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The Spider Queen Chapter 16: Beautiful clothes

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Chapter 16: Beautiful clothes

The tablet buzzed slightly on the desk, and a message popped up which shocked Sophie out of her daze.

It was from her dad and it said that the personal bodyguards he had sent were at the gates ready to meet her.

Only later would she find out that her overprotective father had the poor guards waiting at the gate for two whole hours before the message was received.

The guards were unfortunately used to the dukes unreasonable demands…

One of them suggested sending a message earlier but was overruled instantly by the leader who knew their master would not be pleased if they woke up his daughter this early.

Sophie placed her face in her hands and let out a small groan of frustration. All the changes happening to her body both frightened and unsettled her.

It was just too quick of a transformation. Just earlier yesterday she was a relatively normal looking girl but now she had four spider legs as well as the ability to spit out acid!

Anyone would feel lost and afraid.

She slapped her cheeks lightly and took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down. The most important thing to do was to put on some clothes then hopefully dash to the academy gates unseen.

A small button was pressed on the bottom of the black wristband and she opened up the virtual screen.

In another time she would have been amazed at the holographic technology before her eyes, but the pressing urgency of the matter quicken her command prompts to authorise the transport.

“Detecting fourteen items for teleportation to room 45” a mechanical voice boomed.

“Authorisation…. cleared!”

“Selecting area for teleportation… please clear the space”

Red lines beamed down from a strange device on the ceiling and formed a large square on the floor. Sophie cautiously moved backwards and pushed the bed sheets to the side of the room.

White beams of light were emitted from the device which landed on the red square with a buzzing noise.

Sophie could see the outlines of small boxes being formed from the white light before the device emitted a flash that temporarily blinded her.

“All items have been assembled correctly with a 0.004% chance of error,” the voice then went silent.

Sophie opened up her eyes was a wince and saw several small packages the size of her palm laying down on the floor.

This was her clothes

There were labels on each box and the on close inspection the boxes seemed to absorb the light from the surroundings.

Each box was obsidian black in colour with silvery sparks that danced in the eyes of any onlooker.

The logo of an angels wings was present in the center of each box signifying it was a Zafriase product.

“What a fancy package,” Sophie whistled in appreciation.

Roughly ten minutes had passed already, and she felt uncomfortable making the guards at the gates wait any longer.

She began to sort through the boxes looking for a dress or any type of outwear. There was a slightly bigger box to her right and a small smile flashed across her face when the she saw the wordsSapphire Oceanic Model.

This was one of the dresses that the little fairy had recommended for her.

She quickly opened up the box to find a small note and an unknown gelatinous mass inside. Was this the dress

Sophie read the note which detailed how to activate the memory foam to wear the dress.

With a fair amount of hesitation, she placed the lumpy mass on her right foot and placed her thumb on a sensor present on the underside of the box.

A green light scanned up and down her finger and a small beep was then heard.

Instantly the mass moved as if it were electrified and rapidly spread up her body, Sophie was a bit surprised but the instructions had mentioned this step so she did not panic.

Less than one minute later and her entire body beneath her neck was covered by the strange goop.

Sophie could feel the material shift and a feeling that resembled ant crawling on her skin, made her shiver involuntarily.

Luckily after a couple of minutes the goop stopped moving so Sophie looked down at the dress.

It seemed to cover everything properly and the gelatinous mass had somehow transformed into a silk-like material.

Sophie glanced at the mirror and exclaimed in shock as she did not recognise the girl standing before her eyes. The figure stared back it her with enchanting red lips and a shapely body with clear skin.

Her hair was a bit too long and covered her facial features partially but did little to detract from the seductive charm and beauty.

What tied the look together was the expensive dress she wore on her body, the deep blue material shifted slowly from side to side mimicking the waves of an ocean.

Precious gems and diamonds were embedded along the sides of the neck to resemble an expensive necklace.

Never in both her lifetimes had she ever seen a work of art like this before.

A laugh burst out from her chest and Sophie twirled around the mirror like a little girl. She could not help being excited over the pretty dress she wore.

Even the spider legs that were poking out of custom holes placed in the back of the garment oddly added a bit of charm to her appearance.

It was a real shame that she needed to cover up.

There was a large cloak hidden in one of the packages, so Sophie dug around until she found it. Fortunately, it was just made out of regular thread so she could wear it directly.

She swung the cloak around her shoulders and covered her lower body.

It was far from an ideal disguise as there was clearly something protruding from her back, but no one could tell her features from under it.

Sophie made a final check in the mirror to make sure her spider legs were not sticking out and left the room with her tablet and bag which she stuffed with the remainder of the packages

It was time to go home!


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