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(A/N oh gosh, I put this book in the Villain contest on a whim at the last moment and we end up winning the contest for Villain category somehow. Since we got the winning banner and banner hard to get, I will post 2-3 chs more for now.)

The rest of the day passed without much events.

By the time Su Chen arrived back home,

Su Yinger had already left, leaving him a message.

She had gone to a neighbouring city to check-on some companys factories.

Su Yinger, who had already bound her fate with Su Chen after that beautiful night was already in high spirits.

As for Mei Qing, although she too wanted to monopolise Su Chen and was secretly a bit jealous of Su Yinger but all of this was new for her. She was herself not sure of her feelings and thus didn know how to act, so she got busy with her companys work. After all, Su Chen is her legal fiancee, he can escape her.

Sooner or later they will interact and things will progress, right?

In the local police station, although Lou Rouer tried her best to finish her work early, the new criminal cases forced her to work overtime.

Lou Rouer felt wronged. She wanted to sneak into Su Chens house late at night to teach him a lesson but her hands were tied.

Aaah! Why so many new cases today? The follow-up investigations would need at least 3-4 days…Su Chen, you just wait, this young lady will definitely take her revenge!


Today was a free day..unlike others, Su Chen spent most of his day playing online games.

"Ahh! Playing games…this habit never gets old!"

"It feels so good when you don have a role."

-Su Chen exclaimed as he won his fifth consecutive MOBA match.

Before he could start another match, the doorbell rang.

"Aah, must be some salesman!"

"Just let him ring the bell a few times and he will leave when no one replies."

But to his dismay, the doorbell kept ringing continuously.

"Fuck! Who is it?"

"Can they understand the owner doesn wanna see them?"

Su Chen finally got up from the sofa and headed to the door.

There was only one thought in his mind- Must make the **ty salesman who dares to interrupt his game cry without regrets!

As soon as Su Chen opened the door his pupils dilated.

A gorgeous girl was standing, her eyes, her eyebrows, her face, everything about her was perfect.

She can easily score 10/10 even if she wore plain clothes.

But her beauty had no effect on Su Chen, his mind was screaming inwardly…the girl he never wanted to have an encounter with was standing right upon his door.

His breathing hastened, and his eyes stared at hers while hers stared at his.


[What is this Chu Chenxi, Chu Fangs elder sister doing here?]

He tried his best to hide his surging emotions.

"Hello! What can I do for you, Miss?"

-there was still a little bit of hope in his mind that she came to the door wrong.

"Hello young master Su Chen, my aunt is a friend of your mother and since I needed a job, your mom told me I can help her son by managing housework. She had recently been worried as you rarely call her back these days, with me by your side talking proper care, she will feel at ease."

-Chu Chenxi replied as if it was something casual.

Just when Su Chen was about to argue back his cell phone rang, the caller ID was none other than his mom.

He nervously picked up the phone,

"Hello! Mom"

On the line, her mom was in a hurry,

"Oh my dear son, your mom has found a beautiful girl to take care of all your household-work, she is the best maid you can get.. She must have explained to you other things..okay, Im in a hurry for a meeting. Remember to call me later! Bye~"

The phone was hung up without giving Su Chen a chance to talk.

Chu Chenxi, who eavesdropped on their conversation, had a bright smile on her face.

Only she knew how hard it was to get in contact with Su Chens mother to deliberately approach Su Chen.

But now her plan was already successful.

Without waiting for his reply, she had already moved into the house with her suitcase.

With an aggrieved face, Su Chen closed the door.

Even though there was a smile on his face, he wanted to cry so badly.

Normally a boy should feel happy in the company of beauty but this thing is only valid if the other party is normal.

Yes, this woman.. Chu Chenxi was not your normal girl.

After showing Chu Chenxi her room, he once again sat on the sofa.

He just sat quietly while the girl was busy decorating her new room.

[I am scared.]

[This Chu Chenxi is the most abnormal girl. I would have definitely avoided her but how the heck did she become my maid?]

[The fact that she is Chu Fangs sister is not the main point. She was adopted by Chu Fangs parents when was small. Later, Chu Fang disappeared after the age of 10. All thought he was kidnapped but who knows this protagonist had already decided to leave the country and start his career as the biggest mercenary abroad.]

[The plot goes like this… In the later part of the story, Chu Fang visits the capital and reunites with her sister.

All the grievances, all the sadness of separation are washed away with a hug. He repeatedly flirts with her and since they live under the same roof plus non-blood-related…things are bound to happen. Eventually, Chu Chenxi becomes Su Chens woman.]

[But here comes the twist, this girl has a strange fetish.]

[She can only truly fall in love after NTRing…Yes, this girl has a very strong tendency to steal.]

[I don know if its the plot settings or that damm author deliberately did that… majority of readers speculated that she joined Chu Fangss harem to steal other heroines from him while a minority said that she joined Chu Fangs harem to steal him from the other heroines.]

[No matter who was right, one thing was a matter-of-fact that she wanted to steal someone who was already in love with others.]

[Her setting is like that…she can only fall in love once her fetish of NTRing someone is successful plus she can do many unimaginable things to make her fetish true. Ugggh~ I feel a little scared.]

Hearing his inner voice all the heroines who were secretly paying attention were shocked, they had goosebumps all over their skin.

All of them were straight and had no interest in same-sex nor had any wish to interact with a person having such sort of fetish.

There was only a single thought in all the heroines mind~

Must stay miles away from Su Chens house as long as that Chu Chenxi stays there.

Chu Chenxi, who was placing her things in her new room, had a blush on her face.

She was too embarrassed when Su Chen spoke about her deepest desires.

…But there was a sly smile at the corner of her lips.

"As expected this Su Chen is really interesting!"


[Coins giveaway- I will post next ch in some hours today, the first 2 or 3 people to comment on the chapter will get coin redeem key for 100-150 coins.]

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