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“I’ve counted the data.

It’s really, really exceeded the standard over the past week or so.

Do you want to see the results”

“…….” Yan Luqing hesitated for three seconds and then refused: “No need.”

But she still spoke slowly and before her voice even fell, she was caught off guard by a statistical chart that appeared before her eyes.

Makabaka suddenly began to read popular science materials in her ear.

Yan Luqing carefully identified what it was reading while looking at the statistical chart.

After listening to it for a long time, she found that it read about the failed cases of novel transmigrators who fell in love with the characters in the stories and got themself killed instead.

Yan Luqing was helpless: “In fact, you don’t have to do this.

Gu Ci and I are not at all…”

Makabaka interrupted: “No, Maria, I’m so worried because I can’t see anything about Gu Ci now! I don’t know whether it’s a system bug or something else… I am afraid you will be in danger.”

Yan Luqing breathed a sigh of relief: “Oh, I see.”

But the relieved breath didn’t last long, and it was brought up again.

This is Makabaka’s concern.

What about her own

Is she going to stay in the world of novel forever

If she stays here, what will happen to her if she reaches the damned age of the original owner in the future

And Gu Ci…

Originally, she was very happy these days.

Now when she thinks about it, it’s like a balloon that has been punctured——So a big happiness, and plop! Gone.

Yan Luqing wiped his hair thoughtfully, and then went out of the bathroom.

She thinks about Gu Ci, and thinks about the statistical chart that Makabaka showed her before she hears the ringing of her mobile phone.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up: “Grandfather.”

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As soon as the old man opened his mouth, the momentum was extremely magnificent: “I have asked the people in your villa and I have  also asked the doctor in your villa.

You are completely fine now without any problems at all.

You will start going to class tomorrow, you hear me!”

Yan Luqing opened her mouth.

If she wanted to find a reason to prevaricate it, she should still be able to find it, but she was stuck halfway.

She thought of the picture that Makabaka showed her again and thought of her real identity.

That feeling was like a stone thrown into the calm lake, and then it kept sinking, sinking, and finally sank gently at the bottom of the lake.

Seemingly insignificant, but also seems to be enough to change the mood at a certain moment.

She said softly: “Yeah, I hear you.”

This time, it was the old man who was stunned.

More than ten seconds later, the old man said again: “I will send you the schedule.

Remember to go tomorrow.

Have an early rest today.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Yan Luqing soon received the schedule.

The first class is at nine o’clock, so she can still get up at normal time.

“Maria… Why do you suddenly want to go to college again Didn’t you say that you don’t like it”

Yan Luqing didn’t answer, but asked instead: “How long is it until Gu Ci’s plot of leaving the villa”

“Seventeen days.”

Just half a month left.

Yan Luqing thought, then decided to study for half a month first.

“Why do I go to college again” She opened the quilt and prepared to go to bed to make herself sleepy.

“Of course, I don’t dare to get along with Princess Ci anymore.

Anyway, he has to leave in the end, which is needed in the plot.

Besides, after I listened to the popular science you gave me…it makes me don’t want to meet him regularly or frequently anymore.”

And also, that statistical chart——

It’s ridiculous.

Why can her thoughts be so monotonous every day Although she estimated that many of her thoughts are thinking about how to change the frame for Gu Ci, that number is too exaggerated!

The world is so big.

She wants to see it and think about others now.


Yan Luqing fell asleep with a feeling of disappointment and loss.

Early the next morning, she went downstairs wearing her newly bought clothes, a casual yet student-like combination, and even put on light makeup.

This dress stunned several men downstairs for a moment.

Big Black is the first to say: “Are you going out”


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