisted Braids warned her with ‘I don’t know if they will spread it out or not’ just now.

Because the face showed there was Gu Ci’s, there was a topic about him soon below that picture.

[ This guy have a girlfriend already Great, I am also in a great joy and a great sorrow.]

[ This is my first time seeing this guy in your picture… Who is this How come he looks so good As soon as I met him, I learned that he had a girlfriend, and my happiness flew away with a snap…]

[Aaaaahhhhh! Look, whose schoolbag is that in that guy’s hand! It is obviously a girl’s schoolbag!]

[A classmate came to tell us that the class schedule in our Software Engineering Department is not human today.

In the afternoon, we had two big classes of electrical engineering and physics.

We were a group of students who had no love for learning, so we formed a group and later sent an emoji of ‘Parents, please come and pick up your child from school’ to our circle of friends.

Then the female classmate in this picture also followed suit.

And then Haha, her boyfriend came to pick her up from school! I’m not sour.

Really, not at all.]

Yan Luqing: “……” Good fellas, now she completely can’t wash herself clean anymore.

It only took five minutes from when she picked up the mobile phone to when she put it down.

Yan Luqing continued to eat with a complicated expression but Gu Ci, who was sitting opposite her, soon noticed it and raised his eyes to look over: “What’s the matter”

How to tell him this

——We became a couple in the hearts of the spectators

Better forget it.

Yan Luqing shook her head and said: “Nothing.”

Gu Ci’s dark eyes were still looking at her, as if he wanted to say something, when Yan Luqing saw a shadow passed in front of her eyes, and then heard the voice of the waiter in the store——


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