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Chapter 7: Will You Marry Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If Su Yayan could read Huo Shaofengs mind, she would have picked up a glass on the table and cracked his head open.

There was no way she was going to do all that and compromise her own happy future just to embarrass a stupid plaything like him.

“Yanyan, I know youre not happy, but this is a marriage. You cant take it lightly.”

“Yes, yes, Yayan, I know youre still angry about what happened last night, but you cant take this kind of thing lightly.” When Mrs. Huo said this, her tone was slightly contemptuous even though she was smiling. Obviously, she also thought that Su Yayan only said that out of anger—no one would fancy a disabled person like Huo Chenhuan, after all.

Su Yayans face suddenly turned cold. She could understand her mothers concern, but she could not bear to see certain people looking at Huo Chenhuan with a hint of unkindness in front of her.

“Mrs. Huo, I know perfectly well what I want, and I am well aware of what I should be angry about and what I shouldnt. Of course, I know better than anyone that some people are not worth my rage, so I dont need you to remind me.”

After Su Yayan ridiculed Mrs. Huo, she ignored her unsightly face, turned to grasp Cheng Xiuqins arm tightly, and said in a soft voice, “Mom, I didnt make this decision impulsively. Ive thought everything through before I came.”

“But... But his legs...”

“Mom!” Su Yayan cut across her mother in a stern voice. “I love him and hell be the only man I love in this life. I want him and Ill only marry him.”

Cheng Xiuqin was stunned by her daughters determination and was unable to say anything else for a long time.

When Su Yayan saw that her mother went quiet, she knew that she was halfway there.

Her face was slightly red when she took a glance at Huo Chenhuan. She did not forget to insult a particular person. Cheerfully, she said, “As for the wh*re, since she begged me to let the two of them be together, I shall grant them their wish. So the two of them can stop acting all dramatic in front of me now.”

“Why you—!” Huo Shaofengs face darkened and he was about to step forward when he was stopped by Huo Qihan.

“Yayan, marriage is a matter of love and consent. Youve only met Chenhuan a few times and you hardly know each other. On top of that, even if you suddenly say that you want to change your fiance, Chenhuan may not...”

“Mr. Huo, are you saying that as long as Im willing and he agrees, its a done deal”

Huo Qihan choked and a hint of foreboding suddenly appeared in his heart. Even so, he put a bold face and said, “Of course, if the two of you love each other, naturally, we... have no problem with that.”

Su Yayan was waiting for him to say that. She looked up at Huo Chenhuan. Her eyes shined brightly as she asked, “Will you marry me”

Huo Chenhuan met her gaze. His usually indifferent face appeared a little more expressive and he was about to part his lips to say yes when he suddenly thought of something. His grip on the edge of the wheelchair hand subconsciously tightened and he did not say anything.

Su Yayan waited for a while. When she saw that he did not say anything, the brightness in her eyes faded little by little. She asked aggrievedly, “So you dont want to marry me either”

Huo Chenhuan was startled by her question and the struggle in his eyes became even more evident.

The two men from the Su family looked at their daughter and younger sisters pitiful appearance and instantly forgot about their disapproval of the engagement she was in as they turned to look at Huo Chenhuan with anger.

Whats wrong with this guy My daughter (My sister) took the initiative to say this, so how can he still look so indifferent Is he going to do the same thing to her as Huo Shaofeng

“Okay.” Huo Chenhuan finally lost to Su Yayans weak, helpless and pitiful gaze. “Ill marry you.”


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