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After Logans long speech, the element assessment ceremony started. Bruce began to look at his opponents from every family. From his observations, there is only one person from the young generation who could challenge him, Johnathan Hopkins, the prodigy of the Hopkins family. It seems that the Hopkins family was putting all their resources to develop this prodigy. From his aura, Bruce can tell that Jonathan was at peak level for body refinement while he was only at high level body refinement. The way that Jonathan associated with everyone around him showed Bruce that Jonathan is an arrogant person who really believes that hes a once in a million-year prodigy.

For example, Bruce noticed that Jonathan disregarded anyone that is not of importance to his family by watching how he interacted with the servants of the Stellae family and the audience. In Jonathans eyes, those commoners are nothing but worms. Whenever the ladies looked at Jonathan, his eyes began to glow, and his smile looked quite perverted for a 10-year-old kid. Bruce can only imagine the cruelty the Hopkins maid will go through after Jonathan grows up a bit more. Bruces final evaluation of Jonathan is someone whos akin to a clown since hes no different than the other elite kids. There are plenty of others who are more gifted than Jonathan and the world in which they live are quite big. Fire Kingdom is just a small place in the scheme of things. The attitude of Jonathan will get himself killed some day or he becomes someones lackey.

Bruce did not enjoy hanging around the other elite children because most of them act arrogant without the ability to back it up. Bruce hates it the most when highly privileged kids treat servants like trash. If someone disrespects Lisa in front of Bruce, hed kill that person right there. Lisa is the closest person to Bruce outside his family since she has been taking care of him ever since he was a baby. Lisa cooked him anything he wanted and always let him nap on her laps. Though Lisa is a servant, her position in his heart is much higher than those so called high-class ladies.

"Alright, lets start the elemental assessment ceremony. Next to me is the latest version of the elemental accessor. This accessor has been created by the alchemist of the Imperial Academy. Though applicants to the academy will have a chance to access their elemental talents through the accessor during the entrance exam, I will be conducting the assessment exam much earlier to recruit one youth to Imperial Academy who has a strong affinity to fire."

The crowd went wild after hearing the announcement from Alchemist Ron. Bruce smirked after figuring out what Alchemist Ron was up to. Obviously, hes not doing this out of the goodwill of his heart or because hes friends with grandpa. Those who have strong affinity to fire are extremely high in demand since they can become alchemists. Usually, if an applicant shows strong talent in fire, the applicant would be recruited by several influences in the Imperial Academy. Alchemist Ron wanted to beat everyone to the punch and got permission to recruit before the official exam.

"First candidate, please come up here and touch the elemental accessor"

Alchemist Ron officially started the examination and about 30 youths lined up to take the exam. Most of the youth possessed sufficient affinity to various elements while very small minority possessed strong affinity to other elements beside fire. While the families with talented youths celebrated, Alchemist Rons face became grimmer because there were only 2 youths left to take the assessment. When it was Jonathan Hopkins turn to complete the assessment, the crowd got quiet.

"19th candidate, please come up here"

Alchemist Ron called out to Jonathan placing his last hope onto him since Jonathan is renowned as the prodigy of this generation. Even only a minority of youths could reach peak body refinement stage before the age of 10 in the Fire Kingdom.

"Bzzzz. The candidate has excellent affinity to Water and Earth"

The Hopkins family went wild after hearing the results because that means Jonathan is a true prodigy. His future will be limitless, and he will have no problem joining the Imperial Academy. Also, that means that theres a good chance the Hopkins family will be in control of Meropis country.

Upon hearing the results, Jonathan smirked at Bruce and walked back to his seat as his family applauded him.

"Huh, only two excellent affinities and everyone acts like they have seen a god"

Bruce thought to himself as he walked toward the elemental accessor. Compared to Jonathan, Bruce had almost no good reputation other than being handsome and rich. There are a few reasons why that is. One, he is at high stage body refinement, which is standard for kids at his age given the resources of the Stellae family. Two, he has a lazy reputation and rarely goes out for people to notice him. Lastly, aside from his looks, Bruce does not act like an heir of a noble family since he regularly hangs out with commoners and eating their food. No one really had high expectations of Bruce aside from his family who know his true capabilities.

Bruce casually touched the elemental accessor and channeled his energy into it. Then a phenomenon happened, the crystal glowed bright red, then bright blue, then bright orange, and then bright green.

"Bzzzz. The candidate has excellent affinity to Fire, Earth, Water, and Air."

The entire audience turned deathly quiet while the Stellae family had their mouths open. Alchemist Ron look at Bruce like he was the most precious treasure in the world. Jonathan Hopkins stared at Bruce as if Bruce had murdered his entire family. It was his moment to shine in the spotlight and have countless influences try to recruit him. He trained so hard every day and was given countless of resources from his family to improve his martial cultivation. How is it possible that he is inferior to a lazy heir from the Stellae family?

Amidst the silence, Logan whispered quietly to his father.

"Dad… Maybe afternoon naps are good for you?"

Upon hearing the outrageous question from his son, Elliot began to contemplate deeply as if he has found the meaning of life.

"Son… Maybe you

e onto something here".

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