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The Spider Queen Chapter 11: Sophie is not having a good time.... Part 2

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Chapter 11: Sophie is not having a good time…. Part 2

Cool water flowed down her body and Sophie sighed happily in contentment, this was the first time since she had transmigrated that she could just simply relax.

The grime and filth washed away by the shower made her feel refreshed. She stood in the running water for a couple more minutes before pressing the small button on the side of the wall.

A small buzzing noise rang out twice before a little robot dropped down from a gap in the ceiling. The robot circled Sophie three times before blasting hot air on her body to dry her off.

This was a strange sensation, but she had to admit it was more efficient than simply using a towel.

Especially with her new spider legs that were sharpened like blades at the ends which would tear a hole through any cloth.

Sophie struggled for a few minutes before somehow managing to wrap a bathrobe around her gorgeous figure and walk towards her closet.

There was an optional fighting class taking place during the evening on the campus but with her current looks, Sophie did not dare to go outside.

Besides when looking over her memories of the session, the teacher would not show any proper techniques but simply shove two students in a ring and make them fight.

This would not be a problem if it was training for combat, but the teacher always paired high ranked students with low rank students to boost their confidence.

Sophie was often the punching bag when she attended but she was determined to increase her strength, so she had yet to miss a class.

Although she was no match for the strength of the opponents with high cultivation levels, the evasive skills she learnt were quite handy and she sometimes even landed surprise blows.

She was usually then promptly beaten up by the high ranker who thought they had lost face.

Sophies closet was filled with multiple copies of her school uniform and a small box filled with unopened casual clothes.

The original host did not have a social life and would simply go from the campus dorms to the lectures and then back again to her room.

Sophie opened the box and beautiful expensive dresses were packed neatly inside. It was almost nighttime, so she just wanted to put on some sleepwear.

She began rummaging around the back of the closet to look for a nice and comfortable gown.

“Ahh found some!” Sophie exclaimed.

The bottom of the closet had a small drawer with undergarments and sleepwear, so Sophie took the clothes and placed them on the bed.

There was a really comfy loose-fitting robe and she tried to put it on.

Hold up.

Why on earth is this not fitting

Her new spider legs had completely slipped from her mind and Sophie was dismayed to find out she could not fit the robe over her head without it being blocked by the appendages on her shoulder blades.

She tried one dress after another in rapid succession, but they could not fit on her new body.

It was only after several minutes of struggling that she managed to squeeze on a pair of underpants but none of her bras would fit.

Sophie looked at herself in the mirror for a moment and admired the image of her sexiness before laying down on the bed with a sigh.

She had no idea what to do!

Those damn spider legs had ripped holes in all her good dresses that she had attempted to put on and the price of some of her clothes that were now ruined made her want to tear up in grief.

Her father had sent someone to pick her up at the school gates tomorrow, but she could hardly go outside in her undergarments. Unless of course, she decided to throw away the face of her family.

Sophie reached out to her tablet and began to search the internet for clothes that fit nonhuman females.

The virtual net was an information hub for any needs of an individual in the federation and housed an enormous archive of data, games and shopping to enjoy.

Of course, certain items were not for sale using the regular search engine but rumors of a dark web where one could buy rare cultivation manuals, slaves and even bio weapons surfaced from time to time.

The beauty of teleporters was that small items could be transported instantly across the range of a planet which made online shopping were convenient.

Sophie simply had to put the serial number of the teleporter in the lobby room and any items bought would be transported instantaneously.

The school teleporter had a scanner that would automatically check the material of the molecules being sent over and would halt the reassembly if the products was deemed dangerous.

Once the item arrived, the receptionist would send a notification to her wristband and after she pressed the confirm button, it would be sent to her room.

Sophie browsed a popular clothing store from her memory called Zafriase who designed and created luxury clothes.

She clicked on the nonhuman section and was blown away from the sheer volume of clothing to choose from. There were dresses with space for tails, wings, horns and came in all shapes and sizes.

Sophie struggled to choose a right outfit for her when a small icon popped up on the side of her tablet.

‘Virtual Shopping Assistant.

Sophie was quite curious about this option and pressed the icon. Immediately a bright light beamed out from her tablet to form the holographic figure of a fairy.

The fairy was only six inches tall and had a cute appearance. The hologram had short hair with a childish air surrounding her and a bright and bubbly voice came from her figure,

“Hello lovely customer! Im the virtual assistant of Zafriase accessible to members with a platinum standing and above!”

“Please scan your thumb on the corner of the screen to confirm your identity”

Sophie followed instructions and lightly placed her thumb on the scanning area indicated by the fairy. A green light ran over her finger and the data was sent to the virtual assistant.

“Identity confirmed…. Sophie Petelor black diamond member!” the fairys tone became visibly more excited and spoke in a respectful tone.

‘Hmm when did I get this high level of membership Sophie wondered to herself.

Then the memory of her father handing her a black card for her last birthday flashed through her mind. Sophie had yet to use the card as she felt uncomfortable spending her fathers wealth on things that she deemed nonessential.

It appeared he had also bought her membership for this luxury brand without her knowledge.

She looked at the little fairy and asked, “Do you have any clothes that would fit me”

“Do you want to activate the tablet scanner to closely match your body type All data taken is strictly encrypted,” the fairy paused for a moment then replied.

Sophie was a bit unsure but did need clothes quite badly, so she clicked to confirm yes.

The fairy opened up her palms and a white light enveloped her body and quickly measured all her physical data.

There was a short moment of processing before the fairy spoke again, this time in a more hesitant voice.

“Your body does not match the data of any species in our database….”


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