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“Miss Yan, please answer me.

Do you realize that this is another new personality”

When Yan Luqing regained consciousness, she heard someone ask herself this question.

The voice went from far to near, like a layer of clouds and mist, and gradually became clear.

She opened her eyes, her gaze first touched the white wall, and then fell to the source of the sound——a white coat.

Yan Luqing found herself sitting in a comfortable chair.

She is facing a woman in a white coat.

There is something like a test paper in front of her and she takes a closer look at the title: split personality test.

Yan Luqing:

…This is not right.

This is not right!

Before she closed her eyes, didn’t she experience an air crash and was knocked unconscious in the middle of the plane’s turbulence Even if she didn’t die, she shouldn’t be taken to see a psychologist, right

Without waiting for her to think further, the woman on the other side spoke again.

“You split out another new personality again.” The white coat smiled.

Looking at the patient in front of her with absurd cases, she suppressed her breath and said, “Miss Yan, if I hadn’t seen your pathological mental illness test sheet, I would have suspected that you have been playing tricks with me this whole year.”

“” Yan Luqing was stunned: “Who has split out a personality I am not a mentally ill person.”

Who are you insulting

But when the white coat in front of her heard the answer, she looked like ‘you are terminally ill and incurable’.

She didn’t seem to want to reply to her question and only said: “The prescribed medicine is the same as before, has to be checked regularly, and changes the medical prescription if the condition cannot be stabilized.”

Change the medicine with a hammer.

Yan Luqing complains about it in her heart, thinking that this person’s brain was not in a normal state, so she got up and wanted to escape.

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She walked quickly to the nearest door and even staggered.

But unexpectedly, after the door was opened, the scene outside scared her to another stagger.

——In the long corridor, there are a row of tall men like those who play the role of ‘bandit’ in the police movies.

Unified black suits, with each and every one wears sunglasses even though it’s indoors, which is quite abnormal.

Yan Luqing was stunned for a moment.

She suddenly understood something and looked down at herself.

Her skin is too white and sickly.

Her arms and legs are as thin as a girl coming out of a two-dimensional cartoon——this is not her body!

Yan Luqing subconsciously looked at the tallest-looking Big Black that is closest to her, and said: “…May I ask you something What kind of world is this No, what era is it Is it still a contemporary age What is the historical background “

Yan Luqing spoke very fast.

She asked one question after another like bubbles.

The more she asked, the more flustered she was: “Brother, give me some sign, sine or cosine”

The doggerel engraved in the bone made Big Black immediately open his mouth: “look at the quadrant with symbols.”

Yan Luqing instantly breathed a sigh of relief——

She feels that although she has travelled to another dimension, as long as it’s a world where people received a batch of nine-year compulsory education, it means that there is no major problem with the world view.

Yan Luqing smiled: “Thanks, Brother.”

Unexpectedly, her thanks made this Big Black look frightened and confused: “Miss Yan”

After he finished asking the question in confusion, he seemed to realize something.

He turned his head toward Yan Luqing’s back and increased his volume: “Doctor Zhao, our young lady’s condition is getting worse again”

Yan Luqing: “”

What did he mean with ‘our young lady’

Is this Big Black her subordinate

The doctor’s reply came from inside: “Your young lady’s condition has been very serious, so you don’t have to make too much fuss.

It seems that her personality is not aggressive this time.

Just take care of her more.”

Yan Luqing said inwardly: You are the seriously ill one.

But Big Black beside her has already thanked the doctor, then turned to Yan Luqing’s ear and said, “Miss Yan, the person has been delivered half an hour ago.”

“Huh” Yan Luqing has been full of question marks since the beginning till now, “What person”

Hearing this, a trace of awkwardness flashed across Big Black’s face: “It’s, it’s Gu Ci.

You asked Young Master Jin and the others to send Gu Ci to your villa today… Did you even forget Gu Ci this time”

“Gu…” Yan Luqing was startled, and as if being hit by a sledgehammer with a ‘bang’, she raised her voice and repeated, “Gu Ci!”

Wait a minute.

A mentally ill Miss Yan, Gu Ci who was sent, Young Master Jin…

Yan Luqing was dumbfounded.

She is not just traveling through time and space——She probably has transmigrated into a novel! And even transmigrated into a novel that she read before she became unconscious, where the female partner that has the same name and surname as her has become famous and entered the bureau for breaking the laws and regulations!

Before she was knocked unconscious on the plane, Yan Luqing was reading a novel called ‘Heartbeat Limitation’.

This is a masterpiece that is so hot in the circle this year.

Under the skin of romance but in fact is biased towards the image of a group of characters, in which the role of the villain is particularly brilliant.

He died young and suffered all kinds of humiliation.

Even though after turning over his revenge is cruel, he never hurt good people.

She also fought hard in the comment area because she felt too distressed for the big villain.

The name of this big villain is Gu Ci.

