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“You brought back a bunch of toys you can’t solve no matter how you try.” Gu Ci smiled, “Yeah, I remember.”

Yan Luqing: “……” Okay, you are great.

Actually, you don’t have to bring out that sentence in the front.

However, this little episode did not affect her good mood at all.

Yan Luqing continued: “In addition to selling things, there are also many stalls that teach people tricks and other things at the temple fair.

At that time, the two of them went to a tarot cards divination stall, and I went to learn hypnosis——I can help you, really.

This is actually a sleep aid——”

Before she could continue to promote her reliability, Gu Ci suddenly asked: “Did you learn it with a fortune-teller”

“…” He had really opened his inner eyes.

Taking into consideration the mistake on that fortune-telling day, Yan Luqing is afraid that he will not agree to her if he feels that it is unreliable.

So she immediately shook her head and denied: “No, it’s two different stalls.

I suspect that the fortune-telling stall is a liar, but this one is definitely not.”

He seemed to be really tired, and his blinking speed even slowed down.

Yan Luqing feels that his current state is very suitable, but she is afraid that he will be suspicious if she behaves too impatient, so she just said: “Anyhow, you can be rest assured.

This is really much more reliable than fortune-telling, and I had studied it attentively too.”

“Okay.” Gu Ci has a very natural expression on his face, and for some reason, he even seemed to be in a good mood.

He asked: “When will it start Is it now”


After the two of them had dinner, under Gu Ci’s active inquiry, Yan Luqing led him to his room in a confused manner.

The brightness and tone of the light in the villa are adjustable.

Gu Ci’s room has always used the default value.

Yan Luqing adjusted the light to a warm tone, which was much darker than before.

Only then did she start her own performance.

Yan Luqing used the same method she used on the Eldest Senior Brother towards Gu Ci.

First, looking at each other, then guiding, verbal cues, creating atmosphere and so on.

But something went wrong with the first step.

This stage of ‘looking at each other’ requires two people to completely focus on each other’s eyes.

To be precise, it requires the hypnotized person to focus on the hypnotizer, and there’s also a guiding force in the eyes.

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This presents a big problem.

When looking at Eldest Senior Brother, Yan Luqing’s heart was as clear as water, but looking at the dark and beautiful eyes in front of her now, she only feels that she is going to be sucked in by those eyes and it is about to become a reverse hypnosis.

When looking at each other for about half a minute, Gu Ci suddenly raised his hand and motioned to stop: “I have a question.”

Yan Luqing is a little nervous: “What question”

“When the person who hypnotizes me is less focused than me,” Gu Ci blinked, “can it still succeed then”

“…” This is extremely insulting.

Yan Luqing looked at his half-smiling expression and gritted her teeth.

“Of course it can succeed! Let’s start again.”

After staring at each other, it is the stage to relax.

So she lets him lie down and close his eyes.

She then continued to say some comforting words.

After relaxation, it is the guiding stage.

Through verbal cues and in a very quiet environment, saying words that can make the other party respond with approval in their hearts….

Yan Luqing has basically memorized all the process, so there is no mistake at all.

Except the stage where he closed his eyes that seems a little off.

Gu Ci’s expression, no matter how she looks at it, seems to have a faint and extremely shallow smile.

Normally, there shouldn’t be any expression, but… this is probably one of the signs of entering a comfortable state

Thinking so, Yan Luqing feels relieved again.

She didn’t know how long the previous process would take.

She just felt that because Gu Ci was too cooperative, the whole process was as smooth as her hypnotizing the Eldest Senior Brother not long ago.

She began to try to talk to Gu Ci——

At the beginning, the questions were all memorized by her just now.

As long as he opens his mouth and answers for the first time, it means that she has succeeded.

Therefore, the moment when Gu Ci lay there and gave a positive answer, although there was only one word, it also brought Yan Luqing a great surprise.


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