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The Spider Queen Chapter 10: Sophie is not having a good time

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Chapter 10: Sophie is not having a good time

“This not happening… this is not happening… its just a dream,” Sophie closed her eyes and muttered softly to herself.

Wait a moment….it must be that the attack she received early might have possessed a mental component that had side effects!

A small smile formed on her face and she took several deep breaths to calm herself down. Clearly when she was hit by the spiritual attack by Leona it must also be a skill that causes illusions to form in the victims mind.

This would explain the mysterious space she visited, and the new appendages attached to her body.

Sophie was in complete denial at this point and once again opened her eyes expecting to once again see her regular body.

Nope the image remained exactly the same as when she closed her eyes moments earlier.

“Alright Sophie… this is fine, you knew that you arent fully human so maybe this is something from moms side of the family,” she tried to convince herself.

There was a full-frontal mirror in the bathroom and Sophie approached it slowly to observe the changes in her physique.

The most obvious difference were the four spider legs protruding from her back.

Two were located on the lower side while the remaining legs jutted from her shoulder blades like a pair of wings.

Her hair was now much longer and gently flowed from side to side down to her knees. It was purplish black in colour and moved as if it were alive which freaked Sophie out quite a bit.

She was still covered in grime from the impurities expelled from her body, so she quickly washed her face in the basin to see if her features had changed.

Sophie grabbed the soap and scrubbed furiously to get the black grime off. She gazed into the mirror with a sense of fascination at the face before her.

Only one word could describe her looks now….


Sophies eyes were almond shaped with golden pupils that shone with a hypnotic light, the ears on the sides of her head were now more sharply pointed than before and extremely flexible as she could now rotate them at will.

Sophies original face was fairly pretty but her attractive features were now greatly enhanced. She gazed at the plump red lips attached to a slender body with two twin peaks barely contained within her uniform and could not help but blush.

My god she was so hot!

Sui Meng had always been attracted to girls so now fully admired the new state of her body with a sense of relish.

She gave a big grin to the figure in the mirror and was shocked to find her mouth now contained a pair of fangs that sparkled in the light with a deadly air.

But what could have caused this kind of transformation

Was it natural or was it because of the strange cultivation art that she found in the space

There was knowledge of situations that occurred like this in hybrids found in Sophies original memories.

Hybrids typically resembled one parents race over the other with a few exceptions. Human DNA in particular was quite dominant so it was basically a given that any hybrids born from one human parent would be humanoid.

The features of hybrids that set them apart from normal humans were typically present at birth and the remaining traits would develop during puberty.

Sophie was sixteen and only her eyes and ears gave away her alien heritage.

There was only one reason to explain why hybrids could mutate further into their inhuman traits after puberty which was cultivation progression.

Cultivation is fundamentally a tool to enhance and draw out the cells of the body to their maximum potential. It allows an individual to tap into strength embedded inside the genetic code of the organism and display power far beyond normal growth.

Hybrids were created from a mashup of two genetic codes so strength could be drawn out of either side. Depending on the cultivation method there could be a change in the body of the hybrid.

Certain methods could draw from the human genetic code and hence the unique features of the hybrid would decrease, and they would become more human-like.

Unfortunately, the opposite could also occur, and the power could be drawn from the alien side which would make the hybrid display more traits from their nonhuman parent.

This is why wealthy parents of hybrids would carefully test and buy various cultivation methods to ensure that their offspring would display a more human appearance.

Sophies father was only interested in his daughters opinion, so he asked her if she wanted him to find a method to get rid of her hybrid looks.

At the time Sophie was only ten years old and had experienced being bullied in school for her appearance and was sorely tempted by the offer…

But her features were the only trace she had of her mother.

So, she politely refused and just trained in her dads cultivation methodWar God Technique. Despite training for six years, there was no change in her looks so she just assumed that would always be the case.

Obviously, she was greatly mistaken….

Sophie released a small sigh and walked away from the mirror to clean up the rest of her body in the shower.

She tried to enter the shower door but her new limbs would not fit through the entrance. No matter what angle she took, her appendages would crash into the walls of the opening.

“Yes, that would be the end to this day,” Sophie mockingly laughed.

She tried a few more times but there was no difference. Sophie was feeling heavily frustrated and punched the sides of the door in anger.

With a loud crash the door flew off its hinges!

Sophie froze in shock with an expression of guilt on her face, there door had been flung off to the far ends of the room and the resulting hole had several cracks running down its side.

“I wont have to pay for this right” Sophie asked herself in a worried tone.

She completely forgot that her father was wealthy enough to buy the whole academy much less a fragile shower door.

The hole was now big enough for her to comfortably pass through, so she entered the shower and begun to scrub the grime off.

The water had turned completely black from the impurities and flowed out of the hole in the shower to the rest of the bathroom floor.

Sophie was concerned by the mess but right now…. she had much bigger worries to consider.

Do these things…err…retract


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