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Chapter 30: Local Tyrant Viewer

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“I didnt have to pay.” Lan Jiaye was feeling a little embarrassed. “She didnt ask for money. Its quite embarrassing that I took it for free. Ill join her livestream later to send her some virtual gifts.”

Lan Minghan frowned slightly and agreed with what he said. “One who is unaccountably solicitous must be hiding evil intentions.”

“Brother, can you not think badly of someone When I brought it back yesterday you said something about it being unsafe, dont eat it, yada yada. And then After grandma took it her appetite was better and she looked energetic. I know its important to be careful, but sometimes its not necessary.”

Lan Jiaye was the kind of person who was straightforward—he had always believed in trusting what he had seen.

He simply thought it was worth a try on the two Chinese medicinal cuisines after listening to Su Yayan mentioning how it could stimulate appetite, and was suitable for the elderlies, which urged him to send a personal message to her.

Yet he had witnessed his grandmothers increased appetite first-hand. It was the moment she ate another bowl of rice after drinking the Chinese hawthorn and crucian carp soup. Lan Jiaye had become Su Yayans top fan at that moment and he would not allow others to defame her.

Lan Minghan disapproved. He did not think that he was making a fuss about a minor issue, it was normal to be cautious when receiving unknown food ingredients.

Lan Jiaye looked at his stubborn brother, shifting his gaze slightly as if he thought of something, and smiled. “Brother, come on. This host has some serious knowledge. Isnt Sister-in-law always suffering from menstrual pain Shes going to talk about this on her livestream today, so do you want to join You might be able to get her to share a portion of the Chinese medicinal cuisine and give it to Sister-in-law.”

Lan Minghans heart shook lightly when he recalled how his wife complained about her menstrual period coming soon two days ago, claiming that it could be another all-out war in her body.

He had been seeking medical advice and different remedies to ease her menstrual cramps.

She was in agony during those few days, so much so that he felt anxious every time he looked at her. If it could actually work…

Lan Minghans heart twisted and turned, yet he snapped, “What are you looking at You really think that Im as leisurely as you are Shoo, Im going to work.”

Lan Jiaye muttered while he grabbed the box and stood aside in a hurry. “Couldnt you just say no Theres no need to be hard on me. Is there anything wrong with being leisurely Hard to tell how many people out there are envious of me for having free time while still getting my pay.”

He kept the box in the refrigerator after muttering to himself. He entered the livestream waiting room and waited for Su Yayan to start her livestream.

He was not going to miss this even if his brother was not watching. He could gain some good impressions by making this dish when he had a girlfriend. He was such a clever guy!

When Su Yayan started her livestream, there were more than ten viewers waiting at the waiting room, which was a big difference compared to her first one.

These people knew nothing about Chinese medicinal cuisine. The only reason they were drawn to Su Yayans livestream was merely because Su Yayan was good at frying fish.

[Hey, Host! Are you going to fry another fish today When I saw your crucian carp soup yesterday, I bought one on a whim to take home and fry it. Surprise, surprise! It got overcooked. QAQ!]

[Hey up there, my fish wasnt overcooked. I fried it for a while then tossed it into the soup. The result was as expected—the fish was stinky and the flesh broke up into smaller pieces. I ate it while shedding tears for abusing myself!]

A group of people was chattering about their first cooking experience after the livestream. All of a sudden, there was a huge glittering diamond gift bombarding the screen, covering up the real-time comments.

[Congratulations, livestream (Yanyans Kitchen) received 520 diamonds from user (MulberryTreeInTheMoutain) as a reward, please continue to work hard~]


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