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“Do you think I have changed from before” Fearing that he will think that she is asking about personality again, Yan Luqing added, “I mean appearance.”

Gu Ci took a sip of water from the glass in his hand.

She could clearly see the sliding of his Adam’s apple and the veins on his neck.

After drinking, he said: “There is a change.”

“What has changed” Yan Luqing was a little excited when she heard his answer.

As soon as she was excited, she added again, “I always thought I looked a little scary before.”


Gu Ci’s fingers paused slightly and a smile flashed across his eyes.

Then he took another sip of water and asked as if casually: “Oh, you didn’t look like this before”

Yan Luqing was watching Gu Ci drinking water just now, and she herself didn’t even know what she was looking at.

It’s probably her eyes that moved by itself.

After all, the princess of the enemy’s country is really charming all the time.

So when she heard Gu Ci asked her this sentence, she was a little stunned.

“…Huh No, I used to look almost the same, but——” Yan Luqing didn’t bother to detour and just asked directly, “But don’t you think that I look better than before”

Gu Ci half hung his eyes and looked at her.

Strictly speaking, Gu Ci was not impressed by the previous ‘Yan Luqing’, even if she had been a classmate with him for many years, even if she harmed him, even if she was a freak that made many people hate her to the core.

For him, it was just a code name.

For those people that he doesn’t want to pay attention to, Gu Ci dealt with them according to the code name.

He couldn’t even remember what her intact face and demeanor looked like.

The only thing he remembered was the scene where he finally got rid of her.

At this time, Yan Luqing looked at him and he found that this face appeared exceptionally distinct in his mind.

The eyebrows and eyes, nose and lips, chin… The eyes are the most prominent.

Her almond eyes can be very standard almond shaped, but they can be very round when she widens them, just like the look on her face right now.

This reminded him of the poor dog’s eyes that had appeared several times.

Gu Ci’s sudden silence made Yan Luqing very embarrassed.

She didn’t know whether this person was really thinking about how to praise her or how to shoot her in a way that wouldn’t make her angry.

So Yan Luqing gritted her teeth, decided to be tough, and directly stated: “—I am the owner of this house.”

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Gu Ci was looking at her face and was slightly distracted just now.

One second before he was about to speak, he was choked up by her words.

He looked at her face with expectation mixed with anger on it but still wanted to wait for him to answer, and he couldn’t help smiling: “Of course, the present one looks better.”

Yan Luqing: “…”

He praised her.

But it doesn’t seem like he had praised her either.

To be honest, looking at the expression on his face, it seems that Gu Ci said this very sincerely.

But Yan Luqing didn’t know what was going on with herself either…She somehow wanted to hear more.

Just as she wanted to say something more, Big Black suddenly came to her and reported: “Breakfast is ready.”

She was silent for two seconds and decided to eat first.

Yan Luqing couldn’t hold back her breath because of this matter in the morning where she had to rely on the identity of the owner of the house to coerce and lure Gu Ci in order to get a compliment from him!

She didn’t notice that she was too anxious about coercion and inducement.

She only knew that her self-esteem was constantly being washed away by this incident.

Coupled with the previous scenes of ‘it’s obvious that I am the one who just have the ability to read minds, but it seems that it has been turned around and used by the princess of the enemy’s country to deal with me’, Yan Luqing began to rise in great vigor.

Since Grandpa had said frankly that there was nothing more to teach her, she looked for film and television materials to learn by herself.

Most of them are just teaching, and some of them are dramas and film clips.

She mainly wants to learn the demeanor and language of those people.


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