If she remembers correctly, there was only one female character with the surname Yan in ‘Heartbeat Limitation’ that has the same name and surname as Yan Luqing, who is a lunatic without logic at all that was rejected by thousands of people.

Gu Ci was an unusually lucky person when he was young.

His family was well-off and his appearance was amazing, he was shining on the campus and countless young girls were secretly in love with him, and this female partner is one of them.

She hasn’t done anything yet at that time.

The Gu family moved in from other places, and the rapid rise of the new family led to the local family’s evil thoughts.

Not long after Gu Ci went to University, Gu Father and Gu Mother were betrayed by a very trusted person in their family, and their business collapsed.

Gu Father and Gu Mother died in an ‘accidental’ car accident.

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After the death of his parents, Gu Ci disappeared from the public eye——He was taken away by the most dullest junior in the enemy’s family.

The girl that the latter liked has been infatuated with Gu Ci for so many years, so he took the opportunity to get revenge on Gu Ci.

Gu Ci’s personal freedom was restricted and he was injected with drugs, being ridiculed by the rich family’s son so much that his originally beautiful eyes turned blind.

He suffered all kinds of torments and lived a life that is worse than death.

Yan Luqing who read until this point at that time: …Hard.

Her fist is hard.

But the harder thing is still in the back.

It’s precisely this time that the famous-for-breaking-the-law female partner takes action.

The female partner is a genuine spoiled, disobedient and self-willed miss from a prominent and wealthy family.

She attended the same Junior High School as Gu Ci and also his high school classmate.

She has been liking Gu Ci for six years, and it was still an unrequited love.

It sounds really pure and beautiful, but this young miss’ brain has been different from ordinary people since she was a child.

After a long time of liking, she even became a pervert because of it——

After Gu Ci was tossed by the rich family’s son to the point of having eyesight problems, the female partner got wind of it and took someone to ‘get’ Gu Ci from the rich son through mild and severe measures.

As a classmate, she promised to give Gu Ci freedom and promised to cure his eyes.

She even promised that she would let him go when his body is healthy again… But what a lunatic said certainly doesn’t count.

She imprisoned him.

Gu Ci went from one hell to another just like this.

When she read this at that time, Yan Luqing almost vomited.

Scolding her is like scolding herself.

The more she scolds, the more angry she is.

She thought, if she herself is guilty, please let the law punish her instead of letting her read this mentally ill person abuse her favorite character with her name.


Despite the complete elements and the solid evidence, Yan Luqing still refuses to believe that she is now a god d*mn——

“Miss Yan”

When Yan Luqing heard these words, she suddenly felt that her head exploded from a headache.

She closed her eyes and tried to slow it down, but Big Black seems to have thought that it hadn’t exploded enough and leaned to her ear to whisper: “Gu Ci arrived half an hour ago, and he was tied up as you have ordered.”

Yan Luqing: “…………”

God, d*mn it.

God! D*mn it!!!

In the quiet corridor, even though Big Black lowered his voice and said ‘tied up’, but there was no confidentiality.

These words numbed Yan Luqing’s scalp, but she saw that the rest of the black clothes people were lining up very neatly, did not squint their eyes, and even did not have any reaction at all.

Except for one brainless head with a poor facial control that opened his mouth widely.

Everyone was calm, so he turned very abrupt in this picture.


That’s right, you.” Yan Luqing raised her hand while suppressing the trembling, and pointed to that stunned brainless head that could not hide his astonishment.

“What is this expression of yours”

The brainless head was stabbed by the people around him, and his cold sweat came down in a flash——He knew he had made a big mistake.

The Miss from Yan family is extremely moody that everyone already knows about it.

All he can do now is bow his head and admit his mistake immediately: “So, sorry Miss! I have just entered the post this morning and I am not familiar with your style of work yet——No, no! It’s me who shouldn’t have——”

Yan Luqing interrupted his apology: “You said you just entered the post”


“Do you know who I am”

“I know!”

“Now, you tell us aloud, who am I”

The brainless head was really stunned, thinking that it was a test and he recited it loudly on the spot: “Miss Yan’s full name is Yan Luqing.

Her father is Yan Guanglin and her mother is Shen Si’an.

She is the only daughter of the Yan family, was doted on since childhood and grew up smoothly with no obstacle at all.

She was diagnosed with mental disorders the year before, including but not limited to schizophrenia.

She has been liking Gu Ci for six years, and finally got him in her hand today.

Congratulations Miss, congratulations…”

Good fellow.

What a f*cking straight good fellow.

After being hit by this blow, her head that felt so painful that it was about to burst made Yan Luqing roll her eyelids and directly passed out.

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When Yan Luqing was awake, the scene around her had already changed to another one.

The ceiling is retro-textured and there’s a luxurious European-style mural painting on the wall.

Obviously, it is the original owner’s bedroom.

