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“Maria, what are you talking about” Makabaka interrupted her, “Don’t be so sad.

Seeing you like this, it make me feel sad too.

I will go to urge the reward update right away, and then you will definitely become very happy when you see it!”

Yan Luqing smiled, “Okay, I’m looking forward to it then.”

Makabaka soon went offline and her mind was clear again.

It happened that the car also already arrived at the villa.

Yan Luqing got out of the car.

It was only more than an hour from beginning to end, but when she saw the familiar scene, she even had mixed feelings.

It’s not that she hasn’t suffered grievances since she crossed over.

She has taken a lot of pots on her back, but she doesn’t care about those, so she didn’t feel sad at all.

Today is different.

Because Yan Luqing and Gu Ci are both sick patients, they have to eat three meals at regular intervals.

She had been delayed for nearly two hours this time, and the lunch in the villa had already been eaten.

Gu Ci was sitting on the sofa watching TV, Aunt Disney was busy cleaning, while Big Black and Little Black stood like the standing guards on the left and right side of Gu Ci.

Seeing her coming back so early, everyone was stunned.

Little Black was the first to open his mouth: “Miss Yan, how did you come back so early”

Yan Luqing said while changing her shoes: “Yeah, something happened.

I don’t want to eat there anymore.”

She walked directly to the sofa and waved to Big Black and Little Black: “You two stand farther away first.”

Then she lowered her head, and it just happened to be in line with Gu Ci’s line of sight.

His expression is warm and indifferent.

This person always has that cold but soft feeling.

It’s not too sharp and everything feels comfortable and moderate.

Looking at that face, a thought emerged in Yan Luqing’s mind.

The house never matters, what matters is the people inside.

From the moment she went out of her family’s study room, all she wanted was to come back quickly, to quickly arrive home.

For what To see the familiar faces in the villa… And more importantly, to see him.

Probably since the time in the tree hole, she had begun to trust him wholeheartedly.

Yan Luqing always felt that in the current world, only Gu Ci stood with her completely.

Gu Ci and her looked at each other for a long time.

The end of his beautiful eyes were hooked into a beautiful arc as he asked warmly: “Yan Luqing, why didn’t you send flowers again this time”

The mystifying aura that is familiar and gentle, which only belongs to Princess Ci.

Yan Luqing felt that it was superb at first, and occasionally felt that it was funny.

Later, she felt angry but now it even feels… very warm and very Mary Sue.

One sentence aroused her many emotions, making her want to laugh, but her nose was still a little sour.

“Because I didn’t cause trouble this time, and didn’t get into trouble either.” Yan Luqing sat down and blinked her eyes, “I’ve suffered a wrong.

I’ve been wronged by others.”

And she actually didn’t feel wronged anymore when she was already inside the car.

But who let him ask about flowers

When he asked ‘Yan Luqing, why didn’t you send flowers again this time’, he was asking: ‘Yan Luqing, what’s the matter with you’.

There are many things that she has clearly decided that she won’t cry over.

The more people ask and comfort her, the more she wants to cry.

Gu Ci still looked at her just like that.

His dark eyes were extremely deep and Yan Luqing felt the magic of Gu Ci’s eyes described in the original book for the first time——He clearly didn’t say anything, but looking at his eyes like this, it seemed that she had heard everything.

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She has a lot of emotions piled up in her chest and needs an outlet.

She has to find a reason.

A reason to get close to him and to touch him.

“Gu Ci,” Yan Luqing looked at him fixedly, “Can you be my best friend for five minutes”

It’s not that she is not familiar with Big Black and Little Black.

Although it’s quite unfair towards Big Black and Little Black by saying so, she is really a person who somewhat attaches great importance to looks.

“I told you last time that I can’t see my best friend at present.

It’s true.” Yan Luqing added.

Gu Ci looked into her eyes, and before she knew it, her eyes already turned into the pitiful look that had appeared over and over again in front of him.

This kind of look will only appear when she is not sure whether he will agree, and when it does not appear, that only means that she is sure he will agree.

It’s really magical too.

“For the sake that you did not cause trouble.” He smiled and said, “I will give you ten minutes.”

Yan Luqing almost immediately stretched out her hands and put them around his shoulder——

As soon as Gu Ci’s voice fell, there was a flash before him, then he was hooked and hugged fully.

From a short distance, he could smell the same shampoo fragrance in her hair that was just like his own.

He was rarely caught off guard and when such emotions all emerged at this moment, it feels extremely unfamiliar.

Then he heard the girl’s aggrieved voice ringing in his ears.

“Gu Ci, hug.”


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