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Chapter 35.2

The two brothers walked away dumbfoundedly.

Yan Luqing originally wanted to say goodbye to him, but unexpectedly, a hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the upper half of her arm, as if to help her walk.

How to put it… If it is described with a more accurate word, it should be carrying.

Now, it is as if he is dragging her forward.

Yan Luqing felt that it was not bad, but it might look a little weird to outsiders.

Gu Ci took her up the stairs and when he reached the door of her room, he glanced at her and said, “I am going then.”

Then he turned around and went downstairs.

Yan Luqing suddenly found herself facing his back: “Where are you going”

Maybe it was because of the previous relationship, coupled with his act of sending her upstairs despite the dislike in his mouth towards her, Yan Luqing asked this sentence completely subconsciously.

After asking so, she wishes she could sew her mouth up——This makes her seem too clingy, right!

Gu Ci put one hand on the handrail of the stairs and half turned to look at her.

Before he could speak, Yan Luqing quickly clarified: “I am only asking.

Just do whatever you like.” Then she held her butt and wanted to walk away, “I will go first then.”

The result is, she is still called by him.

“Wait a minute.”

Yan Luqing closed her eyes in resignation.

Is he going to activate his skills

Okay, even if she is destined to accept his skill attack, she has to look at that pretty face when accepting it, otherwise it would be a big loss.

So Yan Luqing turned around and looked at Gu Ci again.

Then she saw that he was looking at her with a half-smiling expression, took two steps towards her and said as if whispering: “Of course I am going to take a bath.”

Yan Luqing: “…”

He pointed to his shoulder.

There is a large dark spot that is very conspicuous.

He continued: “My best friend got my clothes dirty, but my best friend may not know that I still like to be clean.”

Best Friend Yan: “……”

Yan Luqing’s butt indeed turned blue.

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This body is very thin.

No matter how strong the second brother is, he actually just pushes a squatting person to the ground.

The place on her body that fell to the ground was the one that has the most meat, but she already got injured to this level——She really doubts whether it will directly crack her bone if the one that was hit was the other parts of her body, like her knees.

When applying the medicine on her butt, Yan Luqing lay on the bed for a long time because the doctor applied some anti swelling medicine to remove blood stasis on it, it had to be kneaded.

Maybe the Doctor’s technique was too good, and Yan Luqing cried too much downstairs and got so tired by it, so after the rubbing, she put on her pants in a daze and fell asleep directly just like that.

In the following time, Yan Luqing received a lot of phone calls from the Yan family, and even Old Master Yan called her and generously comforted her with a few words.

She was right in this matter, and they knew it.

So these calls naturally were made to coax her——To tell her how her second brother had been punished, and still got beaten even though he is so old already.

Even her big brother drove over in a suit to comfort her before leaving in a hurry, as if he was rushing to a meeting.

She can see the sincerity, but Yan Luqing has no more emotional ups and downs.

In fact, Yan Luqing talked to the housekeeper of the Yan family like that before she left, not to make them coax her like now.

She just wanted to make her second brother have a bad time.

Judging from what they said, he is indeed having a bad time because of her complaint.

If so, then Yan Luqing’s goal has been achieved and she won’t tangle about this matter anymore.

Two days later, the reward that Makabaka had promised on the day she was depressed was finally upgraded.

At that time, Yan Luqing stayed in the room to watch the youth school romance between the ‘little rose in the world’ Jiang Baichu and the ‘little pine’ Qi Yanchuan in WeChat.

She also watched the one-sided persistent and unrequited love between the ‘green tea in the world’ You Jing and the ‘walking knife’ Yu Qin in college.


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