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As soon as these words fell to the ground, Yan Luqing’s attention instantly shifted from the princess crystal crown and back to Gu Ci.

She looked at his dark and deep eyes, and the two stared at each other for a few seconds.

Yan Luqing was afraid that she had heard the wrong thing just now because she was distracted, so she said with uncertainty: “What did you say… just now”

“I said,” Gu Ci’s eyelashes dropped slightly and his voice was a little lower, “you have such great skill in fortune-telling.

Then, how about telling who I am married to”


She really wondered why Gu Ci has this magical ability that can always turn the situation around——Whatever she does and says to make him speechless, he can always change the outcome and bounce the speechlessness back to her.

Yan Luqing widened his eyes, opened his mouth, and his expression was almost dumbfounded: “This——No, how can fortune-telling predict this kind of thing”

Besides, she was just talking nonsense!

“This is actually not scientific at all,” Yan Luqing explained anxiously.

“Look, even in martial arts novels, those fortune-tellers can only say how old the protagonist will live or something like that.

Who can predict who the protagonist’s wife is No one can!”

“It’s not scientific” Gu Ci smiled, “Then, is fortune-telling a science”

“…” At this moment, Yan Luqing wished that there was a dialog box on the top of her own head.

It’s best if Gu Ci can see that it says ‘Can you stop confronting me please’, plus a cute expression of QAQ below it.

“It’s not a science.

I can’t predict it.” Yan Luqing said with a deep tone as if hiding the pain.

The head of the house is stupid, and the head of the house admitted defeat.

“So you can’t predict it…” Hearing this answer, he even sighed as if he felt very regretful.

His eyelashes blinked and blinked, acting very realistically, “I thought you were very powerful and I only asked thinking that you can really predict it.”

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Yan Luqing obviously had many words that she wanted to utter out as complaints, but when she heard ‘I thought you can really predict it’ from Gu Ci’s mouth, she suddenly felt a little sad.

Although it could be said that she had learned fortune-telling like a layman who didn’t learn anything, she knew Gu Ci’s ‘destiny’.

She had read the story and saw the ending of Gu Ci.

She knows his life without the need to do a fortune-telling about it at all.

He didn’t live long in his last life.

He had a lot of money, but his life was so lonely.

He wasn’t married at all, and he didn’t even have a crush.

The person before Gu Ci’ eyes seemed to have been asked into a silly state and looked directly at himself with a sad face.


Whether she really doesn’t know or pretended not to know, it is really very easy to see through her emotions.

Every time the two of them get along by themselves, in Gu Ci’s eyes, Yan Luqing’s emotions are almost completely transparent, as if there was a sign above her head that constantly wrote what she feels at the moment.

But it’s much better when she is outside and facing outsiders.

He was about to say something to interrupt the direct gaze, but Yan Luqing suddenly opened her mouth, refocused her eyes and seriously asked him a question:

“Gu Ci, do you really want to know”

Gu Ci put away his expression just now and said faintly: “What do I want to know”

“That… the question you asked just now——You asked me to predict who you would marry in the end.

Do you really want to know about it” Yan Luqing had a flash of inspiration.

“Could it be that… you are so obsessed with this question because you already have a candidate in your heart Can you tell me”

After Yan Luqing finished the first half of the sentence, Gu Ci’s face was still expressionless.

After the second half of the sentence, he didn’t seem to have thought that her brain circuit would turn there, and he was stunned for a moment.

So he couldn’t answer her right away.


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