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The Male Mains Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: We Want To Break Off The Engagement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[Theoretically, yes. But its not like there is no silver lining.]

“Silver lining” Su Yayan slightly raised her eyebrows. “Are you referring to yourself”

[Yes, you can use the system to forcefully take the female main characters golden-touch and plot armor. You can replace them and take over the worlds luck for yourself, changing your destiny.]

“Take their golden-touch and plot armor by force” Su Yayan was starting to get intrigued.

If the abnormalities that happened to them in her previous life were because of the plot armor, would the two still be able to stir up trouble, harm her loved ones, friends, and herself the same way if they lost their plot armor

[In addition to that, the host can also level up by accumulating Likability and Conviction Points to unlock a series of special medical skills. Those skills include medicinal dishes, acupuncture and moxibustion, and many more. The higher the level, the more difficult and complex illnesses can be cured.]

Su Yayans hands that hung by her sides subconsciously tightened and her pupils dilated.

Was the system implying that as long as she was able to snatch the duos plot armor by force and work hard to level up, Huo Chenhuans legs… might be saved

When the Su family rushed to the Huo familys house, coincidentally, Huo Shaofeng and his family were heading out.

When the Huo family saw Su Yayan and her family suddenly coming up to their doorsteps, they were stunned. Mrs. Huo was the first to collect her senses and took the initiative to walk up to them as she said, “Xiuqin, why are you guys here Is Yayans injury serious Qihan and I were just about to send Shaofeng to the hospital to visit her. What a coincidence that you guys are here now.”

Mrs. Su avoided Mrs. Huos outstretched hand and shot her an indifferent look. “Since your whole family is here, we wont beat around the bush. You all saw what happened last night, so today weve come over to ask you how you guys are going to handle this.”

“About that...” Mrs. Huo subconsciously glanced at her husband and awkwardly said, “Shaofeng was indeed in the wrong for what happened yesterday. Qihan and I have scolded him and Shaofeng also knows that he has made a mistake…”

Before Mrs. Huo could finish, Cheng Xiuqin impatiently interrupted her, “So are you going to pretend that nothing happened and call it a day”

Cheng Xiuqins bluntness made the atmosphere in the room turn cold instantly. Huo Qihan coughed lightly and spoke up to break the silence.

“Of course were not going to leave it at that. Shaofeng, quickly come over and apologize to Yayan and her family.”

Huo Shaofeng looked unwilling. After the others left last night, his parents scolded him, so he was even more reluctant when they asked him to apologize at that moment.

When Mr. Su saw how he looked, he became furious and spat coldly, “Forget it. Since you guys have admitted that this is your sons fault, were going to ask you to call off the engagement. Your side shouldnt have any problem with that, right”

Huo Qihans expression suddenly changed. What happened yesterday had already become a scandal amongst the members of high society.

If he agreed to the Su familys request to break off the engagement, then the Huo family would become a laughing stock and source of gossip for people to talk about after dinner.

“Old Su, I know youre angry, but the boy is young and cant help it if he didnt think some things through. It was inevitable that he would make a mistake or two. He knows hes done wrong, so cant you guys give him another chance”

“Your idea of him not thinking things through is him openly pledging marriage without his parents permission and forcing my daughter to endure this humiliation He made my daughter look like a villain and she became a laughing stock. She was even pushed down the stairs by that good son of yours and almost died. If thats your idea of someone not thinking things through, what if my daughter died if it was a little more serious”


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