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The Monarch Wants to Forget Bruce Stellae

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"Master Bruce, please stop running around the castle or your parents will get mad!" A young woman anxiously chased after a little boy as he ran around the castle looking for snacks wherever he went. The boys name is Bruce Stellae, The heir of the Stellae family in the Fire Kingdom. The Fire Kingdom has dozens of small countries that it governs. The Stellae family rules the country of Meropis.

"Lisa, you have to catch me if you want to stop me!" The little boy continued to climb on the cabinets and knocking things along the way. If one were to describe this boy, it would be something close to an extremely handsome devil. He has blue eyes, white hair, and an extremely handsome face that started to show when he turned 7. Luckily, he was also extremely talented. When Bruce was born, he was gifted physically and intellectually. He learned how to speak when he was a few months old and started to walk when he was only 1 years old. Against everyones expectation, instead of studying and practicing martial arts, he would only prioritize on useless things. The only way to get him to train was to offer him delicious meals. After all, Bruces favorite activities are sleeping and eating! His parents started to show concern when their gifted child only cared about leading a lethargic life. Such laziness was not tolerated in the Stellae household, which was why his grandpa had instructed his parents to send Bruce off to the Imperial Academy in the Fire Kingdom as soon as possible.

The Imperial Academy starts accepting students at the age of 10. Thus, Bruces parents wanted him to be as prepared as possible to pass the entrance examination. As the deadline approaches, Bruce, who happened to be reaching his 10th birthday soon, never stopped slacking off and always enjoyed his afternoon naps.

"Bruce, its time for you to study and train. Stop causing trouble for Lisa" A beautiful woman with white hair chided Bruce as he climbed up the cabinets reaching for the hidden cake. Her name is Elizabeth Blackthorne, Bruces mother.

"Mom, I already aced every single test that the instructor had given me. Also, Im stronger than any other kid in the city. Why do I have to keep studying for the academy entrance?" Bruce responded in a childish voice as he ate the delicious snacks that Lisa had cooked for him but chose to hide them from him until he finished his studies. As she saw her son enjoying food as usual, she started to lecture him.

"There will be other elite children from different countries competing in the entrance exam. Though you may be outstanding in our country, you cannot be complacent. Tomorrow, there will be an imperial alchemist coming in to visit our castle. He will examine all the talented youths in the country for elemental affinities. Remember that top geniuses at the academy will have at least 1 strong affinity with an element"

"Yes, yes, I know. There are 4 elements in the world: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. There are also specialized elements such as Lightning and Darkness. Those with specialized elements are very rare in the world. One can be called talented if they have a strong affinity with one element. Genius if they have an excellent affinity with one element. Prodigy if they have excellent affinity with more than one element." Bruce knew he would get more lectures from his mother if he did not show her he knows sufficient knowledge about the upcoming test.

Elizabeth nodded at Bruce response and was very pleased with her son. Though he seemed to only care about eating and sleeping, he is more knowledgeable than any kid at his age. Its such a shame that he has a lazy nature, otherwise, hed be a talented monster already.

"Indeed. Everyone from the upper circle of the country will be coming to watch the assessment. You know that our Stellae family is competing against the Hopkins family for the control of this country in the next decade. Since the alchemist will be coming in from the imperial Fire Kingdom, you must do well in the assessment!"

"Don worry mother. I won disappoint you! Since Im blessed with such good genetics from my mother, every girl that I have met has fallen for my handsome face. To thank you, I will show you the best performance ever!" Bruce said confidently as he narcissistically checked out himself in the mirror. Elizabeth giggled and decided to tease him.

"Oh my. Are you saying that your father is ugly?"

"When did I say that? You

e twisting my words!"

Bruce ran away in a hurry fearing that his father may have been listening in on the conversation. His father is very tough on him and often "spars" with him to train his lazy character. The old man always beats him without a reason, what would happen if he had a reason to beat him? Bruce does not want to find out and so he ran away.

"Hmph. That kid does not respect me at all. How does he dare calling me ugly? Im as handsome as he is!"

A middle-aged man with black hair and broad build came out of the shadow and hugged Elizabeth. Though his face is not as handsome as that of Bruce, its still pleasant to look at. His name is Logan Stellae, father of Bruce, and the head of the Stellae family.

"Oh please, who are you kidding? Back in the day, I didn even give you a glance. I certainly did not marry you because of your looks" Elizabeth smiled at the man.

"I have you know that I had several women who were begging to marry me. I may not have handsome looks, but my powers and humble character attracted all the ladies" Logan said in a narcissistic tone just like Bruce earlier. However, he began to feel a chill in the air as he turned around and looks at his wife cold face.

"Why don you go visit those women then?" Elizabeth said in a threatening voice.

"I would never! I have the most beautiful woman here in my embrace. No one is as good as you!" Logan began to kiss up to his wife in fear of her outrage. He did not want to sleep outside the bedroom again.

"Hmph! Has the Hopkins family made any move yet?" Elizabeth turned serious and changed the topic.


e bringing their so-called prodigy son to tomorrow assessment. It seems they want their son to overshadow our boy" Logans face began to enrage as he recalled the news he received earlier.

"Its okay darling. Our son will never lose to their prodigy even if their prodigy is the real deal" Elizabeth comforted her husband, but she also truly believed in her statement.

"What makes you say that? The kid does the bare minimum in studying and martial arts while everyone else at his age struggles to climb higher. It seems like his only goals in life are to eat and sleep" Logan threw a skepticism in his wifes statement even though he truly wanted to believe in his son.

"I have never told you this, but when I was pregnant with Bruce, I had a very strange dream. In the dream, there was a man who held a halberd. The man looked extremely arrogant and destroyed countless of planets with a touch of his power. I know it sounds crazy, but when I saw him sitting on the throne, it was as if the man was meant to rule over the entire universe!" Elizabeth continued as her husband became flabbergasted.

"I know that Bruce has a lazy nature, but youve seen his prowess, right? He barely put any effort into anything and yet hes considered a prodigy in everything! So naturally, my feeling is that the dream is either the past or the future of our son. I believe that hes destined to rule the universe."

Logan looked at his excited wife and smiled.

"I know our son is meant to do great things. If you truly saw that dream when you were pregnant with him, then I also believe that he will reach the heights no one in our family has reached. Ruling the universe seems too farfetched for someone of my powers, but if our son is destined to do so then we will support him with everything."

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