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The Monarch Wants to Forget Afternoon Naps are Very Important

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In the City of Gold, the capital of Meropis country, thousands of people are gathering to the Stellae castle. Today is the day that an imperial alchemist is coming to assess the talented youth in Meropis. It is rumored that if one does well on the elemental assessment, theres a chance that one could automatically get into the Imperial Academy without taking an examination. Everyone knows that the Imperial Academy has an acceptance rate of less than 5% and it is a great honor to join the academy. All graduates of the academy have great lives after leaving the academy.

To avoid wasting time of the imperial alchemist, the Stellae family has set out a rule that to participate in the elemental assessment, the candidate must be less than 10 years old and must have reached at least Body Refinement Realm mid stage. Such strict requirements already took out 99.99% of the potential candidates as many mortals only reach up Body Refinement Realm late stage. Only those with talent and necessary resources from their families can cultivate up to Body Refinement mid stage before age 10.

"Yawn… Why does this assessment have to be happening in the afternoon? This means that for the first time, I don have an afternoon nap!" Bruce complained to his mom as he was eating his favorite snack, candy apple.

"Bruce, please be serious. Many important people in the country will be here. Even your grandpa will be coming to see you. Remember the last time you napped when he visited?"

Elizabeth tried her best to motivate her son as she knew how important this event was to the family. If Bruce does well in the exam and obtains a slot in the Imperial Academy, the Stellae will continue to rule the country for the next decades to come.

"Ah yes. Grandpa grabbed me by the neck like a fish in the market and threw me in the lake. How could I forget such a warm family bonding activity?"

Bruce continued to eat his snack as he recalled the horrors that day. His grandpa really hated his laziness and made him train for 5 days straight. Luckily, Bruce managed to sneak in afternoon naps every day.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and took away his snacks.

"Okay, youve had enough snacks. You can eat as much snacks as you want if you pass the elemental assessment and obtain a slot in the Imperial Academy"

Bruce stood up and confidently walked to the hall. He understood well how important this event was to his family. Though he typically showed a lazy character, he can easily turn the gear up to max when need be. This occasion is when he needs to get serious, otherwise, hed have no more snacks and afternoon naps! He had already imagined what his life would be if he failed the assessment. His grandpa and dad would make him study and train 24/7 until hes nothing but a bag of bones.

"Relax mom. Ive been keeping up with my studies and training. Plus, I just have to touch a crystal ball and wait for the assessment results. Not much I can do about it other than that"

When he walked into the hall, he noticed many elite families in the country are here such as the Hopkins, Crimson, and Anderson. Bruce immediately let go of his lazy character and acted accordingly as the heir to the Stellae family. He came out looking handsome with many ladies staring at him. The prodigy from the Hopkins glared at Bruce before looking away. Bruce paid no attention to anyone as he was here to do two things. Completely obliterate the other familys youth and take his afternoon nap.

"Hello Grandpa, I hope youve been well"

Bruce walked toward a man who resembles his dad. The man looked like a giant with white hair and white beard. The man is Bruces grandpa, Elliot Stellae, the previous head of the Stellae family.

"Looks like you been slacking off in your training. With your talent, you should have been peak of body refinement by now"

Elliot evaluated his grandson and cursed his luck when his grandson has such godlike laziness. The heavens must be messing with him by granting a grandson with so much potential to only have him waste it on useless activities.

"Grandpa, Im being lazy for your own good actually. I must have you know that if I were to reach higher heights at my age, I would be too famous in the kingdom. With my good looks and talents, countless of ladies would be wanting to marry me. These ladies would use extreme means to seduce you to obtain your favors. Given your perverted nature, Grandma would have killed you long time ago if this happened. If anything, you should be thanking me for making sure you

e still alive"

Bruce whispered into his grandpas ears as Elliots face turned red from rage and embarrassment.

"Brat, sit your ass down! I can believe I have such a shameless grandson like you"

Bruce chuckled and sat down next to his dad and grandpa while waiting for the imperial alchemist to arrive.

After a short while, an old man with immeasurable aura appeared in the hall. Flames appeared around him and brightly lit the hall. The man is alchemist Ron, a faculty at the Imperial Academy and one of the 5 alchemists in the imperial family of the Fire Kingdom.

"Ron, Im surprised you

e not dead yet. Looks like its true that bad people live the longest haha"

Elliot spoke to Alchemist Ron in a joking tone. These two are old friends who have been through many battle together. Alchemist Ron looked at Elliot and replied with a smirk.

"Elliot, Im sure youll be dead soon enough with that much gray hair on your head. I can wait to drink your entire wine collection after you die"

After hearing such an outlandish retort from Ron, Elliot replied furiously.

"In your dreams you old bastard!"

Elliots face turned even more furious after hearing what Bruce has whispered in his ears.

"Grandpa, it seems like you

e an alcoholic as well. Being perverted and alcoholic is not good nowadays. Im pretty sure youll be dying in a few years either by Grandmas hands or through alcohol poisoning. I sure hope you change your ways and become more honorable like me!"

Elliot was too angry to say anything and gestured Logan to start the assessment. Logan coughed a few times and welcomed the attendees.

"Thank you everyone for attending todays assessment ceremony. Meropis promising youths will be taking the elemental assessment to determine their talents. This is an important milestone for the youths…"

Bruce got bored as he listened to his dads speech. After some time, he started to feel sleepy, but he kept a straight face. He thought to himself.

"Man, all these politics stuff are boring. This family that, that family that. An afternoon nap would be real nice right about now....."

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