The original owner was a time bomb with poor health and often goes mad, so there was a permanent doctor in the villa.

After Yan Luqing woke up, she lay down again there for another examination.

After she fainted once, she calmed down a little bit too.

Yan Luqing accepted the fact that she has crossed over into a novel world.

She has indeed become the paranoid and lunatic female partner in the ‘Heartbeat Limitation’ that she had scolded for countless times.

And Gu Ci was just ‘sent’ to the villa she was in today.

The first thing to do when she wakes up is to have someone go to ‘untie’ Gu Ci.

Naturally, the second thing is to see him.

After undergoing various examinations, Yan Luqing got out of bed and went downstairs under Big Black’s guidance, ready to visit the room where Gu Ci was located.

The decoration of the villa is in the same style, and the stairs are all retro-rotating.

She looked at the bodyguards who looked like silent gangsters around her, and thought that wearing sunglasses indoors during the day is really showy.

Yan Luqing couldn’t help asking Big Black, who was closest to her, “Why do you wear sunglasses indoors Are you playing cool”


Big Black glanced at her, and felt that this whole day, Miss was strange everywhere.

But the next second—

Oh, he almost forgot that she was having a split personality again.

Well, it’s okay then.

Big Black reconciled with himself in his heart, and answered the patient with a lowered eyebrow and a smoothed eye: “Because you said that we are ugly and demand that we must wear sunglasses that cover half of our face when we appear in front of you.”

Yan Luqing’s mouth twitched: “It’s indeed a lunatic’s reason…”

After descending the steps, Yan Luqing stood still and took two quick breaths.

——The reason why she fainted so easily before was also because thislunatic’s body had been tossed quite sickly by the original owner.

Before, she had no time to look in the mirror.

But she could see that there was almost no meat on the arms and legs.

Just going down the stairs and Yan Luqing already felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

Five minutes later, she finally came to the door of the room where Gu Ci was.

Because she added bookmarks, Yan Luqing remembers it very clearly.

This is the fifty-fourth chapter of the book, the first day Gu Ci disappeared from the rich enemy’s son and was hidden by the paranoid inside the Golden House.

According to the plot of the original book, Gu Ci did rise later, but he had also blackened.

After escaping from the hand of the lunatic female partner, he was dormant for several years.

He personally solved his enemies in those days, avenged his parents and trampled the people who had insulted him.

Finally, because of the serious physical loss in these years, he himself had no idea of ​​living well, and died in his parents’ cemetery at a young age.

In short, there is nothing sunny.

Looking at this door, Yan Luqing remembered that she was furious with Gu Ci’s ending when she was still alive on the plane, and she madly complained to her close friends that ‘the oppression that the female partner suffered was not ruthless enough’.

Please support this translation by reading it at the translator’s original website http://www.pinnochies.wordpress.com to read faster update.


In the book, this female partner was finally betrayed by her relatives, went to prison for several years, and then her corpse got exposed on the streets after she came out.

Although this is absolutely deserved by that lunatic and it serves her right, why does she have to cross here to become this thing!!!

Does it mean that she is going to suffer in her stead!

Even her soul feels dirty now, okay!!!

Sure enough, one can’t have a name that is too Mary Sue as it is easy to cross over into a book.

“Miss” Big Black asked in a low voice behind her.

Yan Luqing came back to her senses and pretended to nod at the row of black eggs expressionlessly.

Without the need for her to speak, someone pushed the door open for her, and the scene inside can be seen unobstructedly——

The room is similar to the one she just stayed in.

It was decorated in the same style but except for a large bed, there’s nothing inside.

The windows are tightly closed but the bright sunlight pours down from the gaps between the curtains, complementing the retro patterns on the walls.

There was a person lying on the bed.

Although there is still some distance from the bed, it can be seen from the outline that the person has a stunning face, beautiful and clean.

Although the time is somewhat inappropriate, Yan Luqing felt that the scene of him lying here was almost like a combination of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, in which he could just directly substitute them in these two fairy tales without any difference at all.

It’s just, what a pity.

She is not the prince of salvation, but the witch who handed out the poisoned apple.

Yan Luqing walked to the bedside, lowered her eyes for a moment, and subconsciously held her breath.

It turns out, this is Gu Ci.

It turns out, this is what the book described with all the beautiful words.

A person that makes the female partner think about all the time so crazily.

Obviously so thin, but still looks good and even doesn’t look like a real person.

As if he never got any sunlight and always stayed in the room for a long time, his skin was as white as icy snow.

His hair is a bit long, with a few strands scattered on the side of the neck, and slender eyelashes under the thin eyelids.

The blackness of the eyelashes and the hair, and the whiteness of the skin color have a strong contrast aesthetic feeling.

He seemed to have shielded the outside’s sound and just lay there with his breathing that was so light that people could barely see the ups and downs of his chest.

It’s just like… a dead person.


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